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Collagen is at the top of the list when it comes to familiar ingredients for beauty drinks that give plumper, more youthful-looking skin, but there’s another beauty buzzword that’s competing for first place, and it’s stem cells.

What are stem cell beauty drinks?

While collagen beauty drinks introduce collagen to the body to plump and firm the skin, stem cell beauty drinks are purported to first target the root of ageing skin issues: damaged skin.

By renewing old skin cells, stem cell drinks ensure that the body is able to absorb collagen and reap the best skin-plumping results.

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Human and plant stem cells (plant stem cells are the ones that are found in beauty drinks or skincare products) are made of proteins and amino acids, which signal the body’s cells to divide.

This encourages quicker cell turnover, getting rid of damaged cells that make the skin look dull, and unveiling fresh cells that lend to a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Stem cells also have natural antioxidant properties, which means that they combat free radical damage that’s caused by factors like harmful UV rays or just a natural process of ageing.

By fighting free radicals, these stem cells can thus reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, and “turn back the clock” on tired, ageing skin.

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Damaged skin cells are not good at absorbing collagen. Photo source: rawpixel.com/freepik

If your skin cells are old and damaged, even with sufficient collagen in the body, it’s likely that plumping effects won’t be reflected on the skin.

A powerful ingredient duo in beauty drinks? It’s none other than stem cells and collagen, which is exactly what Kinohimitsu features in its StemCell drink.

Why this stem cell drink is a cut above the rest

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Kinohitmitsu StemCell is a beauty drink that’s formulated with patented snow lotus stem cells and marine collagen peptide, alongside other ingredients like DNA and RNA, which make up a potent blend for anti-ageing.

The snow lotus stem cells are rich in flavonoids (antioxidants), which promote the healthy functioning of skin cells by renewing old cells and fighting free radical damage.

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Marine collagen peptides are also the superior collagen ingredient found inside Kinohimitsu’s beauty drink as they have a small molecular form, which is supposed to help the skin cells absorb them more easily.

Not just any collagen ingredient, marine collagen peptides are the other hero ingredient infused into Kinohimitsu’s beauty drink. Their small molecular form helps the skin cells to absorb the collagen more effectively, thus plumping and firming the skin.

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Finally, DNA and RNA, Kinohimitsu explains, are “responsible for cells rejuvenation”.

“They protect and repair cells so that cells can regain [their] regenerative function to [their] best state. They also reduce fatigue, improve mental sharpness and improve immune health.”

Kinohimitsu StemCell review: We tried it for 2 weeks

But does Kinohimitsu StemCell really live up to its impressive claims to resurrect tired and ageing skin? We made sure to put the drink to the test – in fact, three tests – to find out for ourselves.

We invited Daily Vanity’s 42-year-old team member, Raha, to try the Kinohimitsu StemCell for two weeks straight. She drank one bottle of the StemCell drink per day for the first six days, then every alternate day after that as the product instructed.

To compare her skin’s hydration levels, fine lines and wrinkles, and elasticity before and after the review period, we conducted three tests, below:

Hydration test

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For this test, we used a hydration metre to measure the hydration levels on Raha’s skin at her forehead area, above her eyebrows, where she experienced the most dryness.

Two weeks after taking the Kinohimitsu StemCell, we measured her skin’s hydration levels again using the hydration metre, and the percentage had increased from a low 26.3% to 56.0%.

Raha also observed that her skin felt much more hydrated than before. She noticed, especially, that the skin under her eyes felt plumper and more hydrated even before she put on moisturiser, as she normally does to seal moisture into her skin.

“I feel very happy and impressed that my skin is so hydrated,” said Raha, “Especially because I wasn’t certain that the StemCell drink could really produce visible results in a period as short as two weeks”.

Fine lines and wrinkles test

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Fine lines and wrinkles can be due to many factors including dehydration, loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin, or environmental damage from pollution or UV rays.

It follows that more mature skin often has more fine lines and wrinkles – what Raha noted about the areas under her eyes and on her forehead.

To compare the fine lines on her skin before and after the two-week review period, we took close-up images of the skin around her eyes. The before picture showed many fine lines on the skin just under her lower lash line, whereas the after photo showed smoother skin with fewer lines.

“There is a reduction in fine lines around my eyes and my skin is more youthful-looking than before,” said Raha. “I do not look as tired and need less makeup to cover my skin, especially my under-eye area.”

Elasticity test

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To test the skin’s elasticity, we performed a pinch test on Raha’s skin by gently pinching the skin on her cheek and knuckles, and noting how quickly it bounced back to its original shape.

Skin that’s elastic should bounce back quickly, while skin that’s saggier and less firm would mould into the new shape and take a longer time to fall back into place.

For Raha, the skin on her knuckles appeared to bounce back just slightly faster, though on both occasions her skin already fell back into its original shape quite quickly.

As elasticity wasn’t Raha’s biggest skin concern, she wasn’t able to notice much difference in her skin’s firmness within two weeks of taking the product.

Reviewer’s experience

Raha took the Kinohimitsu StemCell one bottle a day for the first six days, and then one bottle every two days for the final eight days of the review period, according to the instructions.

“The StemCell drink was yummy and easy to add to my routine. I could finish it in one gulp, and I drank one bottle before I went to bed,” she said. “The first time I tried the drink, I was already looking forward to the next time I could taste it.”

Raha described her skin concerns before she started taking the StemCell drink: dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, especially around her eyes, and dull skin.

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After two weeks, she observed: “My skin feels more hydrated than before and there are fewer fine lines around my eyes!”

“Because my skin looks less tired and much more youthful, I don’t even need to wear a full face of makeup on days that I’m heading out of the house,” Raha enthused. “Instead, I can simply use a layer of moisturiser to hydrate my skin, and then put on translucent powder to give my face a matte finish.”

“Overall, I’m happy and impressed with the results of the Kinohimitsu StemCell, especially since I saw visible results in a short period of two weeks. My skin is much more hydrated and the skin under my eyes has fewer fine lines, which I didn’t expect. I also love that the drink doesn’t have a strong or unpleasant smell and tastes great too!”

Verdict: Stem cell beauty drink for younger-looking skin?

So, can a stem cell beauty drink really give younger-looking skin in two weeks?

We can’t speak for all stem cell beauty drinks, but Kinohimitsu’s StemCell drink has proven to give skin that’s more hydrated and with fewer fine lines in two weeks. It’s what we consider “turns back the clock” on ageing skin for sure.

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