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Losing belly fat is no easy feat. Even when committed to strict eating plans and daily crunches, we often find that our midsections don’t end up showing the results we’re after. While there isn’t anything wrong with having a little belly fat, mine was starting to morph into a muffin top – and there’s nothing cute about that.

As I inch a little closer to my 30s, I noticed that my metabolism has started slowing down. These days, it seems way easier to pack pounds on and harder to take them off. To make matters worse, the buildup of daily stress from my busy schedule has paved the way for poor eating habits and an irregular sleep cycle – factors that can easily contribute to weight gain.

However, I found a fast and effective solution that was able to trim 6cm off my waist in just two weeks. Before I introduce you to it, however, let’s find out why it’s so difficult to shed belly fat.

Why it’s so hard to get rid of belly fat

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech 360 Fat Freezing review belly

Credit: Andres Ayrton/Pexels

One of the main reasons why women gain weight so rapidly in our midsection, and not in other areas like our calves and forearms, is because of our adipocytes. The fat cells, which can be found throughout the body, are more plentiful in our hips, butt, thighs, and you guessed it – stomach.

These cells serve as an energy reserve for the demands of childbearing, which is why those areas are typically the last places we lose weight. Ideally, the key to reducing fat is through exercise, but you can’t simply shed weight in different areas of your body through targeted workouts.

An overall approach to fitness is key. However, with our increasingly busy schedules and hectic lives, we’ve been spending less time outdoors and in gyms, and more time facing computer screens. This is why most of us need a little extra help than just sweating it out with exercise and cutting calories from our diet.

So when I was invited to try out the Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing treatment, I was excited to find out if one session could help me achieve the waistline of my dreams.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing review: The consultation

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review clinic

As I walked through a corridor that led to Illumia Therapeutics, I was greeted by a bright, elegant interior that was both luxurious and comfortable, which put me at ease instantly.

My consultant Yvonne seated me in a cosy corner and handed me a questionnaire to fill in, where I stated my particulars and areas of concern. Shortly after, she came over to walk me through more information about the Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing treatment as well as the results I could expect to see.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review consultation

She shared that the Cooltech IceSculpt 360 is the latest non-invasive fat-freezing device that uses cryoadipolysis technology, which applies controlled cold energy to fat cells.

Since fat cells are rich in fatty acids and have a lower freezing point than our skin cells, the cold energy can freeze the fat cells safely, causing them to die and be expelled by the body naturally without causing harm to the surrounding skin.

The Cooltech IceSculpt 360 freezes adipose tissues to -8 degrees Celsius, so Yvonne says that I may experience some discomfort at first. It’s a permanent fat reduction treatment that targets all parts of the body, including hard-to-reach areas, such as the arms, armpit, love handles, abdomen, and inner thighs.

In order to qualify for the Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing treatment, you must have at least 3cm of pinchable fat (which, unfortunately, I do). If you have complicated medical conditions, such as cancer, or you’re on certain medications, then this treatment is not recommended.

If you happen to be on your period, Yvonne suggests postponing your appointment to a later date as the treatment can cause some discomfort, especially if you’re targeting your abdominal area.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing review: The treatment process

After the consultation, I was ushered into one of the treatment rooms to change into a set of disposable undergarments. Then, a therapist came in to snap “before” pictures of my abdominal area for record purposes. While I felt a little embarrassed standing in front of her to have my biggest insecurity photographed, she showed no signs of judgement, which made me feel more at ease.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review cleansing

The therapist then used a sanitising wipe to clean the area and prep it for the Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing treatment.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review outline

After which, she placed a shell of an applicator head and used it to trace the outline of the targeted area.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review gel pad

Once I was all prepped, I was led to another room that was fitted with a large television, treatment bed, and the Cooltech IceSculpt 360 machine. As I laid down and made myself comfortable, the therapist applied a large cooling gel pad over my tummy. This protected my skin from any ice burns.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review applicator head

She positioned the applicator head on the treatment area that was marked out, and with the push of a button, it started pulling in the targeted region.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review applicator

A closer look at one of the applicator heads

Traditionally, fat-freezing devices faced difficulties adhering to certain parts of the body, but the Cooltech IceSculpt 360 overcomes this with an array of curved applicator heads that are contoured to fit perfectly on trickier body parts.

Even better, it is able to treat up to four areas simultaneously, whereas other machines can only treat up to two parts, so you don’t have to waste any time by limiting yourself to one area per session.

Once the applicator adhered to my tummy, the treatment began. My abdomen felt a little uncomfortable at first due to the slight pinching action, but after 10 to 15 minutes, I barely felt anything.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review treatment process

The television in the treatment room came with Netflix service, so I tuned in to an hour-long episode of a Korean drama and unwinded. You can even choose to dim the lights for a restful treatment session.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review massage

Before I knew it, my 70 minutes were up and the therapist came in to remove the applicator head. My belly appeared red from the extremely low temperatures of the treatment, which I had fully anticipated. She then brought over a device and started massaging the treated area – I definitely felt a hint of pain at this point, I’m not gonna lie.

My treatment officially ended at the front desk where Yvonne shared that I should be able to see and feel the results after two or three weeks. That’s because the dead fat cells would require some time to be naturally expelled by my body. I couldn’t wait to see what my belly would look like after two weeks.

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing review: Results after 2 weeks

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review before after front

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech icesculpt 360 Fat Freezing review before after side

After two weeks, I measured the widest area of my waist and was surprised to see that it went from 87cm to 81cm! I managed to trim off 6cm on my midriff – an impressive feat considering that the area harbours plenty of stubborn fat.

You can even see a difference in the images taken before and two weeks after. My abdomen looks much less bloated and slightly more contoured. Now, I can slide into jeans and trousers that I thought I had overgrown, and I don’t have to feel as insecure about my paunch as I once did.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my session at Illumia Therapeutics, mainly because there wasn’t any negativity or judgement about my body from the beginning to the end of my session. In fact, the female staff were extremely patient and polite, checking in on my treatment session between intervals to see if I was feeling okay.

The number of sessions that are recommended vary depending on the patient and treatment area. One to two sessions at a treatment interval of four weeks are usually recommended, so I’m considering making a second appointment with them to reap optimal results.

The Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing treatment is an ideal choice for working women (and men, of course) and busy homemakers because it only takes 70 minutes of your time.

Plus, there’s practically no downtime with this treatment. Apart from feeling a little sore right after the session and numbness around the area for a few days, I could resume my daily activities with no issues at all. You’ll have to head down for a session to experience the difference for yourself.

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About Illumia Therapeutics

Illumia Therapeutics

Located in a grand space at Wheelock Place, Illumia Therapeutics was founded by billionaire heiress Kim Lim and a dream team of aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, and industry experts.

The members behind Illumia Therapeutics are strong advocates of natural-looking beauty, and they want to make you look and feel your best. Having beautiful skin, face symmetry, a gorgeous figure, and optimal feminine health form the four pillars of their philosophy.

Illumia Therapeutics also boasts their Hybrid2 Protocol, which combines effective technologies in a single session to provide great results. On top of that, they choose clinically proven solutions that are comfortable and painless, allowing patients to zip right back to their normal routines immediately.

Most of all, they believe in providing visible changes with minimum effort and at accessible prices.

Price of Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech IceSculpt 360 Fat Freezing: From S$700 per applicator. Claim the first-trial promotion here.

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