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We’ve reviewed and tested many cushion compacts and foundations. But this time we are doing something a little different – this might just be the most rigorous test we’ve ever put through any cushion foundation… or even any product that lands on the editor’s desk. The cushion foundation we’re testing? The new Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation.

The claims…

Lancôme has made many amazing claims about its new cushion foundation, making it sound like the cushion foundation every woman needs in her life.

1) Cools the skin by 1.7 degree Celsius upon application

Because of its unique formula, the foundation cools down skin’s temperature upon application by 1.7 degree Celsius. Sounds perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather!

2) Ultra-High coverage

Cushion compacts typically offer a dewy finish but aren’t known for their coverage ability. The Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation is said to change this. The foundation claims to give an ultra-high coverage with a demi-matte finish, and on top of that, provides sun protection (SPF 50 PA +++).

3) Long-lasting

The secret to its longevity is said to be in its double matrix cushion technology that allows the cushion to lock in and protect the integrity of the formula. This same technology also ensures that the foundation wouldn’t oxidise on the skin and will help make the foundation stay intact on the skin for longer.

A high-coverage, long-lasting foundation with the convenience of a cushion compact and that makes you feel cooler instead of sticky and warm? Sign us up alre…

Wait! Not yet. We’re not about to just take their words for it. Let’s find out if the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation really lives up to all of its claims. Read on to check out all the tests we put it through, and stay till the end for a special treat!

Claim 1: Cooling upon application

No foundation pose-15

First impression test

Unfortunately I didn’t have any type of tool to test if the foundation has indeed cooled down my skin by 1.7 degree Celsius. However, there really was an obvious cooling sensation as I applied it to my skin! The cooling effect isn’t “minty”, it’s refreshing.

Claim 2: Ultra High Coverage

To validate this claim, we’ll be putting the cushion foundation to two tests:

1. How well it covers uneven skin tone and blemishes
2. How well it covers… Brows.

Before-and-after test

Just like everyone else, I have uneven skin tone. And on both sides of my jawline, I have some acne scarring.

I have used many different cushion compacts, and so when I dip the sponge onto the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation, I assumed that like the other products I’ve tried, the amount of the first dip was going to be barely enough for half of my face. To my very pleasant surprise, it was sufficient for my whole face!



It managed to cover my acne scarring and it definitely did a great job in evening out my skin tone.

DV Tip: The puff is different from the other cushion compacts’. Instead of tapping the puff onto your face to blend it out, the fluffier puff is made that way for you to swipe it onto your skin to blend the product out seamlessly, creating a flawless-looking finish.

Brow-covering test

Those familiar with makeup would know that covering the eyebrows is something that’s really challenging to do. Sometimes, even a high coverage foundation isn’t able to do a decent job. So, what better way to test the coverage prowess of a foundation by covering up one of my brows with it?

With brows

As you can see, I have very thick and dark brows. Can this foundation cover them?

no brows



Even though it didn’t cover 100% of my brows, I think it did a good job considering how thick and dark my brows are. First, I used a glue stick to tame down my brows. Next, I pumped the puff once into the cushion and went over my brows two times. I repeated this another time, and completely covered my brows.

Claim 3: Long Lasting

Living in Singapore, we are familiar with greasy faces and our makeup melting off by the heat and humidity. This makes it impossible for our makeup to last throughout the day. What better way to test the longevity of this foundation than to break a makeup rule – working out with makeup on. I went for my yoga class followed by a jog back to the office to really put the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation to the test.

Jogging test

Here’s how I look like before my workout (looking too flawless for a workout, might I add).


Here’s what I look like after:



The foundation definitely looked more dewy because of my sweat, but it’s not bad for a post-workout face, which is great if you have a party to head to after (I didn’t, though).

DV Tip: But if you do, you can blot your face to remove the dewiness, followed by a light dusting of powder before heading to your next destination. You don’t have to worry about blotting your face though, because the foundation doesn’t transfer so you won’t be left with patchy looking skin!

The final verdict




For a foundation that’s incredibly high coverage, it feels light and comfortable on the skin. It is a pleasant surprise because you would think that a high coverage foundation would make you feel like you have something on your skin, in other words- heavy. But not with this! The best part is the how fresh it allows your skin to feel upon application. Other than living up to its claims, it also comes in gorgeous, luxurious packaging. The product smells really good and I personally find it very pleasant.

I would definitely recommend this to those who:

  • Enjoy ultra-high coverage foundations
  • Need their makeup to stay on for long periods of time
  • Prefers a foundation that feels lightweight and fresh on the skin.

For ladies like myself, who just want something to even out the skin tone but still want medium coverage, one light tap onto the cushion with the puff would be enough. If you’d like to sheer it out more, tap the product onto your face and blend with a damp sponge or a stippling brush. Plus, it’s available in 9 shades!

I’m definitely very impressed with this foundation after putting it through all the tests. It certainly helps that it doesn’t just look good on the outside; it also houses a fantastic formula. The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation retails at SGD80 each and SGD60 for a refill.

You can purchase them at:

  • All Lancôme counters,
  • Sephora stores, and online at Sephora.sg (listing of the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation on Sephora.sg will be up soon!) and;
  • TANGS Counters and tangs.com

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