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I just celebrated my 30th birthday. Having done beauty journalism since I graduated, I’m definitely aware of the effects of chronological ageing on my skin and exactly what I should do when it comes to skin care. But reaching 30 marks a new milestone for me, and I find myself even more prudent with what I put on my face. I only want to use the best.

lancome advanced genifique serum review

I have tried Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Serum when it was first launched in March 2009 (then, it was just called “Genifique”, before they improved the formula further, and I was just a rookie writer, in the second year in my writing job).

The idea of gene science was still a relatively new concept at that time, and Lancome doesn’t just pioneer this technology, but also promises visible results within seven days. I thought that bold promise was too good to be true, and decided to try it as a personal challenge to see if it works.

Surprisingly, it did. I remember I found my skin looking more dewy and hydrated, and the redness around my nose and cheeks were soothed – all within seven days. Friends wanted to know what foundation I was using, because they said the finish of my foundation looked naturally flawless. I’d have loved to share which foundation I used with them, except that I didn’t wear any; I only wore sunscreen.

lancome advanced genifique serum review

And it only got better

Lancome didn’t sit on its laurels when it comes to technology, and very quickly, Advanced Genifique was launched. This time, it uses the “multi-OMICS” approach to analyse skin, which helped them to understand even better how genes and proteins work hand-in-hand for the appearance of luminous skin. Six essential skin functions are targeted in the new formula, namely:

  1. Unbalanced skin barrier
  2. Structure/biosynthesis
  3. Anti-oxidation
  4. Defence
  5. Exfoliation
  6. Hydration

With the new technology, the Advanced Genifique is able to improve how skin looks (what you see in the mirror or how people see your skin) and feels (when you run your fingers against your skin). After all, it doesn’t matter how “old” your skin really is, what’s most important is what you see and how it’s like when you touch it, isn’t it? This is translated to an improvement of 10 different dimensions of the skin.

Another improvement made to the Advanced Genifique that I really appreciated was the self-loading dispenser. An incredibly smart innovation, the dispenser automatically loads up the exact amount of formula that you need, so all you have to do is to apply whatever the tube has drawn up onto your face and neck. This innovation resolves a common problem that users have: under-using or over-using product such that a really good formula is wasted on poor application.

I have to try different products in the last six years because of work, but somehow I would find myself coming back to the trusty Genifique again and again, particularly during those times I go through a “bad skin” period. I could count on Genifique to get my skin back up.

I’m 30, going on 25

lancome advanced genifique serum review

After my 30th birthday, I picked up Genifique again. Expectedly, it didn’t fail me and I fell in love with it – again. I love how it melts into my skin, hydrating it and prepping it for the other skincare products that I indulge my skin in. The product also enhances the effects of the other skincare products applied by three times. Most importantly, my fatigued skin looked more refreshed and perky, and my skin looked brighter.

I met up with a business associate a few days ago, and she asked me if I were in my first job after I told her I’ve been with this company for two years. After clarifying that I’ve been working for eight years already, she told me that she couldn’t tell because my skin looked fresh and blemish-free, despite wearing little makeup.

“This is called the ‘youthful aura’,” I joked, referencing the tagline of the Genifique campaign (although she probably didn’t notice the reference.)

It took me just one week with Genifique for my skin to feel almost like how it was six years ago when I first used the product. It realise that I’m never too old to feel young again.

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What others who have tried Lancome Advanced Genifique think:

Maybeline Sim, 27,
Lab Associate: 

My skin looks more radiant and feels at least 50% smoother than before I started using the serum within just two short weeks. I also love that the bottle was so thoughtfully designed; it comes with a self-loading dropper inspired by automatic droppers used in research laboratories. With just one twist, it precisely delivers the perfect dose for optimal application.

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Silverkis, 36,
Investment Manager: 

I noticed my skin becoming plumper and even better hydrated than before. I have been heavily medicated and was getting insufficient rest for the past three weeks because I was battling a bad case of sinus infection. I had expected my skin to be in worse condition. Instead, more than one of my friends commented that my skin looked smoother and more luminous than before!

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Karen Ashley Ng, 34,

One drop of this non-sticky serum was all it took each time – a little goes a long way. After incorporating the serum in my day routine I found that my tinted moisturiser glide on even easier and more evenly. I don’t use heavy makeup or foundation, which is why I need to rely on good skin care products to ensure that my skin stays bright and youthful.

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