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If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that sunscreen is a must. Its importance is sometimes questioned, though – especially on cloudy days or when we’re working from home. However, experts declare that the need for SPF is real, no matter the weather or location.

“What if I’m nowhere near a window? Or if I shut the curtains during the day?” you may wonder. Well, sunscreen remains an essential part of your morning routine, because we’re still constantly exposed to blue light.

Also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, blue light is commonly emitted from the screens of our devices, such as smartphones and computers. They not only harm our vision, but also disrupt our circadian rhythm and deplete melatonin, making it harder to sleep. Perhaps what’s news to most of us is that blue light can even lead to premature skin ageing.

But how exactly does blue light do that? And what can we do to prevent blue light damage if reapplying sunscreen is a hassle? Don’t panic, because Daily Vanity will be answering your questions, and we’ll share a simple solution that’s tried and tested by three members of the team.

What UV rays & blue light can do to your skin

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Avoiding direct sunlight doesn’t mean your skin is safe. Unfortunately, windows only protect us from UVB rays, which are the burning rays of the sun, but not UVA, the ageing rays. UVA rays cause more concern as they can penetrate through windows and degrade collagen most readily, putting you at risk for skin cancer.

A morning full of Zoom calls isn’t great for your skin either. Even if you’re away from a window, the screen you’re staring at can have an impact on your complexion. Blue light is a big player when it comes to hyperpigmentation like melasma and dark spots, so protecting your skin is still just as important as ever.

There are natural sources of blue light, like the sun, but it also comes from man-made devices like LED, smartphones, computers, and fluorescence. Your Netflix binge-watching, your FaceTimes, and all of your screen time contribute to your blue light exposure.

In fact, early studies claim that it can contribute to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. For example, a small study published in the Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity suggests blue light can encourage the generation of free radicals – unstable molecules which kill collagen and damage the skin.

To combat the effects of UV rays and blue light, you should apply a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and reapply it every two hours. That being said, if you’re indoors and away from windows, the need to reapply is less necessary. But of course, that doesn’t mean you should forgo SPF or reapplication altogether.

If you seek an uncomplicated solution to protect your skin against UV rays and blue light, we’ve got just the thing for you: LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0, an oral sunblock that’s easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

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A simple solution to combat the effects of blue light

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review 4

Developed by Dr Wenus Ho and Dr Juliana Latif, medical doctors practising in Fusion Medical Group, LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 is a halal and vegan-friendly skin brightening oral sunblock that boasts advanced anti-blue light technology.

If you’re wondering why there’s a “2.0” in its name, that’s because it’s an upgraded version of its predecessor. This new formulation contains two unique patent-pending actives to provide more potent, effective protection for your complexion. Let’s delve a little deeper into the science behind the formula to find out how and why it works.

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 5

Each capsule houses Tomesoral, an ingredient derived from non-GMO heirloom white tomato species that are rich in colourless carotenoids.

These carotenoids reduce the appearance of dark spots and provide both UV and blue light protection, while they reduce DNA damage and premature ageing at the same time. Together, the combination provides superior brightening, UV protection, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

The Snow Radiance 2.0 is also bolstered by its Unique Blue Light Defense, a proprietary blend of pomegranate, tea, algae, flora extract, and other naturally derived ingredients to fend off blue light damage by over 99%. This powerful antioxidant protects against skin ageing and damage – plus, it lightens the appearance of stubborn dark spots.

What makes the Snow Radiance 2.0 work as a sunblock is the use of Polypodium Leucotomos, an effective chemophoto protective agent that provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that prevent long-term DNA damage and photo-ageing.

Meanwhile, L–Cysteine is a potent amino acid that has excellent skin brightening abilities. It halts the production of pigments when the skin is exposed to UV rays and jumpstarts the creation of Glutathione – another robust skin-brightening antioxidant.

These key active ingredients work to provide invisible protection in a single dose, so you can achieve luminous, even-toned skin effortlessly.  Sounds too good to be true? Well, we invited three DV team members to try out the LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 over the course of 28 days. Here’s what they thought of it.

