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When LG Electronics Singapore launched LG Pra L., a premium home beauty brand that consists of four home beauty devices, the eyes of every skincare junkie lit up.

Lg Pra L Devices Review

The line-up of beauty devices sounded and looked like they could have come out of a sci-fi movie. The Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care, and Derma LED Mask are designed to cleanse, nourish, lift, and firm the skin respectively. In other words, everything you want in a complete skincare routine.

The crown jewel in the line-up is definitely the Derma LED Mask, which retails at SGD1,349. You may have seen images and videos on Instagram – including when Daily Vanity reported about it on Instagram after we attended the media launch.

From the outside, it looks like a stylish mask that Iron Man would have produced if he had collaborated with Apple. But beyond its sleek appearance, what it promises is even more impressive: improve skin tone and inner skin density by 100% and 92% respectively, after using it for six weeks, twice a week.

The LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask uses 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) or long- and short-wave light in order to penetrate skin at different depths. These lights help encourage cell regeneration so your skin can become firmer and more radiant over time.

And if you’re worried about safety – and we don’t blame anyone for feeling paranoid after Neutrogena recalled their LED acne mask over concern of eye damage – you’ll be happy to know that the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask has an eye-shield design made from safe silicone for comfort while protecting the eyes by minimising the glare from the lights.

The high-tech device also comes with a Sensing Detector, an additional safety feature that allows the mask to operate only when it is correctly positioned on the face.

LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask review: Did I like it?

Lg Pra L Derma Led Mask Review 2

I try my best to mask at least once a week, but I find it hard to keep to it. Spending 20 minutes to leave on the mask, and another five minutes or so to clean up (pat in the serum, clean off any spillage etc.) can be quite a hassle for someone as time-starved as me.

This is one problem that the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask managed to solve for me. As a light therapy mask, I didn’t have to deal with any mess from dripping serum.

Also, all it takes is nine minutes for the routine to be completed. And I didn’t even need to put a timer on! The device lets you know when you’re finishing the routine and even gives you a heads up to let you know you’re halfway through it.

While nobody can see my face when I was masking with the Derma LED Mask, I was glad that the visor area is actually transparent, so I could see through while wearing it, which helped me multi-task while masking. I usually pick up a book or play the Netflix drama I was binging on at the moment, so those nine minutes flew by effortlessly.

However, because the mask weighed down slightly, so I wouldn’t recommend that you do anything too rigorous, like housework, while you’re masking.

When I use a sheet mask, I enjoy feeling that instant boost of hydration right after I massage in all the serum. This is an experience you won’t be able to get with the Derma LED Mask. But that’s because the key benefit is in firming, so basing it off the instant gratification of hydration won’t be a fair assessment.

In fact, the first time I used the Derma LED Mask, I felt a little disappointed. When I took the mask down, I immediately went to check out my complexion in the mirror and it didn’t feel like there was any difference.

After six weeks, however, I felt that my skin looked less fatigue than before. I can’t say for sure whether the Derma LED Mask was totally responsible for this improvement – after all, six weeks is a long time and there could have been changes to the air quality I was exposed to, my sleep quality, my diet, and other products I may have used.

Verdict: Would I recommend the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask?

Lg Pra L Derma Led Mask Review 1

LED light has been proven with skin firming and this device is like a at-home facial, allowing you to receive the goodness of LED light exposure in the comfort of your own home.

I believe that LG, as an electronics giant, is an expert in LED technology (I mean, have you seen those high-tech LG televisions?!), and I trust that if anyone were to be able to produce a beauty device that taps on LED technology, LG would probably be a forerunner.

I think if you’re a hardcore skincare junkie who is willing to invest in expensive devices, then the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask is certainly one that you have to consider. Of course, be patient with it and don’t expect to see miraculous changes within a short period of time and I think you may just be able to benefit from it.

Also, I don’t think this is going to be able to completely substitute your sheet masks, which offer hydration and brightening benefits. The LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask is more of an intensive treatment for anti-ageing benefits.

How are the other LG Pra L. products?

LG Pra L. Dual Cleanser review

Lg Pra L Dual Cleanser Review

The Dual Cleanser, to me, is the obvious product to switch to if you’ve been using cleansing devices. This comes with two brush options: a silicone brush for gentle daily cleansing, and a fine fibre brush for deeper cleansing.

I’m aware that there are two camps – those who like silicone brushes and those who prefer fibre brushes. The LG Pra L. Dual Cleanser gives you the best of both worlds with two options, so I think it’s an absolute crowd-pleaser.

The device is also incredibly smart – it is able to automatically detect which brush you have attached to it and changes the mode accordingly. This is certainly something that I expect from a luxury beauty device, and it didn’t disappoint.

Lg Pra L Dual Cleanser Review 2

You can put the cleanser within the cradle to sanitise it with UV light.

But what I love most about it is how it comes with a cradle that has an in-built UV light to sanitise the brush when it isn’t in use.

I have used fibre brush cleansers in the past and have always thought that it was very unhygienic even if I change the brush head once every three months; since I use it every day, it doesn’t dry and I often imagine lots of bacteria breeding within the fibres. This sanitation function makes for easier maintenance and I certainly appreciated it.

LG Pra L. Galvanic Ion Booster review

Lg Pra L Galvanic Ion Booster Review

This device uses Iontophoresis (positive and negative ions) to allow impurities to be removed from skin more easily in the Cleansing Mode, and then boosting the depth of absorption for your skincare products in the Boost Mode.

In other words, if you have been investing in expensive and potent skincare products, you can give them extra mileage by pairing them with the Galvanic Ion Booster.

I can’t really comment on its effectiveness, considering that I can’t really see whether my skincare products get penetrated more and I hardly use the Cleansing mode because I use the Dual Cleanser, I would only share my thoughts about the ease of use.

I like that it comes with a silicone handle (like the other devices) that allows me to have a good grip on the device. The voice assistance, which sounds very soothing, also helps to give guidance so it was easy to figure out how to use the product.

It has a metallic probe, which makes it very easy to clean after each use. This probe also has a good shape that fits nicely onto the contours of the face.  I also like that the battery life is relatively long – one charge can lasted me for over two weeks.

LG Pra L. Total Lift Up Care review

Lg Pra L Total Lift Up Care

When I started using the four new devices from LG Pra L., I was most looking forward to trying the LED mask and I have completed overlooked the Total Lift Up Care. But after trying the devices, the one that I ended up liking the most was the Total Lift Up Care.

This device comes with two functions: Tightening Mode, which uses high-frequency thermal therapy and red LED light to trigger collagen production, and the Lifting Mode, which uses microcurrents to stimulate skin tissues and muscles for a tightening and lifting effect.

This device is safe enough to be used around the eyes to improve the firmness around the area, and I also tend to concentrate more on my jawline and chin area.

Whenever I use the Total Lift Up Care, I always feel that my skin felt more taut right after. I usually use it before I sleep and when I wake up the next day, I often feel that my face look less puffy (than mornings when I haven’t used the device before I sleep), my jawline looked slimmer, and my double chin less obvious.

Like the other devices, the product is easy to use and because it produces some heat as part of thermal therapy, it also felt very comforting and pampering.

Of the four products, this is definitely the one that I find myself reaching out for most frequently.

LG Pra L. devices are available at Tangs at Tang Plaza, Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Jem, and Krisshop. The prices are as follows: Dual Cleanser at SGD449, Galvanic Ion Booster at SGD529, Total Lift Up Care at SGD699, and Derma LED Mask at SGD1,349. For more information, visit the LG Pra L. website.