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Our overall well-being, as well as our skin health, is largely tied to our gut health but, unfortunately, it’s one of the things that we tend to neglect.

Apart from incorporating healthy lifestyle habits such as eating fruits, vegetables, and fibre-rich foods, maintaining good water intake, staying active, and getting sufficient sleep, one of the ways you can improve your gut health is through a digestive health supplement.

But if previous experiences with such supplements have left a bad taste in your mouth (no pun intended), the new Juiced! by Optrimax may just change your mind.

We gathered 10 Daily Vanity readers between the ages of 25 and 34 to try the digestive health supplement for 10 days to see if it’s worth a shot, and the average verdict was 4.1 stars out of five! Before we take a look at the genuine reviews by DV readers, let’s learn more about Juiced! by Optrimax.

About Juiced! by Optrimax

optrimax juiced texture flatlay

Juiced! is a digestive health liquid supplement that’s powered by a whopping list of 101 natural ingredients  – that’s 51 types of fruits, 39 kinds of vegetables and flowers as well as 11 variants of mushrooms and fungi.

Utilising a unique fermentation technology, the ingredients are blended together to make a convenient low-sugar sachet drink that’s high in dietary fibre to improve digestive health and promote smooth bowel movement while providing antioxidant protection.

The vegetarian-friendly supplement is created to supplement our daily fruit and vegetable intake for a better-balanced diet and is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.

But, what makes Juiced! stands out is that you can get creative with the supplement and mix it with your salads or other cold or room-temperature beverages of your choice! Just be mindful not to mix Juiced with your carbonated drinks if you’re experiencing bloat, as it may worsen your condition.

For normal supplementation to your diet, you can consume one sachet once every two to three days. For more regular bowel movements, drink one sachet a day. If you’re dealing with more severe constipation, you can take up to two sachets a day.

You can drink Juiced! directly or dilute one sachet in 100 to 300ml of cold or room-temperature water. Be sure to follow up with a full glass of water afterwards, and drink at least two litres of water daily to keep your body well-hydrated and prevent constipation.

Juiced! by Optrimax retails for S$60 for a box of 10 sachets. Fill in the contact form here to indicate your interest to purchase, or visit the Optrimax store in Orchard to purchase. 

Juiced! by Optrimax review: 10 readers give their honest opinions after 10 days

Juiced! by Optrimax


A majority of the reviewers were thoroughly impressed with Juiced! by Optrimax, giving it a fair rating of 4.1 out of five stars.

Most of the reviewers agreed that the supplement helped improve their digestive health, and also alleviated common digestive issues such as bloat and constipation without upsetting their stomachs.

A lot of them liked the supplement’s adorable and convenient packaging, and a handful of them said they enjoyed the tart flavour of the drink.

7 out of 10 of the reviewers said they would continue drinking Juiced! in their daily routines for better digestive health.

Hanisha, 29

Digestive health concerns: Bloat, abdominal cramps (non-menstrual), gastric pain, acid reflux, low energy level/fatigue

juiced by optrimax review hanisah

Because of the ailments I experience due to my poor digestive health, I go for an abdominal massage monthly to get some relief – but I’m delighted that I found another solution that helps reduce my tummy problems!

Juiced! delivers what it promises to do for my digestive system and I was shocked to observe improvements in my bowel movement within a few hours of consuming the supplement.

The best part? I did not experience any negative side effects or stomach upset from the supplement. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is super cute too, and each liquid supplement is properly packaged into a convenient sachet.

While it is a bit too sweet for my liking, it’s not a dealbreaker for me as I could lessen the sweetness by diluting it with water.

I am already planning to purchase this digestive health supplement once I’m done with the review set, and I certainly will recommend it to my friends who are looking for a fuss-free, easy-to-drink supplement that helps promote better digestive health!

Joanne, 28

juiced by optrimax review digestive health supplement

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, bloatness

To allay my digestive health problems, I incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet and I also take probiotics daily.

A good digestive health supplement to me is one that’s easy to consume and able to show immediate results, and Juiced! checks both the boxes.

I noticed improvements in my bowel movement as well as reduced constipation after I started trialling the supplement – I even felt more rejuvenated and energetic too!

In fact, the supplement has worked better for me than other digestive health supplements that I have used previously.

Personally, I would repurchase Juiced! and I think that it makes for a great gift to close friends thanks to its fun packaging.

Diana, 26

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, bloat, low energy level/fatigue

Compared to other similar products on the market, Juiced! definitely looks cuter with its fun drawings of vegetables and fruits on the box.

While the taste and smell of the product took a while for me to get used to, I appreciate that it comes in a very convenient sachet packaging.

However, consuming Juiced! was not a good idea for me as it caused me to have serious diarrhoea for almost two consecutive days. Things did not get better even after I reduced my intake to once every two days.

Regrettably, this product review hasn’t been the most pleasant for me – I had to avoid going out of the house and it affected my daily activities as I experienced constant stomach upset ever since I started consuming the supplement.

Disclaimer: Individuals are different and may react differently to the digestive health supplement.