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review: 3 women try the oral sunblock and share their experience

Lynnett, 31

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review lynnett before after

“Save for some work events here and there, it’s 100% WFH for me, and I tend to work overtime, so I face the monitor for more than 10 hours on any given weekday. In between, I’m usually on my phone, and after work, you’ll find me either sitting in front of the television or chilling in bed with my iPad, so I’m never away from the screen of a device.

Ever since we started working from home more, my skin looks duller in general, and I started getting more rough bumps too for some strange reason. I’ll apply sunscreen once during my morning skincare routine, but since I’m not sitting by a window, I don’t reapply at all unless I have to step out of the house to buy lunch or attend work events.

What I like about the LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 is its hygienic yet chic and fuss-free packaging.

I do have acne scars from the pimples I get every now and then, and I’m surprised to see that the Snow Radiance 2.0 has helped me lighten those on my forehead and cheeks after 28 days.”

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 2

“During the trial, I also tried LM Soelle’s UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++ (above). I love the pump packaging – it’s very hygienic, fuss-free, and did not cause a mess. I also like that it doesn’t come with a strong lingering scent.

I didn’t think I would find another sunscreen that I’d love to continue using, until I tried the UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++. Even though it has a creamy white texture, it doesn’t leave a white cast at all (it’s my biggest peeve) and blends so well into my skin without much effort. Please consider making a bigger bottle so that I can use it for my face and body!”

Jade, 29

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review jade before after

“Since we started working from home, my beauty routine has gone through several adjustments. With more of our hours spent indoors, I get a little lazy when it comes to reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, so I usually layer it on once in my morning skincare routine.

As someone with sensitive skin that’s prone to redness and pigmentation, that may not be the best idea. Dark spots and acne scars became more apparent with time, and they stood out starkly against my pale complexion.

It doesn’t help that I’m parked in front of my computer monitor for over 12 hours most weekdays. Not to mention, I’m someone who binge-watches shows on Netflix on weekends, which increases my blue light exposure exponentially.

So when we were asked to try the LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0, I was thrilled to see what it could do for my skin. Consuming two pills a day before sun exposure was easy for me, and I washed them down with a glass of water after breakfast. Of course, I was a little sceptical of its claims at first, but that all changed in the second week of my trial.”

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review 3

The texture of LM Soelle™ UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++

“When I paired it with the daily application of LM Soelle™’s UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++, I noticed significantly less redness on my cheeks and forehead compared to only using my previous sunscreen. Those are really impressive results, because my skin turns beet red at the slightest sun exposure.

My skin looked more radiant and even-toned over time, and the stubborn dark spots and acne scars along my jawline had started to fade. Though I hadn’t been diligently reapplying sunscreen, my skin became stronger and more resilient in a matter of weeks.

I can rest assured knowing that I’m protected from the sun and blue light, which is why I would continue taking the oral sunblock for that ease of mind.”

Sabrina, 22

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review sabrina before after

“I’m never really away from my devices. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll use my phone to look through notifications and important emails. I then move over to my laptop and start working. Even when I’m eating, I’m facing the monitor. So on a weekday, I probably spend an average of 14 hours in front of my devices.

Even since I started working from home more, I noticed that my skin looked duller in general. And when it comes to sunscreen, I only apply it once in the morning. I don’t really get in the sun, so I don’t see a need to reapply it during the day.

When I heard about oral sunblock, I was a bit confused as to how they actually work and whether they would cause any side effects. After all, I am ingesting it. So when I was asked to try LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0, I was initially a little wary.”

LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 review 1

“The packaging is very pretty and the pills were very easy to consume, so incorporating them into my daily routine was fuss-free. To my surprise, I saw an increase in overall radiance in just three days. After two weeks, my skin didn’t appear as red. My skin looks brighter and more radiant than it did before the trial.

It was definitely an interesting experience to see how oral sunblock can actually boost my skin’s health so much better than other topical products that I’ve tried. It looked a little more radiant even when I didn’t have any makeup on.

When I head outdoors, I’ll pair it with LM Soelle™’s UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++. It feels just like a BB cream on my skin and its scent is pleasant and not too overwhelming. It provided good protection from the sun too.”

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LM Soelle™ Snow Radiance 2.0 retails for S$168 (60 capsules) while LM Soelle™ UV Defense White SPF 50 PA++++ retails for S$39 (30ml).

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