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If you’re on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, there’s no way you haven’t seen at least one of your favourite influencers conducting beauty experiments. Curious to know what’s got us raising our on fleek brows and channelling our inner beauty explorer persona?

LazBeauty, e-commerce giant Lazada’s beauty destination, offers a wide and complete assortment of makeup, skincare, and hair care products. They’ve just unveiled 100 must-try beauty experiments; presenting us with the opportunity and the only time to call ourselves beauty scientists!

From dermaplaning and frothing liquid foundation to the Douyin nose contour hack, some of these beauty experiments are bound to widen your eyes in surprise and make you think, “Now, why haven’t I ever thought of that before?!”


Who says we can’t “play” with our makeup?! 🔍🤭 It’s time to level up your makeup game with LazBeauty’s 100 Beauty Experiments! 🥳 Grab your beauty tools from Lazada and try these experiments out. 💖 Comment below to let us know how these experiments turned out for you! 😉👇 #LazBeautySG #LazBeautyExperimentsSG

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We’re here to be the Marie Kondo of beauty experiments, uncover the top 10 LazBeauty 100 Beauty Experiments, and spill the beans on whether they are worth the hype and deserve our “trending” stamp of approval.

Spoiler alert: all of these experiments are keepers! Some are even “absolute slay” and will elevate your beauty regimen too.

Best LazBeauty Makeup Beauty Experiments

Experiment #11: Dabbing Loose Powder on Your Eyelash Curler to Prevent Creases

lazada 100 beauty experiments

We all have our good and bad makeup days, but one thing we can’t always avoid is how using an eyelash curler can cause marks and creases on our base. Here’s when a trusty loose powder comes to the rescue!

As a bonus, this little trick helps you create long-lasting, curled lashes too — a trending beauty hack to follow for sure.

We recommend using:

  • NARS Light Reflecting™ Setting Powder, which retails for S$65 at LazBeauty.

Putting some wacky beauty experiments to the test with products I got from LAZBEAUTY! Experiment #24 – Toning down red lipstick from NARS in the shade Inappropriate Red with brown liner Experiment #20 – Thickening my lashes with baby powder and mascara from LOREAL lash paradise Experiment #25 – Creating glossy looking lips with eyeshadow using my Shiseido eyeshadow This is your sign to discover all 100 beauty experiments featuring trendy products from LazBeauty by searching #LazBeautyExperimentsSG #LazBeautySG @Lazada Singapore

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Special mention: For thicker, fuller, and longer-looking lashes, try Experiment #20, which includes the use of baby powder!

Experiment #35: Frothing Liquid Foundation for an Air-Brushed Effect

lazada 100 beauty experiments

In the compelling case of beauty and flawless makeup bases, milk frothers can be for more than just making your daily cuppa!

For this experiment to work, you’ll want to pick a liquid foundation to create that light, fluffy mousse texture after frothing with water. You can clearly see how large my eyes became when I applied the foundation mixture to my face — it felt so light and was unlike any other makeup base product I’ve used.

With the high coverage I got and the longevity of over 12 hours, this beauty experiment is definitely trend-worthy and something you have to try at least once in your life!

However, the clean-up process was quite a nightmare, so be sure to use a separate milk frother for your makeup base (unless you’re abandoning coffees with frothed milk) and soak it in micellar water after you’re done to really get all the product out of every nook and cranny of your frothing device.

We recommend using:

  • shu uemura unlimited breathable lasting fluid foundation (35ml), which retails for S$79 instead of S$83 at LazBeauty.
  • THEFACESHOP fmgt Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit (30ml), which retails for S$25.50 instead of S$34 at LazBeauty.

Discounts are offered at the time of writing.


I can’t believe these actually work!! Here are the products I used: #5 Setting Powder under foundation ft Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder #68 Lipbalm as makeup remover ft INNISFREE Dewy Tint Lip Balm #77 Canthal Tilt Eyeliner ft Maybelline Tattoo Liner 48H Liquid Pen Discover all 100 beauty experiments featuring trendy products from LazBeauty by searching #LazBeautyExperimentsSG 🤍 #LazBeautySG @Lazada Singapore ad

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Special mention: For an air-brushed makeup look, you can also try out Experiment #5, which features a technique where setting powder is applied and blended out first before putting on foundation.

Experiment #36: Applying Your Base According to Your Pores

lazada 100 beauty experiments

You may be as surprised as us to find out that we have pores on our faces that face different directions. We’d say it makes total sense since the hairs on our bodies grow in different directions too.

This beauty experiment banks on the science and “theory” of pores to prevent cakey makeup and achieve more even, smooth makeup. The key, we’d say, is to use a lighter product like a BB or CC cream or a cushion foundation and to always blend it out nicely with a sponge.

