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Kim Kardashian is so ubiquitous that it almost feels silly to introduce her. The reality TV icon, muse, mogul, and mother has a lot going on – and plenty going for her. But perhaps her one true legacy will be her massive impact on the beauty industry.

It makes sense that the question on almost everyone’s lips is, “How does she achieve that glowing, ageless complexion?” After all, skincare products can only do so much, so how else does she maintain her flawless visage?

Well, the 42-year-old took to Instagram to share her secret: a MOXI Laser and BBL Photofacial treatment. And no, we aren’t referring to a Brazilian butt lift here!

Read on to find out more about the combined treatment and one Daily Vanity team member’s honest review.

Why this laser treatment is known as Kim Kardashian’s “Fountain of Youth”


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The celebrity shared an Instagram Story last July of her visit to Dr Ashkan Ghavami‘s to get a BBL Photofacial (Broadband Light Photofacial) and MOXI Laser treatment, both of which are designed to together to target skin discolouration, sun damage, and pore size.

While sitting in the chair at Dr Ghavami’s, Kardashian’s face was covered with numbing cream while the plastic surgeon explained what she could expect from the treatment.

He shares that this combined laser treatment is akin to “one of those things that even asphalt out”, so after a day or two, her skin would feel like sandpaper. However, “each pore will start shrinking up” and she’ll notice a difference in her skin tone, texture, and pigment.

“It literally looks like your skin has a filter on it afterwards,” he raves.

What is the BBL HERO Treatment?

bbl hero treatment

Developed and trademarked by Sciton Inc, the BBL HERO is a cosmetic treatment that uses high-energy pulsed light rather than lasers to address various skin concerns.

Unlike laser treatments, this procedure involves using an FDA-approved device with a glass tip that emits a broad beam of light under the skin, which makes the treatment less painful and invasive.

While the primary purpose of the BBL HERO is to target skin discolouration caused by sun damage, it can also be used to address cystic acne and other skin conditions. Plus, it’s proven to restore aged skin to a more youthful state.

The BBL HERO has customisable settings too, allowing professionals to tailor the treatment to individual needs.

For instance, the machine can be adjusted to tighten the skin or target burst capillaries, such as those commonly found on the nose. This flexibility allows for a more personalised approach based on specific concerns.

Compared to other skin treatments like chemical peels or laser therapies, the BBL HERO is certainly gentler on the skin.

What is the MOXI Laser Treatment?

moxi laser treatment

The BBL HERO and MOXI Laser Treatment are two different cosmetic treatments that can be used together or separately.

While the BBL HERO uses light technology rather than lasers, the MOXI treatment is a non-ablative fractionated laser, which means it’s gentle on your skin and requires minimal downtime.

Combining these treatments is highly recommended as they target different skin concerns but complement each other perfectly.

MOXI is mainly used to treat melasma or more pigmented skin, as it tends to work better on them than the BBL Photofacial. In fact, MOXI addresses areas that BBL may not target and stimulates collagen production while reducing pore size and pigmentation through micro-injuries to the skin.

However, as Dr Ghavami shared in the Instagram Reel, it is important to note that the skin may feel rough or textured like sandpaper for a few days. This sensation is a result of the skin healing from the micro-injuries created during the treatment process.

Where to try BBL HERO and MOXI Laser Treatment in Singapore

bay aesthetics clinic outlet

If you’re ready to take your skin to the next level, you won’t have to travel far to get it done.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic pairs the BBL HERO treatment with its MOXI Laser treatment, making them the first aesthetic clinic in Singapore to offer this powerful combination.

This new doctor-led medical aesthetics clinic and medispa delivers optimal results in the tranquil setting of Marina Bay Financial Centre. Expect professional and sincere service, as well as transparent and competitive pricing without any hard-selling.

At Bay Aesthetics Clinic, their treatments are customised to your skin type and concerns. And with little to no downtime, you can return to your busy schedule in no time.

To find out how effective the BBL HERO and MOXI Treatments actually are, DV team member Shervon headed down to Bay Aesthetics Clinic for an appointment. Here’s how it went!

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review

The consultation

I battle with a relentless enemy: acne-prone, oily skin. Every month, when those pesky breakouts rear their ugly heads, I find myself trapped in a frustrating cycle of scars that refuse to fade away.

