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When I think about my daily routine, it includes things like going to work, attending socially distanced events, as well as running a few errands or cycling around the nearby park. While I’m spending my waking hours checking off the boxes on my to-do list, my skin is being taken along for the ride. That means it’s exposed to dirt, debris, and oils from the environment.

To make matters worse, all that sweat, sebum, and gunk is trapped under a face mask. The texture of the face mask and the humid environment created allow bacteria to thrive on my skin’s surface, invariably leading to friction and skin irritation on the lower half of my face. The result? Congestion and clogged pores aplenty.

Since I have fairly sensitive skin, I’ve steered clear of harsh blemish treatments and stuck to a simple skincare routine. And while it has eased the redness on my skin, my cheeks and jawline are still speckled with tiny bumps and whiteheads.

So, when the premium home beauty brand LG Pra.L sent over the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser for me to review, I saw it as an opportunity to step up my cleansing game and see if it could help decongest my pores. Keep reading for my full review of the cleansing brush, from my first impressions to my thoughts after using it for one week.

LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser review: First impressions

The LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser’s design

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review Product

With its white and gold finish, the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser looks and feels modern and luxurious, which matches the other products in the LG Pra.L beauty range. The device is also compact, with the brush and body integrated into a single, ergonomic unit that fits perfectly in my hand. Although the cleansing brush is lightweight, it still feels opulent when held.

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review With Cable

In terms of maintenance, the device’s brush head doesn’t need replacing due to its durable silicone construction. Besides that, the device is FDA registered for proven efficacy and safety, and it’s made with medical implant-grade material that’s safe, even for sensitive skin.

The quick-drying, medical-grade silicone bristles are also resistant to bacterial growth, ensuring excellent hygiene in the long run. And since the device is waterproof, you can use it to cleanse your face in the shower instead of at your sink.

On top of that, it has a built-in battery that can be charged using the USB C-type cable included. A full charge provides up to 200 uses or around six months of operation, which will last me a long time. You can check the battery status by turning the device on – green means the battery level is sufficient, red indicates a low level, while a blinking red light means you’ll have to charge it very soon.

How to use the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review Instructions

Image credit: LG Pra.L

Operating the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser was a breeze. When I returned home from work, I went in with a cleansing balm to first remove my sunscreen and concealer. After a good rinse, I lathered up my gel cleanser and applied it all over my face. Before switching the device on, I made sure that there weren’t any droplets of water in the voice guide hole as this could muffle the sound.

Then, I pressed the power button and selected the cleansing level and vibration speed. You can choose from four levels depending on your preference, but I stuck with Level 2 for a much gentler cleanse. Even at the highest setting, the vibration of the bristles felt gentle on my skin. In fact, the low hum of the cleansing brush created a soothing experience, and it felt like I was treating my skin to a soft massage.

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review How To Use 1

The voice guide took me through the 70-second cleansing session, dedicating 10 seconds to each cheek, 20 seconds to my nose, 10 seconds around my jawline, and 20 seconds to my forehead. I really like how the voice guide takes the guesswork out of the whole process and it felt as though I had a beauty advisor with me, making sure I was doing it right.

I gently moved the brush in small circular motions around each area and avoided my eyes as instructed, enjoying every moment of it. While it may not be visible in the images, the Ultrasonic Cleanser produced fine bubbles from my low-foam cleanser, which I’ve heard penetrates deeper into the pores to clear them out.

Before I knew it, my 70 seconds were up. Thanks to its lightweight build, my arm didn’t get tired after the quick cleansing session. If you’d like a longer cleanse, you can also adjust the settings to 120 seconds by pressing down on the power button and holding it for five seconds.

After the first cleanse, my skin already felt smoother and softer, so I couldn’t wait to keep using it for a week.

LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser review: Results after one week

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review Before Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review After

I stuck with the recommended usage and used the cleansing brush only once a day, every night. After one week, my complexion looked clearer and much less congested, which is probably due to the device’s ultrasonic waves.

The device generates up to 370,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second, and although they can’t really be felt on the surface of my skin, these waves gently break up dead skin cells for easy exfoliation.

Lg Pra.l Ultrasonic Cleanser Review Bristles

The silicone brush also produces up to 4,200 micro-vibrations per minute to remove the microparticles of dust and contaminants. These micro-vibrations are also responsible for creating a denser foam for a thorough cleanse. Plus, the cleansing brush does it all without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin.

Even though I wore a mask out for almost 13 hours on one of the days, the cleansing brush was able to effectively loosen and remove all the dirt and buildup at night. After each cleansing session, my skin never became red or irritated – all I saw was clean, radiant skin.

An unexpected benefit of using the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser was a visible reduction in pore size. Not to mention, my skin appeared glowier and less greasy, which meant the cleansing brush was able to balance out my finicky complexion.

Overall, the cleansing brush was a pleasure to use – a pampering treat every night when I want to relax and unwind. My sensitive, blemish-prone skin is definitely happy to welcome this cleansing brush into its life. You’ll have to experience the LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser yourself too to truly understand what I meant.

LG Pra.L Ultrasonic Cleanser retails for S$299 at Best Denki, Lazada, and Shopee. The cleansing brush will also be available at TANGS @ Tang Plaza, Takashimaya DS, and KrisShop from April 2021.

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