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We often hear that the lip colours we wear can change the way we look. We put Tiara, our writer, to the test by challenging her to achieve five starkly different looks only by changing her lip colour. Her weapon of choice to win this challenge? Lancôme’s brand new Juicy Shakers.

As part of the challenge, she has to document what people around her had to say about her look for five days. We even got her to post a selfie a day on Instagram to see what her followers had to say. Will anyone notice that she hasn’t change her makeup routine other than her lip colour?

Hang on… Juicy Shakers, what?

lancome juicy shaker

A hybrid of Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes and their iconic lipsticks called the Shaker, the new Juicy Shaker has a biphase formula. What this means is it has the lip oil that’s responsible for nourishing the lips and giving them the glossy, juicy look, and a pigment to give your lips a wash of colour. Just like the name suggests, you shake it up to mix the two together and apply it onto your lip. You don’t have to worry about looking weird doing so because the product literally looks like a mini martini shaker! The one of the kind sponge tip applicator picks up just the right amount of product to apply onto the lips. You can either dab or swipe the product onto the lips.

With 20 unique and fun shade names that correspond to the scent, the Lancôme Juicy Shakers are out to make it hard for you to pick out your favourite. The shades our writer tried for the five days are the star shades: Berry in Love, Lemon Explosion, Apri-Cute, Cherry Symphony and Mangoes Wild.

She also shows you how to “shake it up” with different shades of the Juicy Shakers at the end of her five-day Juicy Shaker Takeover!


Day 1


I wore Juicy Shaker #283 in Berry in Love, which is of a purplish shade. Because it’s a lip oil, the shade doesn’t look as intimidating as it would have been if I had put on a matte purple lipstick. My colleagues said that the shade made me look edgier.

Day 2


Switching only my lip colour up the next day, I wore Juicy Shaker #381 in Mangoes Wild, a peachy-pink colour. It’s so wearable, making it perfect for those of you who want a wash of colour on the lips. With this shade on, I was told that I looked ready for a date night out (which I actually was!). My fiancé who saw me for the first time wearing this shade told me that he liked how the product gave my lips a wash of colour without it looking too ‘thick’ like a matte lipstick would.

Day 3


I’ve been really into greys and blacks for my wardrobe as of late. So I thought since it’s the weekend, I’d put on Juicy Shaker #151 in Cherry Symphony, which is a red shade. Out of the shades I’ve tried, this and Berry in Love are the two shades that are the most pigmented. If the previous shade gave the feeling that I was ready for a date night, Cherry Symphony gave the feeling that I was ready for a late night party (which I wasn’t. I ate crabs instead).

Day 4


Mondays are always hard for me, so I went with the Juicy Shaker #300 in Lemon Explosion. Just like the name suggests, the scent is of refreshing lemons! It’s a pretty peach shade with glitter running through it. But don’t worry, the glitter isn’t chunky at all! It made my lips looks juicy and plump. Due to my naturally pigmented lips, the peachiness of the juicy shaker wasn’t that obvious. My parents thought I looked fresh wearing a natural-looking lip oil. Bear in mind that they always see me in a dark mauve lipstick – my usual choice of lip shade. So when they see their daughter wearing a natural-looking lip shade, it’s something new to them (FYI, my parents prefer me with little to no makeup but… Oh well!)

Day 5


Last but not least, Juicy Shaker #102 in Apri-Cute! I don’t usually go for orange lip colours simply because I think it doesn’t flatter me. But this was an exception! Although I would’ve liked to be told I looked cute wearing this lip shade, I received comments saying that I looked demure and professional. Definitely a shade I’m keeping for important meetings with clients then.

Shake it up!

With the different shades and scents, you can pretty much shake it up and create your own Juicy Shaker Concoction! Not sure where to start? Read on!

1. One shade around the lips, another to fill them up

I applied Juicy Shaker #283 in Berry in Love on the perimeter of the lips with the tip of the sponge applicator. I then filled in the rest of my lips with the shade Juicy Shaker #372 in Berry Tale and gently blended the edges where the two colours meet! It should give off a gradient effect that looks something like this.

Juicy Shaker- Berry in Love & Berry Tale

2. Create a ombre lip look

Here’s a variation to achieve the ombre lip look that K-drama actresses are seen with!

I used the Juicy Shaker #142 Freedom of Peach all over the lips and applied Juicy Shaker #151 Cherry Symphony at the inner part of my lips (where my lips meet when I put them together). The Freedom of Peach is a light peachy shade, while Cherry Symphony is a red shade. Not only did I get to look like a K-drama actress with my ombre lips, but I was also treated to a mixture of a peach and cherry scent which smelt delicious!


Overall thoughts

The Juicy Shakers are definitely something fun to have in your lip product collection! I generally am not a fan of shiny lip products because they’re usually sticky. But the Juicy Shakers are not, and they’re really nourishing too. I suffer from dry lips, and using the Juicy Shakers is a way to make my lips look and feel less dry. It also provides a wash of colour, has an amazing scent and changing the shades actually does change the look and feel of my makeup for the day! This is perfect for those of us who would love to shake things up in the makeup department without going for an overhaul of their makeup stash.

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