I’ve thrown everything at them, including salicylic acid, hoping for a miracle. Although it brought some temporary relief to my acne woes, it fell short of providing a lasting solution.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review consultation

My journey with Bay Aesthetics Clinic started with an initial consultation. Medical director and founder of Bay Aesthetics Clinic, Dr Bernard Tan, observed every inch of my face, recognising the battle scars left by acne.

He then briefed me on the post-treatment side effects of the BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment, such as redness and flaking. Dr Tan also shared tips on how I should take care of my skin during the healing process.

I was instructed to avoid harsher skincare ingredients like vitamin A and C, exfoliating acids, and retinoids. The sun, too, was a no-no for my delicate skin.

Skin preparation for BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review double cleanse

To prepare my skin, the esthetician began with a double cleansing routine. First, a cool gel was applied to remove any traces of makeup, dirt, and oil. Then, using cotton pads, she gently wiped away the residue before applying a gentle cleanser to ensure thorough cleaning.

To assess my skin condition, the esthetician captured images of my face with a specialised camera. This allowed the doctor to determine the appropriate level of intensity for my treatment.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review numbing cream

Considering the potential discomfort of laser treatments, a numbing cream was applied to my face to enhance comfort. A thick cream with a pleasant rose scent was generously slathered on before my face was wrapped in cling wrap.

After waiting for an hour and 15 minutes, the cream was wiped off, and we proceeded to the treatment room.

BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment: The process

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review bbl step

Dr Bernard Tan kicked off my treatment with the powerful BBL HERO. The initial phase of this procedure aimed to obliterate acne-causing bacteria, so I could bid farewell to those stubborn red bumps.

As the treatment progressed to the second phase, I experienced a more intense sensation. This phase was designed to address the daunting task of eradicating acne scars and battling hyperpigmentation.

Given my low pain tolerance, I experienced distinct sensations with each pulse of the laser. However, as I acclimated to the process, the subsequent stages became more manageable, with only a slight stinging sensation.

The continuous delivery of the light energy began to feel almost therapeutic and resembled gentle pinches on the skin.

We entered the last stage, a true “Fountain of Youth” for my skin. Dr Bernard Tan dubbed this stage the “forever young” phase, as it aimed to breathe new life into my skin and ignite a surge in collagen production.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review moxi step

He introduced the MOXI Laser, delicately adjusting its intensity level to a two. This final stage held the promise of stimulating cell growth and staving off the encroaching signs of ageing.

A continuous popping sensation accompanied the laser’s gentle touch. Although the pain paled in comparison to the second round of BBL HERO, the lingering sensation following this step stung with a touch more intensity.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review led light

At this point, my skin pulsed with a fiery warmth. Thankfully, an LED light was softly cast upon my face for approximately 30 minutes like a soothing balm, calming the redness that had overtaken my skin.

I really appreciated Dr Tan’s attentiveness to my skin concerns and his willingness to provide detailed explanations for each step of the process. When it came to the MOXI laser treatment, he took the time to discuss the intensity level he would be utilising.

His rationale was clear: level one would yield minimal improvement, as it proved too gentle for my skin’s needs. On the other hand, level three carried the risk of being too intense, especially for a first-timer like myself, considering my low pain threshold.

His thoughtful consideration of these factors reassured me and instilled a sense of trust in his expertise.

BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment: The results

Immediately after the facial, my face was inflamed and a little swollen, which Dr Tan had warned me about beforehand. After the LED light therapy, the throbbing sensation gradually subsided.

The following day revealed a noticeable improvement in my skin’s texture and refinement. Pore size witnessed a striking reduction, leaving my complexion smoother than before. However, the persistent redness continued to grace my cheeks for the initial two to three days.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment review shervon before after

Results after one month

Tiny black bumps emerged sporadically, creating a textured appearance. Dr Tan had forewarned me of these typical post-treatment side effects, assuring me that the black bumps were merely exfoliating dead skin, which would naturally flake off during the anticipated recovery period of one week.

Overall, I am satisfied with the stark decrease in my skin’s pore size, but it seems that additional sessions may be necessary to fully support the healing process of my stubborn marks, an option I would explore in the future!

Bay Aesthetics Clinic BBL HERO and MOXI Treatment’s price is available upon request. Find out more about Bay Aesthetics Clinic here.

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