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Did you know that the average UV index (UVI) in Singapore is 11.5, one of the highest in the world?

UVI is an international measure of UV radiation created by the World Health Organisation (WHO), ranging from one  to 11+. So it goes without saying that extra sun protection is even more crucial to protect skin against the extreme UVI levels of 11 and above.

Without proper sun protection, your skin is at risk of serious UV damage, including sun-induced photo-ageing, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer. This is the main reason why doctors and experts around the world always stress on the importance of wearing sunscreen daily.

However, those of us with sensitive skin struggle to find a sunscreen that fits our skin type while remaining gentle on skin at the same time. The alcohol or surfactants used in regular sunscreen formulas can cause dryness in sensitive and fragile skin types; in more severe cases, they may even aggravate  existing skin problems such as eczema, redness, and roughness.

Because of this, some of us choose to settle for uncomfortable sunscreen formulas that irritate existing skin issues further through perspiration while others resort to skipping sunscreen in our skin care routine entirely.  But we’ve come across a new powerful yet gentle sunscreen in town that may just be the one you’ve been looking for.

The sunscreen that’s kind to skin and has no irritants

NALC Perfect Waterproof Uv Protect Sunscreen - Packshot

Made in Japan, the all-new NALC Perfect Waterproof UV Protect Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ is fast becoming a skincare hit among those with sensitive skin shortly after its recent launch in Singapore.

Apart from its patented three-phase emulsification technology, what’s great about this particular sunscreen is that it does not contain anything which could irritate the skin, as it is formulated without alcohol, mineral oils, parabens, fragrance, and colouring agents.

With a pleasantly light texture that leaves little stickiness, the NALC sunscreen glides onto the skin easily without any unsightly white residue and can even double as a makeup base. While it’s highly recommended for those with sensitive skin looking for an effective, non-sticky sunscreen, this formula can really be used by anyone regardless of skin type or age – yes, it’s even safe for children too!

Check out this video to see just how comfortably tack-free the NALC sunscreen can be on the skin.

What is the new three-phase emulsification technology?

The three-phase emulsification method used in the NALC sunscreen is a patented Japanese technology that enables long-lasting waterproof properties in the formula. This means that the sunblock can survive excessive perspiration or getting wet with water much longer than the conventional re-emulsification technology.

Powered by this patented technology, the NALC sunscreen makes an ideal UV protector of the skin in Singapore where we are blessed with sunshine all-year round. Although it’s waterproof, you don’t actually have to worry about having difficulty washing the formula off your skin at the end of the day as the NALC sunscreen can be removed simply with soap or facial wash – special cleansers not required.

NALC Emulsification Technology Comparison NALC Perfect Waterproof Uv Protect Sunscreen Tech Explanation

How does the three-phase emulsification technology work?

Many cosmetic products in the market are emulsion-type products, meaning that they are made of two liquids that normally cannot mix, such as water and oil. In order to blend these liquids into one solution, conventional surfactants are usually added as they act as a bridge that makes the oil droplets water-loving (hydrophilic).

What conventional surfactants do is suspend tiny droplets of oil in the water phase, hence holding the oil in suspension so they do not separate into two layers like what you would usually observe when you try to add oil to water.

On the other hand, the three-phase emulsification method prepares the emulsion with soft hydrophilic nano particles in lieu of conventional surfactants, which have been shown to cause irritation in the skin. This technology is what makes the NALC sunscreen gentle, lightweight, water-resistant, and easily spreadable on the skin, even though it contains a blend of moisturising emollient oils.

NALC Perfect Waterproof Uv Protect Sunscreen - Mood

The NALC Perfect Waterproof UV Protect Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ is available at Shopee for SGD34.90 (60g).

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