After all, thickening your base with more product will inevitably lead to cakey makeup (especially in our scorching climate) unless your skin is well-moisturised and kept hydrated.

Try this experiment out and you should notice your base lasting for about two to three hours longer than from the typical application methods.

Bonus tip: Remember to set your makeup with loose powder and setting spray after for it to last longer. Also, at the end of the day, double cleanse with an oil cleanser and water-based cleanser to make sure you really get all the makeup out of your pores!

We recommend using:

  • THEFACESHOP Air Cotton Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ (12g), which retails for S$18.75 instead of S$25 at LazBeauty.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation (30ml), which retails for S$17.50 instead of S$24.50 at LazBeauty.

Discounts are offered at the time of writing.


Enough of boring makeup routines! Come with me to test out these 3 beauty experiments and discover new products and brands on Lazbeauty (product details in video). Check out LazBeauty’s 100 Beauty Experiments by searching #LazBeautyExperimentsSG #LazBeautySG @Lazada Singapore

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Special mention: Try Experiments #78 and #98 too. They feature the dotting makeup technique to create one layer of makeup (including the base, contour, and blush) instead of the traditional way of applying layer by layer, which can lead to a cakey base. And, of course, the use of a hydrating setting spray to really “lock in” the makeup.

Experiment #73: The Easiest Way to Glitz Up the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

lazada 100 beauty experiments

There’s no “right” way to add shine and glitter to your face. If you ask us, whether you want to add just a touch of sparkle or make it rain glitter, it’s entirely up to you (go for it!).

But we won’t deny that there are much easier ways to do it, like enhancing your eyes by making your inner corners sparkle. It’s easy, fuss-free, and takes less than 10 seconds.

The only thing to note is to use a pen highlighter, which will make for a seamless application and eliminate the risk of creating blobs of mess if a liquid highlighter were used.

We recommend using:

  • peripera Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye Stick (0.78g), which retails for S$10.60 instead of S$15.90 at LazBeauty.

A discount is offered at the time of writing.

Experiment #80: Blinking Into Your Falsies

lazada 100 beauty experiments

Have you ever made the mistake of glueing your falsies just a few millimetres off or are you avoiding the unnecessary stress, effort, and time spent on putting on false eyelashes perfectly?

Well, this tried-and-tested beauty experiment is as mind-blowing as it is life-changing, with several influencers who took to TikTok to try the trend out themselves. The verdict? It works almost every time, saves so much time, and is mess- and fuss-free.

We recommend using:

  • DUP Eyelashes, which retails for S$15.47 instead of S$22.10 at LazBeauty.
  • Ardell Faux Mink Luxuriously Lightweight Lash, which retails for S$36.90 at LazBeauty.

Discounts are offered at the time of writing.

Best LazBeauty Skincare Beauty Experiments

Experiment #45: Masking and “Cold Compressing” With a Toner and Cotton Pads

lazada 100 beauty experiments

Also known as the “cold compress method“, this beauty trick claims to soothe zits instantly and it’s also approved by celebrities like Yoona and TWICE’s Mina!

So if you’ve got inflamed skin, sensitive skin, or an angry growing pimple, here’s an easy fix to soothe your skin and leave it well-hydrated and supple. You may even be able to do away with pimple patches, which may not work all the time.

Plus, this masking technique means you can manipulate the cotton pads to fit every inch of your face comfortably (we all know how annoying it can be when certain sheet masks are too small or big since they’re not entirely a one-size-fits-all option).

We recommend using:

  • I’m from Rice Toner (150ml), which retails from S$13.50 to S$32.50 instead of S$19.28 to S$47.14 at LazBeauty.
  • Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion (200ml), which retails for S$66 at LazBeauty.

Discounts are offered at the time of writing.

Experiment #46: Concealing With a Green Colour-correcting Treatment Cream

lazada 100 beauty experiments

This hype-worthy beauty experiment is a top-notch way to achieve that flawless “barely there” and “no makeup” makeup look, especially if you’re not keen on layering on too much makeup on days when you’d be out in the sun a lot.

Plus, you won’t have to feel too guilty about piling on concealer and wonder if it’ll make your pimples or redness worse instead. You can even ditch the foundation if you’d like.

The treatment cream managed to cover up my reddish dark eye circles and performed really well with coverage that lasted for over seven hours! However, if you’ve got bluish or purplish dark eye circles, your “concealer” may turn out greyish instead.

And if you’d like a bit more coverage, simply mix the green colour corrector with concealer.

We recommend using:

  • Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF22 / PA++ (50ml), which retails from S$33.83 instead of S$50 at LazBeauty.

