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If I’m being completely honest, I’m guilty of never drying my hair properly (even before bed). As a workaholic and someone who’s living in bustling, fast-paced Singapore, I tend to neglect hair care a lot.

I’ve long and extremely thick hair, to the point where I feel bad for hair stylists when I visit the salon since my mane just takes more effort and longer than usual to handle.

And I completely understand when they get tired because I too get drained at times from giving some TLC to my tresses (using hair masks, applying curl enhancers, and all that jazz).

I plan my life to a T, including setting time aside for my hair care routine. Although sometimes I do end up prioritising work and sleep over my hair’s needs.

After meeting the Laifen Swift SE hair dryer, however, my life has changed! This amazing high-tech hair dryer makes hair care so much more effortless and motivates me to maintain my hair’s health, all without eating up too much of my time.

About Laifen

laifen swift se reviews

In 2019, visionary creative geek Hongxin Ye wanted to create an appliance that fuses affordability with top-of-the-line technology. That’s when Laifen was born.

Ye’s passion inspired a team of enthusiastic developers who shared the same vision for excellence and innovation. For over two years, the Laifen team has worked tirelessly to produce hair dryers with unparalleled performances.

After countless tests and experiments, Laifen perfected their 110,000 rpm motor technology and integrated it into their high-speed hair dryer.

This breakthrough achievement has allowed the beauty world to redefine the possibilities of hair care.

Laifen’s newest innovation: Laifen Swift SE

laifen swift se reviews

One of Laifen’s mottos is to provide an enjoyable hair-drying experience for all, and that couldn’t be more true.

With a near-perfect 4.9-star rating from almost 350 customers on Shopee already, it’s no doubt that this device is a crowd favourite.

It uses high wind speed instead of high temperatures, featuring a powerful air speed of 21 metres per second to allow for infinitely faster hair drying.

Some happy customers have taken their praises to TikTok, showing that they could dry their hair completely in just five minutes!

laifen swift se reviews

Additionally, with the Laifen Swift SE’s built-in intelligent thermo sensor, you won’t have to worry about hair damage at all.

The science (and beauty) behind it is that temperatures are monitored in real-time to consistently keep it between 50°C and 80°C.

Another impressive feature is its 200 million negative ions, which helps to lock moisture in your tresses for a mane that’s silky and frizz-free.

Other than protecting your hair, this hair dryer does the same for your scalp too, so you won’t ever need to deal with scalding or overheating issues.

laifen swift se reviews

Its unique tri-light temperature indicator — cold in blue, medium in orange, and hot in red — helps you know which temperature mode the hair dryer is in, at a glance.

And you can even have the hair dryer circulate automatically between cold and hot air modes after long pressing the temperature button.

laifen swift se reviews

As a bonus, the Laifen Swift SE has six layers of noise reduction that add to a peaceful, therapeutic hair-drying experience. Your family won’t be disturbed by the loud sounds that traditional hair dryers make and they might not even notice you were drying your hair!

Light but mighty (it weighs only 407g), Laifen’s new, sleek hair dryer comes in four stylish colours and is incredibly travel-friendly too.

My review of the Laifen Swift SE

The verdict? This hair dryer is that good and everything it claims to be!

laifen swift se reviews

If there’s one prominent thing I remember about going to salons is that drying my hair always took 10 to 15 minutes or even longer. And I’d end up with really frizzy tresses if my hair were dried entirely.

It certainly didn’t help that my locks were damaged through perming and made more frizzy in our island’s hot and humid climate. However, it seems I have been gifted a saving grace with the Laifen Swift SE!

laifen swift se reviews

Not only did it dry every inch of my thick, unruly hair in only seven minutes, I noticed how my hair isn’t as frizzy as compared to using other hair dryers (some of which are premium and touted to be the best in the world).

You could be curious about this Laifen hair dryer’s powerful air speed — how powerful you might ask?

My partner, who probably has one-eighth of the hair I do, tried the hair dryer too and had his hair dry in less than 30 seconds. That’s got to be record-breaking.

laifen swift se reviews

The temperatures of the Laifen Swift SE were super comfortable (soothing, even) and its noise reduction feature is a plus because it was vastly different from my previous experiences with deafening hair dryers.

What’s also great is its durability and price point. It can last for 13 years, which saves so much of my beauty funds, especially if I no longer have a need to purchase hair products to tame my frizzy tresses.

It’s light, very easy to use, and a powerful hair dryer that offers great performance. I find myself wanting to wash and dry my hair just so I can use the Laifen Swift SE at the end of the day.

Perfect for us, busy modern girls, wouldn’t you say?

Laifen Swift SE retails for S$145 instead of S$ 299 at Shopee. It’s also available for S$159 instead of S$299 at Lazada.

This article is brought to you by Laifen.