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The LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX is certainly one of the most iconic products from the K-beauty brand and is seen as a holy grail by many beauty enthusiasts. It is the brand’s global bestseller for the past 19 years and they have sold more than 16 million bottles worldwide.

The product has seen five reformulations since its launch in 2002, and its last update happened in 2015.

After six years, the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX is reformulated once again this year. Read on to find out what’s new and whether loyal users of the product are still going to like it.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX reformulation: New ingredients

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex Reformulated Review

The reformulated Water Sleeping Mask_EX is now enhanced with a few new ingredients: squalane, Sleeping Microbiome™ and probiotics complex. These have been added to keep the skin’s microbiome healthy, improve hydration and skin texture – yes, even if you haven’t had the luxury of a good night’s sleep.

The new product helps to intensively moisturise the skin while strengthening skin’s defense, restoring it to its optimal condition during an eight-hour sleep; this way you can wake up to supple and hydrated skin. Just like its predecessor, it still features the Comforting Sleep Scent to relax your skin at night as you get your beauty sleep.

The addition of Sleeping Microbiome™ and probiotics complex can be considered very “on-trend”, with skincare experts predicting it to be one of the biggest skincare trends in 2021.

The skincare industry has been having their eyes on the study of microbiome, which refers to a community of micro-organisms that live together in a particular habitat and a biological barrier that exist on the outermost layer of the skin. Humans, animals and plants each have their own unique microbiomes which are a colony of microbes that consist of beneficial and harmful bacteria.

Recent scientific study has been pointing to the concept that a good microbiome balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria is essential for healthy skin.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex Reformulated Review2

In the case of the reformulated LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX, Sleeping Microbiome™ rebuilds the skin balance that’s damaged by external aggressors such as pollution, UV rays, and even irregular sleep patterns and bad sleeping habits, which can all upset our skin’s microbiome.

Probiotic complex, on the other hand, acts as a protective shield to prevent immune reaction caused by bad microorganisms; the unique complex introduced by LANEIGE, which is a world’s first patented green tea lactobacillus collected from the green tea leaves that grows in Jeju’s tea farm, is also 167% stronger than a regular single complex.

Reformulated LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX review

I have been using LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX every now and then, especially on days when my skin is parched, but it isn’t a regular product on my vanity.

The new formula doesn’t look any different from the older version and still features a gel-like texture that’s lightweight. I feel that it is slightly stickier than I remember, but thankfully it absorbs just as quickly as before and doesn’t stain my pillow.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex Reformulated 1

The stickiness also dissipates once the formula has been absorbed into the skin.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the scent (I prefer the Lavender version more) but it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex Reformulated 2

More importantly, I woke up to more hydrated skin that looked radiant – something that I’ve always enjoyed about using the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX.

As I’ve only used the sleeping mask for a couple of times now, it’s impossible for me to truly see the effects of the new ingredients. However, for those of who have been using the product and are afraid that the changes are going to make you dislike it, I’m quite confident that it’s not going to be the case. And if there’s added skincare benefits to the new formula, I’d say – bring it on!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Ex And Cica Sleeping Mask Reformulated Review

Besides the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX, the brand’s Cica Sleeping Mask has also received an upgrade with the Sleeping Microbiome™ and Pro-Biotic Complex. If you have dry, sensitive and easily-irritated skin, you could consider checking out this product instead.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask_EX (70ml) and Cica Sleeping Mask (60ml) retails at S$45 and are currently available at Lazada, as well as LANEIGE boutique and department stores. It will also be available at LANEIGE Official Mall on Shopee, Zalora, and Sephora.sg from 1 February.