A discount is offered at the time of writing.

Best LazBeauty Haircare and Fragrance Beauty Experiments

Experiment #21: Using Vaseline or a Moisturiser to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

lazada 100 beauty experiments

There are times when we’ve found the perfect, signature scent for us but realise that it’s just not “strong” enough to last throughout the day.

Well, you’re in luck because this beauty experiment will open a whole new (aromatic) world for you. This hack should let your favourite scent last for more than eight hours or so.

Simply rub Vaseline or a hypoallergenic moisturiser onto your pulse points before spritzing your perfume two to three times and you’re good to go! However, make sure you don’t rub your pulse points after, which will break the fragrance molecules and cause the top notes to fade away immediately.

We recommend using:

  • Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly (50ml), which retails from S$2.09 instead of S$2.67 at LazBeauty.

A discount is offered at the time of writing.

Experiment #65: Stimulating and Oiling Your Scalp for Better Hair Growth

lazada 100 beauty experiments

It’s obvious that you have to take care of your locks and condition them if you want healthy hair, but many of us may overlook what’s underneath it. After all, a healthy scalp plays a crucial part in ensuring healthier hair and better hair growth.

An important step is to stimulate your scalp prior to oiling it and massage the product into your scalp after oiling, which promotes micro-circulation of the hair follicles. This will grant you with softer, thicker hair that grows faster and prevents thinning or premature ageing of the hair.

Trust us, you won’t want to neglect your hair’s condition when the scalp ages 12 times faster than the skin on your body and six times faster than facial skin.

If you’ve got an oily, itchy, or sensitive scalp, you can do away with the oils and stick to just stimulating your scalp with a scalp massager. Alternatively, look for a fitting hair oil or essence that wouldn’t weigh down your tresses with grease or lead to product build-up.

We recommend using:

  • Hair Scalp Silicone Massager (2 pieces), which retails from S$3.62 instead of S$6.90 at LazBeauty.
  • MIJEP Rosemary Hair Oil (120 ml), which retails for S$14.39 instead of S$17.99 at LazBeauty.

Discounts are offered at the time of writing.


My haircare routine will never be the same after these experiments ~ I’m trying out LazBeauty’s 100 Beauty Experiments and you should try it out also 🤭🤭 #61 : Applying the MISE-EN-SCENE perfect serum rose perfume to revive Limp hair with hair oil plus claw clip when blown. #42 : Using the OSIS hair spray to tame hair flyaways by spraying hairspray on spoolie and combing them down. #9 : Applying the L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil-All Hair Types to nourish the hair. P.S* Discover all 100 beauty experiments featuring trendy products from LazBeauty by searching #LazBeautyExperimentsSG #LazBeautySG @Lazada Singapore

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Special mention: For healthy, smooth, and nourished hair, try Experiment #9, which features the use of a hair serum and trying it into a bun (similar to “hair slugging”).

Experiment #97: Achieve a Clean and Healthy Scalp With Glycolic Acid

lazada 100 beauty experiments

In need of a good scalp cleanse but you’re hesitating to pull out wads of cash for a professional scalp treatment in a salon? Here’s a beauty experiment that could help you save money and refresh your scalp at the same time!

Perfect for those with dandruff or an itchy, oily scalp, good ‘ol glycolic acid can solve your frustrating scalp woes. However, if you’ve got a sensitive scalp, make sure the product doesn’t sting and do this treatment only once a week or once every two weeks.

While waiting for the glycolic acid to work its magic for 10 minutes, you can even “multi-task” and lather a hair mask onto the lengths of your hair before washing.

If you’re worried about how your scalp may react to certain products, consult a hair and scalp specialist before trying any haircare beauty hacks.

We recommend using:

  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toning Solution (240ml) retails from S$14.32 instead of S$60 at LazBeauty.

A discount is offered at the time of writing.

Explore the LazBeauty 100 Beauty Experiments Universe

Beauty novice, enthusiast, or expert, you’ll want to join in the fun and test these out yourselves too. Head over to LazBeauty’s YouTube playlist here to watch all 100 beauty experiments and pick out the ones you’ll be trying.


LazBeauty has 100 beauty experiments?! 🤯 Of course we have to try them out and give our stamps of approval! 😎✅ Give it a go yourself and get all the essentials from Lazada. 💖 Comment below to let us know how these experiments turned out for you! 😉👇 #LazBeautySG #LazBeautyExperimentsSG

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Needless to say, whatever beauty product you’ve gandered upon on TikTok, you can surely find them on LazBeauty since they hold some of the trendiest makeup, skincare, and hair care products.

Stock up on your beauty tools at LazBeauty and start experimenting to find trend-worthy beauty hacks that work for you!

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