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Postpartum weight gain is not something new, yet it can be difficult to deal with when it happens to your body – especially amidst many other changes that come with having a baby.

Studies have shown that one out of four women retains five or more kilograms a year after giving birth, and on average, women retain one to two kilograms postpartum.

It doesn’t help that celebrity mums often post pictures of their slim or lean bodies not long after pregnancy, causing many of us to believe that a woman’s body just goes back to “normal” after the baby is born, and making it all the more challenging for mums to cope with postpartum weight gain when it happens.

Karin Cheong, our fellow team member at Daily Vanity, is the mum of a 1.5-year-old daughter, and she can certainly relate.

Karin’s experience with postpartum weight gain

After giving birth, Karin noticed that she was gaining weight more easily, and finding it more difficult to lose the pounds as well. “I used to be able to fit in petite clothes but when my clothes started getting tighter and didn’t fit anymore, I felt really down and didn’t have the motivation to dress up anymore,” she shared.

While Karin feels slightly better about her body now, she still finds it challenging to manage her weight. She explained, “I haven’t been exercising as regularly as I used to,” though she’s trying to get back to it by working out at least once or twice a week now.

She also makes an effort to eat healthily – although she admitted that her “secret indulgence” is snacking late at night (now, we can relate).

So when we asked Karin if she wanted to review a coffee replacement that could potentially help make weight management easier, she readily agreed.

About Kinohimitsu’s Sknny Coffee & Sknny Cocoa

kinohimitsu sknny coffee sknny cocoa (3)

The coffee replacement? Kinohimitsu’s Sknny Coffee.

Not your typical coffee, the Kinohimitsu Sknny Coffee is a blend of coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, and soluble corn fibres to help with weight management.

The Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit and a popular weight-loss ingredient, whereas soluble corn fibres are a probiotic to help with maintaining a healthy gut.

To increase the body’s basal metabolic rate, Sknny Coffee is also made with Robusta coffee beans instead of Arabica coffee beans. These beans have higher caffeine content too, so you’ll get the energy boost you need to kickstart your morning.

kinohimitsu sknny coffee sknny cocoa
In addition to Sknny Coffee, Karin also drank the Kinohimitsu Sknny Cocoa every alternate day. If she drank the Sknny Coffee on the first day, she took the Sknny Cocoa on the second, and so forth.

Made with natural cocoa powder, the Kinohimitsu Sknny Cocoa is supposed to give a rich and smooth, chocolatey taste.

The cocoa itself helps with promoting fat metabolism and inhibiting body fat formation. The drink also has African Mango Seed and soluble corn fibre ingredients to help with weight management and support a healthier gut.

Overall, both Sknny Coffee and Sknny Cocoa are said to promote regular bowel movements, reduce water retention, thereby helping with weight management!

Karin’s review of Kinohimitsu’s Sknny Coffee & Sknny Cocoa

For one week, Karin swapped out her regular coffee for Sknny Coffee every alternate morning, and drank Sknny Cocoa each alternate afternoon.

“My first impression of the coffee was that it tasted a little weird, probably because it is not the usual taste of coffee that I drink regularly,” Karin shared.

kinohimitsu sknny coffee sknny cocoa (4)

Since the Sknny Coffee was made to replace regular coffee, it would have to taste fragrant, aromatic, and close to a delicious fresh brew to pass the test – so, it’s a good thing that she gave it a second chance. “I gradually started to like the taste and didn’t feel like I’m drink[ing] a ‘different’ kind of coffee at all,” Karin said.

kinohimitsu sknny coffee sknny cocoa (1)

The Sknny Cocoa made a better first impression. “It tastes yummy like a nice hot chocolate! It was quite rich and I enjoyed drinking it,” explained Karin.

In two days, Karin began to experience a reduction in bloatedness. “I [felt] less bloated. I happened to have my period during the one week review period and usually, I will feel bloated,” she reviewed.

By the end of the week, she concluded that she saw a reduction in her body’s water retention when she woke up each morning, and less bloatedness after each meal, as well as throughout the day.

Since products that help with weight management can often bring side effects like a loss in appetite, we also checked with Karin whether she experienced any.

Karin shared that she continued to eat normally, as she did not experience a loss in appetite. She didn’t have diarrhoea or constipation, nor did she feel more restless or nervous. Her mouth also didn’t feel drier after taking the products.

However, Karin did experience headaches during the week-long review. She usually gets headaches during her period, so she wasn’t sure if the headaches were attributed to the beverages or not.

kinohimitsu sknny coffee and cocoa

When Karin hopped on the weighing scale at the end of the week, she saw a difference. Her weight decreased slightly, from 45.90kg to 45.30kg.

Overall, Karin had a positive experience substituting her morning coffee for Kinohimitsu’s Sknny Coffee and adding Sknny Cocoa to her diet for one week.

“I had my doubts [about] trying weight loss products and haven’t really tried any before because of that. As a fan of Kinohimitsu collagen drinks, I was convinced to give this a try, and I am happy with the results and experience!” she remarked.

kinohimitsu sknny coffee sknny cocoa (2)

“It is definitely fuss-free and [easy] to incorporate [into] my daily life. Since I drink coffee every day, I can just substitute with Sknny Coffee in the morning as per my usual routine,” she shared about how convenient it was.

“It helps that I am able to include this in my usual routine without much thought or adjustment in my daily lifestyle, as it [is] easier to maintain consistency in taking the drinks,” she said.

With the Kinohimitsu Sknny Coffee and Sknny Cocoa, Karin has discovered a new way to manage her weight, with hardly any extra effort needed.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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Do note that if you are pregnant, lactating, or under medication, you should consult a physician before taking Kinohimitsu’s Sknny Coffee or Sknny Cocoa.

Other ways to manage postpartum weight gain

postpartum weight gain (1)

If you’re an expectant mother, then now is the best time to start managing postpartum weight gain. While it is natural to gain weight during pregnancy, excessive weight gain can make it difficult to shed those pounds later on, as studies have shown.

The weight that you should gain during pregnancy should also vary across the different weeks, as well as depends on factors like your weight before pregnancy and BMI (body mass index).

postpartum weight gain

After pregnancy, lifestyle habits such as a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you to gradually shed the weight that you gained during the nine months.

Diet-wise, you can make small changes such as taking nutrition-dense instead of empty calories. Or, you can adopt any healthy diet including a Mediterranean or vegetarian diet, which are both good options.

All in all, adopting good lifestyle habits during and after pregnancy can help you manage your postpartum weight more effectively!

This article is brought to you by Kinohimitsu.