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Jo Malone may be known as a London brand that carries a wide variety of fragrances with inspirations that are quintessentially British, but its perfumers are also well-travelled individuals and it isn’t surprising that they’d produce fragrances that are influenced by other cultures.

To encapsulate spring for us this year, they will be launching the Jo Malone Star Magnolia cologne. Conceptualised by Celine Roux, Vice President of Global Fragrance Development for Jo Malone London, this fragrance is inspired by the star magnolia trees she saw in a park in Shanghai.

The beautiful, delicate flower evoked the sense of springtime for her, and this impression is captured in the new Star Magnolia cologne. In order to make sure the scent that she experienced in that particular park in Shanghai is captured accurately, the team used Headspace Technology to analyse the most pristine star magnolia flowers that they sought out, so as to find out the exact molecules that make up their scent. The use of this technology is a first for Jo Malone.

Use of headspace technology

But this fragrance doesn’t just capture the scent of star magnolia, it also combines the accords of magnolia leaf, orange blossom, subtle hint of lemon, ginger, and shiso leaf, to give it more character, and so that the wearer can really take in the scent of spring in Shanghai.

We’ve previewed the scent at the launch event and really like how pretty and elegant it is. It makes for a great day fragrance on its own, but because of how fresh it smells, it definitely will be a star – no pun intended – when it comes to layering with other Jo Malone fragrances. (Jo Malone advocates fragrance layering as a way to create your own fragrance style.)

With so much thought put into the fragrance, the bottle that house it has to be just as meticulously designed. While it still retains the sleek bottles that are signature to Jo Malone colognes, the a delicate white flower is worn around the neck of the bottle to help bring to mind the star magnolia as you hold the bottle in your hand.

The limited edition Star Magnolia cologne will be available in 30ml (SGD108) and 100ml (SGD215), and for the first time, in a 50ml hair mist (SGD97), which will allow you even more freedom in fragrance layering. They will be available at all Jo Malone boutiques from May 2017, while stocks last.