Ching Wee, 29

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, bloat

After trying Juiced! for 10 days, my bowel movement has become smoother and I’ve become less constipated.

Apart from the positive results it gave me, I also like that the digestive health supplement allows me to get creative and mix it with other beverages and salads besides consuming it on its own.

Overall, it’s a fuss-free product that’s easy to drink, even when I’m in a rush.

Leona, 29

Digestive health concerns: Bloat, heartburn, abdominal cramps (non-menstrual), low energy level/fatigue

juiced by optrimax review leona

To address my bloat and stomach cramps, I tend to include lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet and I drink at least eight cups (two litres) of water daily.

Additionally, I try to stay active and work out frequently every week and also ensure I get adequate sleep and go to bed on time every night.

Now, Juiced! is another option I have to help reduce my tummy problems as I find that the supplement really delivers what it promises to do for my digestive system.

Not only did it promote better digestive health and improve my bowel movement, but I also felt more energetic and less bloated after consuming the supplement.

The adorable and fuss-free packaging caught my attention too, although I do find that the supplement is easier to drink when diluted with water as it comes with a rather strong flavour profile.

Because of that, I will likely not repurchase it for personal consumption but I would very much recommend it to anyone in my social circle who’s looking for a digestive health supplement.

Jia Li, 25

Digestive health concerns: Bloat, heartburn, abdominal cramps (non-menstrual), gastric pain, low energy level/fatigue

Bloat is my primary concern as it’s a never-ending cycle that affects my appetite to a point where I would have gastric pain as I don’t eat enough during mealtimes.

To help reduce my bloat, I include a lot of fibre-rich foods like oats, nuts, and grains in my diet, drink at least two litres of water daily – I also try to stay active with regular workout sessions on top of going to bed on time every night to ensure that I get sufficient sleep.

I’ve previously tried digestive health supplements that are made with red ginseng but they didn’t have a big impact on my digestive health issues as my bloat still persisted after consuming them.

Juiced!, however, worked great for me as it gave me more immediate positive changes in my bowel movement and bloat.

I also appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the cute and convenient packaging, it’s something that you can stash inside your bag and enjoy even when you’re on the go.

All in all, I like that Juiced! has worked so well for me and I think it’s a good option for those who are specifically experiencing constipation and bloat that affect their appetite.

Stanley, 28

Digestive health concerns: Bloat

Apart from the cute fruit and vegetable drawing, I like that Juiced! is incredibly easy to consume even when I’m in a rush.

After drinking the supplement, my bowel movement has become smoother and I felt that my constipation problems have reduced too.

While I did not experience any negative side effects from the supplement, its taste was not quite to my liking so it became a bit of a chore to consume it after a while.

As I’m not a regular consumer of health supplements in general, I will likely stick to my usual methods such as eating fruits and vegetables daily, drinking plenty of water, and staying active to relieve my bloat for now.

Disclaimer: Individuals are different and may react differently to the digestive health supplement.

Karyen, 32

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, low energy level/fatigue

juiced by optrimax review karyen

On top of keeping myself well-hydrated, I depend on the fruits, vegetables, and lots of fibre-rich foods in my daily diet to ease constipation.

But, Juiced! is definitely my new favourite way to improve my digestive system now. Within a few days of consuming the supplement, my bowel movement has become smoother and I’ve become more energetic and less constipated too!

What’s more, the adorable packaging, along with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, makes me feel motivated to take the digestive health supplement first thing in the morning before my breakfast.

I also like that it’s already portioned into convenient sachets that are easy to carry around and I certainly did not expect the supplement to taste so yummy!

With just one box, I am noticing visible results already and would definitely love to continue drinking it for better digestive health.

Adelyn, 34

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, low energy level/fatigue

juiced by optrimax review adelyn

Personally, Juiced! has the cutest packaging that I think even kids would be tempted to try it out after they see the drawings of fruits and vegetables, but what I really like about the supplement is that it’s super effective in reducing constipation.

I was very impressed that it improved my bowel movement on the first day itself and it did so without upsetting my stomach at all.

Juiced! has a slightly sourish flavour which is my personal preference, and I like it so much so that I wish I could drink more than one sachet a day.

I am certainly going to purchase the digestive health supplement after I’m done with the review set, as I like the results that it’s given me so far.

Lynnett, 31

Digestive health concerns: Constipation, bloat, low energy level/fatigue

Compared to other digestive health supplements I’ve tried, Juiced! definitely scores top marks from me in the packaging department.

It looks more aesthetically fun and pleasing and it’s so easy to bring around too – all I need to do is just pack a sachet into my bag and I can drink it on the go if needed.

Within a week of consuming Juiced!, I noticed that my bowel movement has significantly improved and I also felt less constipated too. On top of that, I could also tell that my energy levels have become better and I don’t feel as lethargic as I used to be.

Above all, I appreciate that it gets the job done with any negative side effects. My only gripe with Juiced! is the taste which takes a while to get used to.

For me, it tasted like a really bitter and tart prune on its own and to work around the strong flavour, I prefer consuming it after diluting with water.

This article is brought to you by Optrimax.