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As Editorial Director of this beauty publication, my mornings are a whirlwind of packed schedules, endless emails, and that constant battle against the clock.

It felt like every second counted, even when it came to getting ready. My hair, in particular, was a daily source of frustration. Sure, I could manage a quick blow-dry, but it never quite translated into the stylish, effortless look I craved.

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Enter  kimrobinson, the salon synonymous with Asian hair expertise and A-list clientele.

Who’s Kim Robinson?

kim robinson

Founder Kim Robinson, despite his Australian roots, has carved a niche in Asia for the past few decades. His name rings synonymously with red-carpet-worthy cuts and his clientele reads like a who’s who of Asian stardom including Carina Lau and the late Anita Mui.

kim robinson carina lau and anita mui

Left: Carina Lau and Kim Robinson | Right: Anita Mui and Kim Robinson

Referred to as a “God-level” celebrity stylist by esteemed publications such as the South China Morning Post, Kim Robinson stands as a prominent figure in the hairstyling industry.

So, when I walked into his salon, I knew I was in for something special.

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 kimrobinson Review: My Experience

And special it was indeed. From the moment I met my stylist, Eric, I knew I was in good hands.

His consultation was unlike any I’d ever had. We dug deep into my hair history, my lifestyle, and my ultimate hair goals. He wasn’t just listening, he was strategising, asking specific questions about my workdays and even my styling habits.

By the end of it, I trusted him wholeheartedly to deliver a cut that would fit my life, not the other way around.

But the pampering didn’t stop there.  kimrobinson understands that every detail matters. Dedicated drink servers catered to my every whim, while Eric’s assistant ensured my utmost comfort, anticipating my needs with a silent efficiency that I found almost mesmerising.

For instance, as Eric moved to cut my hair, his assistant foresaw where it would fall and smoothly came in with a shield to ensure that it didn’t touch my face.

kim robinson review haircutting process with eric

Left: My stylist Eric delivered the cut using Kim Robinson’s signature Creative Dry Hair Cutting technique. | Right: His assistant ensured my comfort and helped Eric focus in haircutting.

What truly sets  kimrobinson apart, however, is its innovative approach to hair, particularly their signature Creative Dry Hair Cutting technique.

Unlike the traditional wet-hair snip-fest,  kimrobinson stylists work their artistry on dry strands. This might seem like a minor detail, but it’s a game-changer.

Forget those dreaded “shrinkage surprises” where your meticulously chopped bob shrinks into a disappointing pixie cut once dry.

By sculpting my style on dry hair, Eric and I could visualise the final look with perfect precision. He could adjust layers to frame my face, texturise ends for movement, and tweak lengths for flattering balance, all with the assurance that what we saw was what we’d get.

It was a collaborative process, and I felt an unprecedented sense of control over my own hairstyle. This wasn’t just about trusting a stylist; it was about co-creating an expression of myself, strand by strand.

Representatives from  kimrobinson shared that this technique aligns with their priority to “deliver a long-lasting look that maintains its appeal well beyond your salon visit,” and I can’t agree more.

Once the cut was done, Eric ushered me to meet my colourist Jennifer.

When it came to colour, Eric and the colourist collaborated like a symphony, discussing how the hue would complement my new cut and skin tone. The entire experience felt like a well-choreographed dance, executed with the utmost professionalism and care.

kim robinson review hair colouring

Instead of the usual flat block colour, Jennifer employed the  kimrobinson signature Multi-Shading technique, masterfully weaving in darker tones to revive my bleached hair and add a healthy, lustrous shine.

But that wasn’t all. To infuse the look with captivating depth and dimension, she layered in subtle variations of the base colour, including a touch of unexpected purple peeking through like a playful wink, ensuring my hair truly came alive.

To keep my coloured hair in good shape, products like the  kimrobinson Cleansing Clay and Intensive Repair Treatment, infused with natural ingredients, were used, leaving my hair feeling nourished and vibrant.

My Hair Transformation

And then came the reveal. When I saw myself in the mirror after the transformation, I gasped. This wasn’t just a new hairstyle; it was a whole new version of me. The cut was effortless, stylish, and most importantly, manageable.

kim robinson review transformation 1

kim robinson review back view transformation

kim robinson review close up colours

I could leave the house with minimal styling and still look put-together. My morning hair routine have been reduced to a blissful 10 minutes, all thanks to a cut that works in perfect harmony with my life.

But  kimrobinson is more than just a great haircut. It’s an experience. It’s a self-care sanctuary where you can indulge in expert pampering while receiving a hairstyle tailored to your individual needs. It’s the reason busy working women like me keep coming back.

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