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I’ve been on several detox plans and they all left a bad taste in my mouth – literally and figuratively.

I remember trying a seven-day programme, where I consumed nothing but green juices that tasted so foul, I felt like gagging each time I had them. And even after a gruelling week, I saw no more than a loss of 0.2kg on the scale – it felt like it was all for nothing.

Giving the Korean approach to detox a try

SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit

The bad experiences I’ve had made me shun detox routines altogether. This was until I was introduced to the SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit, which offers a Korean approach to detox. Besides helping you to lose weight, it is also designed to improve your energy level and even your complexion – talk about a holistic detox programme!

This routine is popular among Korean celebrities and influencers, who found it effective. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to stop eating altogether. I was intrigued!

How the SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit work

SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit review before after

Before and after photos of Chloe Lee, Korean influencer and creator of YomiFit,

This two-week kit is scientifically designed to help with:

  • Breaking down of body fats,
  • Increase metabolism, and
  • Counter side effects of dieting
    • Lethargy
    • Dry skin
    • Stronger food cravings
    • Gastric
    • Constipation

Loaded with active ingredients such as enzymes, probiotics and multivitamins to maximise your weight-loss, the kit contains beauty-enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, and collagen to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The holistic approach coupled with its effectiveness is why the Koreans are crazy about it.

The SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit routine

ssunsu red ginseng jelly

SSUNSU Red Ginseng Jelly tastes like a mild herbal jelly.

I start the day with the SSUNSU Red Ginseng Jelly, a great form of natural antioxidant that helps boost immunity, while keeping skin looking hydrated and radiant.

Right from the first step, I could tell that the SSUNSU routine isn’t just focused on weight loss, but to achieve overall wellness and strength, which is different from other detox routines I’ve been on.

The jelly is delicious – it reminds me of a mild herbal jelly – which makes for a tasty treat right before breakfast. It also helps perk me up so I could start my day feeling fresh and energised.

Fun fact: This is designed, formulated and tested by Singaporean beauty entrepreneur Kim Lim and Korean beauty influencer Amanda, and has sold over 95,000 jellies since its launch in June 2021! Those who have tried it loved it so much, it has a consistent 5-star rating and over 50% of customers returned for more.

Psst, read till the end of the article to find out how you can get a sample pack of these jellies for FREE!

Yomi Fit Diet Candy

YomiFit Diet Candy

30 minutes before lunch and dinner, I pop a YomiFit Diet Candy. This is a chewable candy with a pleasant yogurt flavour that inhibits fat synthesis and has Vitamin B to boost metabolism and energy.

I find that this seems to also curb my appetite more and I eat slightly less than my regular portions because I feel full more quickly. I attribute this to the candy because on two occasions when I forgot to take it, I was able to finish my usual portions.

Cape Watermix Daily Diet Drink review

Cape Watermix Daily Diet Drink

While having my meals, I make a glass of Cape Watermix Daily Diet Drink.

This is easy to put together – simply pour the powder into water and stir. Like the Yomi Fit Diet Candy, this reduces fat synthesis, improves bowel movements, and boosts the body’s natural ability to burn calories.

The drink is super refreshing and is a delicious grapefruit flavour. I find that it tastes better in cold water, but it’s also acceptable in lukewarm and hot water.

I usually drink it while having my meal or after my meal; the sweet taste satisfies the palate enough to stop my craving for other sweet drinks (like bubble tea!)

I also recommend having this as a thirst-quencher after your workout. The drinks – like the other items in the routine – are packaged individually in sachets so it’s easy to bring them around while you’re on the go.

Thank You Berry Enzyme

Thank You Berry Enzyme review

Finally, after each meal, go for a Thank You Berry Enzyme. This contains 12 types of enzymes, 17 types of probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, and multivitamins.

This aids with digestion, removes toxins, relieve bloating, ensures your body has all the nutrients it needs so it’ll stop sending hunger signals, reduce inflammation, and increase fat burning and muscle building.

This is a powder mix that you can eat directly or add to water or yogurt. I usually have it directly because it’s a lot more convenient.

Like the other items in the kit, this tastes good too. It has a berry flavour that’s fragrant but not sweet, making it a tasty mini “snack” to round off your meals.

SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit review: Does it work?

SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit review products

I must say that this is indeed the most enjoyable detox programme I’ve ever been on. The routine was easy to follow and every item tasted so good, instead of dreading them – like I did with other detox routines I’ve tried – I actually look forward to consuming them!

In fact, the kit even comes with a cute booklet to track progress, along with adorable stickers that you can use to self-motivate. This is truly a nice touch that makes a difference!

I like that the products are all formulated with good natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, glutathione, vitamin B and C, enzyme, probiotics, and prebiotics, which means that I’m getting good nutrients while on a detox routine. This prevents side effects of weight loss such as low energy and immunity, indigestion, and dry skin.

After the two-week programme, here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced:

ssunsu before and after

Left: Before starting the two-week programme, my face looks puffy and dull. | Right: After the programme, my skin glows even without makeup and my facial contours look more defined.

  • My face looks less puffy and more radiant: The most obvious benefit for me is actually how my face looks less puffy than before – probably due to less water retention. My skin also looks brighter than before.
  • My overall silhouette looked more svelte: While I didn’t lose significant weight, I was surprised that a work associate who met me a month ago and again recently asked if I lost weight and said I looked a little more svelte than before.
  • I feel more energetic especially in the morning: Perhaps because of improved nutrients or better bowel movement due to the detox plan, I feel less lethargic in the morning and was able to start my day productively faster than before.
  • I lost 1kg: It’s actually possible to lose 2 to 5kg, but it was hard for me to follow it because of food tastings I had to attend as part of my job. You can also work out more during this time to multiply its effect – something that I was also unable to do with a demanding work schedule and two children to care for. Given my poor metabolism, which makes it hard for me to lose a lot of weight within a short time, this is actually a very good result, given my experience. Results, of course, vary from person to person. A diet plan made up of foods such as chicken breast, salmon, avocados, Greek yogurt, whole eggs, and leafy greens, are recommended.
ssunsu review emily before after

Left: Participant Emily before starting the two-week programme | Right: After the programme, she lost 3.2kg

If you’re planning to start dieting but want to do it the enjoyable way that’s more effective and sustainable, I will highly recommend that you go on the SSUNSU two-week programme. If you could make better adjustments to your lifestyle than me, it’s very likely you may see even better results than I did!

Start your two-week diet programme. SSUNSU Detox & Debloat Slimming Diet Kit retails for S$249.90 (U.P: S$290) and is available on the SSUNSU website.

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