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With most of us returning back to WFH mode, juggling work and family in one space can pose additional stress on our mental well-being – and our skin. The latter will start showing signs of fatigue in the form of sallowness, acne flare-ups, fine lines, or worse, premature ageing.

To help your skin cope with stress-related ageing better, it’s vital that you provide skin cells with all the assistance they need to regenerate and repair skin more optimally to delay signs of ageing.

One of the things that you can do is to incorporate an anti-ageing serum like the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum, which 10 of our readers tried for two weeks alongside the Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence to find out if it can effectively target signs of ageing.

You’ll be glad to know that the average verdict for the anti-ageing duo was 4.1 stars out of five! Keep reading to find out more about the anti-ageing facial serum and have a look at the in-depth reviews.

About Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum

lavinia pre-treatment essence and youth generating serum

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Part of the Revive skincare series, Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum is a concentrated anti-ageing treatment that’s powered by two main ingredients – sea fennel and sea holly.

Infused with sea fennel and sea holly extracts sourced from the Brittany of France in nano-sized molecules for easier absorption, the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum is designed to be an early anti-ageing solution for skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Why these ingredients? Well, sea fennel is said to help promote skin cell regeneration for a complexion that’s softer, more supple, and naturally luminous from within while sea holly is a clinically tested and proven ingredient that enhances skin radiance and firmness while maintaining long-lasting hydration.

For best results, it’s recommended to use Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum together with the Lavinia Revive Pre-Treatment Essence as the anti-ageing duo can effectively repair the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and any imperfection on your skin within 28 days to give you a complexion that is more refined and resilient. In other words, your skin will sport its youthful spring once again.

Those may sound like big claims, but a clinical study conducted by Lavinia has actually found that the Revive series offers immediate lifting and tightening effects from the first application itself! The study also revealed that 100% of the users were highly satisfied with the visible anti-ageing results seen on their skin – some even said they looked 150% more youthful than before.

Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum retails for S$62 online while Lavinia Revive Pre-Treatment Essence is available at S$38 online.

From now until 30 June, you can check out Lavinia’s Exclusive Promotion Set, which gets you one Pre-Treatment Essence and one serum of your choice (option of Youth Regenerating Serum and Intensive Brightening Serum) for only S$80 instead of S$100. Plus, enjoy complimentary shipping and free gift with your purchase.

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Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence and Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum review: 10 readers give their honest opinions

Lavinia anti-ageing duo: Pre-Treatment Essence and Youth Regenerating Serum


All reviewers were impressed with the anti-ageing performance of Lavinia’s Youth Regenerating Serum, which is a lightweight formula with a gel-like consistency that’s easy to apply on the skin.

All of them loved how quickly the serum absorbed into their skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue and said that it did a great job at reducing the appearance of fine lines and restoring radiant, even skin tone so that skin looks healthy and youthful once again.

However, there were also reviewers who did not observe improvements* with the anti-ageing serum during the trial period or reacted adversely following a patch test. Nevertheless, most reviewers appreciated that the Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence, which many of them enjoyed using together with the Youth Regenerating Serum, helped boost the efficacy of their skincare routine.

*The duration required for visible results varies according to users and their existing skin condition.
*Reviewer Kuan Yee’s rating was removed from the overall rating of the product as she was allergic to one (or more) of the ingredients in the products.

Wendy, 30

Skin type: Combination-oily
Skin concerns: Textured skin, dehydration, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads


When I first laid eyes on Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence and Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum, I was captivated by the luxurious dark blue packaging of the skincare bottles.

I started with the Pre-Treatment Essence, which I used immediately after cleansing my face. It had a pleasant scent that was easy on the nose but I especially liked its lightweight texture that absorbed very quickly into my skin.

Then, I applied the Youth Regenerating Serum on my face and neck. The scent took a little time to get used to, but I was able to forgive its odd-smelling aroma as the serum made my skin feel firmer and more supple after 14 days.

