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As the editor of this wonderful beauty magazine you’re reading, I understand the importance of having a serum in my skincare routine, and have used many different types of serums in the past decade. The latest I’ve incorporated in my daily routine? Lancôme’s latest Énergie de Vie Liquid Care.

lancome energie de vie review singapore usage

Designed as a hydration powerhouse for busy individuals who see signs of fatigue in their skin, this serum is fortified with three superfoods (French Melissa, Goji extract, Gentian extract) to invigorate skin so it looks fresher and more energetic.

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Having used it for a few weeks now, I am saying that it’s life-changing! Don’t dismiss this as an illogical rave or senseless exaggeration. Read on to count the ways it’s changed my life – all five of ways it did:

1. I no longer feel I need a 6-step skincare routine

Call it paranoia or true-blue Singaporean kiasuism, a comprehensive skincare routine – or at least one that felt like so to me – consists of a series of skincare steps, including several different types of serums. After all, I have several skincare concerns I want to target at; I need something that hydrate my skin adequately, and something that brightens my complexion. It used to feel like nothing short of a six-step skincare routine will suffice for me.

lancome energie de vie review singapore application

Now: Énergie de Vie Liquid Care is a hydrating serum that perks up my skin. It also contains Goji extract, which is known for its antioxidant benefits. Within a few weeks of usage, I noticed that my skin looks fresher and more hydrated. This makes me more confident to have a leaner skincare routine (which is probably why my skin feels fresher!) ; I only use five main products now: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, and eye cream. And in the day, I add an sunscreen as the final step of my routine.

2. My prep time in the morning has shortened

I used to spend at least 30 minutes in the morning getting ready. Approximately 10 minutes was spent on skincare, and another 20 minutes on makeup.

lancome energie de vie review singapore less time

Now: I only need about 15 minutes these days! (More time to sleep in!) Since Énergie de Vie Liquid Care us an all-in-one product that combines the skincare effects of a lotion, serum, and cream, I could effectively streamline the products that I use, and this obviously helped shorten the time I spent on skincare. But that’s not all the time I saved. Makeup seems to glide on more easily since I started using this serum, so I didn’t have to pile on as much makeup to achieve a completed look. Better, brighter-looking skin also means I didn’t need as much foundation, and this brings us to my next point…

3. I don’t need my concealer anymore

I’m prone to breakouts when I’m stressed and on days when I see blemishes, concealer is my best friend. The unfortunate thing about concealer is, too much of even the best concealer can give the appearance of unnatural makeup. Let’s just say that concealer isn’t my favourite product, no matter how great the one I’m using is. It’s a necessary “evil” that I’m not fond of.

Lancome EDV Liquid Care

Now: I noticed less instances of breakouts after using Énergie de Vie Liquid Care, which means I didn’t need concealer. My complexion has also been looking fresher and smoother, so just a light layer of foundation is all I need for base makeup.

4. My colleagues stopped asking me that same question

“Are you very tired?”

This is the question I tend to get when I don’t get sufficient sleep, which happens when I have too much work to clear. And it’s obviously a question I don’t like to hear, because it tells me that I’m not looking my best.

lancome energie de vie review singapore

Now: While I still have to burn the midnight oil sometimes, and would wake up feeling like a zombie, I don’t really look like one anymore. My skin still looks plump despite late nights, and doesn’t lose its radiance as easily compared to the past.

Bonus tip! A sleeping mask is the best form of pampering you can give your skin if you’ve been getting insufficient rest. Try the Énergie de Vie Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask, which I love for its unique texture: the hydration and plumping effect of a balm, and freshness and lightness of a water mist. This product neutralises skin-damaging free radicals overnight, improving your skin’s condition while you sleep!


5. Midday touch-up? No more!

I used to see my skin oil up and makeup budging around mid-day and will have to do touch-ups if I want to appear presentable for the rest of the day.


Now: My makeup seems to stay intact for longer since I started on my new skincare regime. I notice that my skin doesn’t oil up as much anymore, and I won’t need a touch-up until towards the end of the work day.

Lancôme Énergie de Vie Liquid Care retails at SGD115 for 30ml and SGD160 for 50ml. It is part of the new Énergie de Vie collection, which also consists of the Cleansing Gel (SGD55), Pearly Lotion (SGD105), Milky Lotion (SGD120), Water-Infused Cream (SGD110) and Sleeping Mask (SGD95).

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