Personally, I enjoyed using both the pre-essence and anti-ageing serum in my daily skincare routine. Within the two-week review period, I observed positive changes to my skin firmness, tone, softness, overall skin health as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – all without clogging pores or causing irritation.

Liang Thing, 34

Skin type: Combination-oily
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, textured skin, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads


I rely on collagen supplements and anti-ageing serums to take care of my skin, so I was excited to try the Youth Regenerating Serum by Lavinia to see if it’s the one for my skin.

Since the drugstore formula I previously used wasn’t as effective and had a slightly rich texture for my skin, I was hoping that the Youth Regenerating Serum will not be the same. To my pleasant surprise, it had a fast-absorbing consistency that left no residue on my skin at all.

My skin felt instantly hydrated, smoother, and more nourished after using the serum for the first time. After incorporating it into my daily skincare routine for two weeks, my skin felt plumper and my facial contour looked more lifted compared to before. While it’s worked better for me than other anti-ageing serums I’ve tried, I find that the anti-ageing serum doesn’t clog my pores which is a huge plus.

The Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence, which I used together with the serum, is another product from the brand that I’d want to continue using. I find that it’s helped me sweep away dirt and unclog pores to give me a clearer, more refined skin texture while minimising fine lines.

Jerniece, 33

Skin type: Combination-oily
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, visible/enlarged pores, fine lines


Most anti-ageing serums I’ve tried left me with acne breakouts due to their heavy textures, but Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum was unlike any of them.

In addition to the anti-ageing serum’s lightweight and easy-to-spread consistency, I also find that the formula has helped my skin become more hydrated, nourished, and even smoother in texture too – all without any negative reaction.

After 14 days, my skin feels plumper and healthier than before – I can safely say that the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum is the best anti-ageing serum I’ve tried so far!

Furthermore, using the serum with Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence for two weeks was a five-star combination for me because the pre-essence had worked equally as well for my skin type – within first use, I’d noticed improvements in radiance, softness, and hydration on my skin.

Shu Ning, 32

Skin type: Combination-dry, acne-prone
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, textured skin, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads


I was thoroughly impressed by how lightweight the pre-essence felt! Not only was it non-sticky and just mildly perfumed, but the Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence also absorbed easily in seconds so I didn’t have to wait long before applying the next skincare product in my routine.

The Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum nailed it for me too, as it delivered visible results in skin firmness, tone, overall skin health, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within two days of usage.

Overall, I appreciate how beautiful the products were – from the packaging to the formula – and both were the best anti-ageing skincare products I’ve ever tried thus far.

An An, 33

Skin type: Combination-oily
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, textured skin, dehydration, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads


In my bid to stave off the effects of ageing on my skin, I try to apply anti-ageing skincare daily and also incorporate a facial mask at night – I also try collagen supplements occasionally! Trying the Lavinia Revive skincare series for the first time, I was drawn to the prestigious, classy-looking bottles and could only hope that the formulas held within deliver visible results during this trial period.

Thankfully, both the Pre-Treatment Essence and Youth Regenerating Serum did what they promised to do for my skin while remaining lightweight and easily absorbed without any sticky after-feel. In 14 days, my skin felt softer, more supple, and hydrated, and I appreciate that both products didn’t clog my pores at all.

Sally, 31

Skin type: Normal
Skin concerns: Uneven skin tone, blackheads/whiteheads, dark eye circles


I consume collagen supplements frequently and include anti-ageing serums, moisturisers, ampoules, and masks in my daily skincare routine, so you can say that I certainly know what to look for in an anti-ageing skincare product.

Unfortunately, the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum didn’t work for me despite rave reviews shared by other Daily Vanity readers here – I’d done a patch test on my hand (like I always do with all skincare products) and the tested area broke out in rashes so I didn’t proceed to use it on my face.

That said, I’m glad I gave the Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence a chance because the lightweight formula has improved my skin significantly in terms of radiance, softness, and hydration within just seven days of use while enhancing the efficacy of my skincare regimen.

All in all, I’d recommend the Pre-Treatment Essence to my social circle because of its effectiveness – as well as the beautiful, elegant packaging!

Mary, 42

Skin type: Sensitive
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads, pigmentation

lavinia youth regenerating serum review mary

I was initially worried if my sensitive skin could tolerate this anti-ageing duo but to my surprise, there weren’t any adverse side effects even as I tried the skincare products for the first time – this, to me, proved that the ingredients used in the formulas are natural and gentle to the skin.

With the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Seum, I’d usually use one pump of product for the entire face and neck but on days when my skin looks exceptionally tired, I’d go for two pumps to give my skin additional nutrients. While I had some concerns about the slightly rich texture, I was glad that the serum remained easy to spread on the skin and did not feel oily at all

The Pre-Treatment Essence also delivered what it promised – boosting my skincare regimen’s efficacy while moisturising my skin without any greasiness. What’s more, the product also helped take care of my skin’s radiance, suppleness, and fine lines without triggering any irritation.

Needless to say, I’m absolutely satisfied with both these products and am happy that they’ve worked very well for my skin type without clogging my pores.

Maggie, 40

Skin type: Combination-dry
Skin concerns: Dehydration, visible pores, blackheads/whiteheads

lavinia youth regenerating serum review maggie

With its non-sticky, easy-to-absorb consistency, I must say that the Lavinia Youth Regenerating Serum performed as advertised because I could tell that my skin looked more even-toned and felt softer and more supple after using it for two weeks.

Unfortunately, the suppleness I observed on my skin didn’t seem to persist beyond the 10th day, which I wasn’t sure why that was the case.

The Pre-Treatment Essence, however, helped my subsequent skincare products apply better on my skin while boosting my skin’s radiance and moisture without any oiliness – so much so that I wanted to continue using the product after I used it for the first time.

I truly did not expect how much I would come to enjoy using the anti-ageing duo by Lavinia, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it worked well in our humid climate!

Annette, 39

Skin type: Combination-oily
Skin concerns: Dull skin, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads, fine lines


A light watery formula with a sweet aromatherapy scent, the Lavinia Pre-Treatment Essence absorbed into my skin readily and prepped it for my skincare routine that followed suit. I love how refreshing the formula felt on my skin after every application – no tightness or irritation whatsoever, just skin that felt hydrated and looked brighter upon the first application.

Lavinia’s Youth Regenerating Serum worked just as great for my skin type, as it gave me plumper, firmer, and more refined skin in just 10 days. In fact, my facial contour looks more lifted after using this product too!

What I also like about the serum is its gel-like texture, which was easy to apply onto the skin as it didn’t drip easily and cause a mess like other serums. Since it’s a non-greasy formula, I didn’t have to worry about any sticky residue lingering on the surface of my skin.

Personally, this anti-ageing serum has worked better for me than other anti-ageing serums that I have used previously as it got the job done without clogging my pores.

About Lavinia

Developed by M One, Lavinia is the newest luxury natural beauty brand to be launched in Singapore.

A pure and natural skincare brand that combines advanced skincare concepts with delicate sensibilities to meet the real needs of consumer’s skin, Lavinia formulates all its products with 100% natural ingredients sourced only from Europe and forgoes synthetic preservatives as well as other elements like silicones, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, sulphates, mineral oils, and petrolatum, just to name a few.

Offering a comprehensive line of products that are suitable for all skin types and ages, Lavinia has garnered multiple awards for its natural and gentle yet powerful skincare solutions, including the Prize of the Jury and several Grand Gold Quality certifications from Monde Selection.

A firm believer of nature’s infinite possibilities, you can count on Lavinia to take you to the pinnacle of the next generation of natural skincare that seamlessly marries nature and science for effortless, everyday beauty.

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