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Ash hair colour is a big trend in 2019 and it looks like they’re going to continue to shine in 2022. Take a look around and you’ll notice it is a popular look seen on your favourite K-pop stars and leading actresses in K-dramas.

And this isn’t surprising at all. After all, these fashionable shades are very wearable – and depending on the shade you go for, it can work whether you’re experimental or prefer something more understated. Ash colours are also flattering on Asian skin tones, making it an easy trend to pull off.

But there is one thing not so easy about keeping up with gorgeous ash hair all year round: heading to the salon to achieve them. Besides needing to make an appointment at your favourite salon, each session can cost you up to a few hundred dollars, which can take a toll on our wallets.

The easy solution? Box dye.

Box dye that can deliver gorgeous ash hair colour?!

Loreal Ash Colour Collection Review

We know what you’re thinking: box dye can never deliver the same result as if you had gone to a salon.

Well, that’s only because you haven’t met the new L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Ash Cool Collection, which is created for dark Asian hair.

From the World’s No. 1 Hair Colour brand, L’Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Color, this new Parisian Ash Cool Collection is inspired by the French girl look and makes the perfect ash hair colour accessible to everyone – achievable right in the comfort of their homes!

How to get that desired ash hair look

1. Pick your colour

There’s something for everyone! This collection includes three shades: Matt Ash (ash matte shade), Midnight Ash (intense dark ash shade), and Crystal Ash (crystalised light ash blonde shade).

(Psst, we’ve asked two reviewers to try out two of these colours so you can see how they look on dark Asian hair. Scroll down further to see!)

Here’s what we recommend:

Loreal Matt Ash

Matt Ash (7.17): If “sophistication” is your middle name, go for this for a gorgeous ash colour for an effortlessly chic look. (Scroll down the article to see how it looks on our reviewer.)

Loreal Midnight Ash

Midnight Ash (8.11): This is the best option if you prefer a darker tone that is more versatile, and can be played it down to look more work-appropriate. (Scroll down the article to see how it looks on our reviewer.)

Loreal Crystal Ash

Crystal Ash (10.11): This has a soft, delicate effect that brings out the ash tone more vividly. Definitely a colour that the more adventurous ones are going to love!

You’ll be happy to know that all three shades look amazing because each one is infused with a blend of three high-intensity cool pigments so you’ll be able to get a multi-dimensional look that doesn’t appear flat or drab.

These three multi-tonal shades are also brass-defying, which means that the ash colours are able to stay vibrant and intense for a longer time, without fading easily into a dull yellow tone that nobody likes!

2. Complete the look in three easy steps

Everything you need comes in the box and you can complete the DIY dye in three easy steps.

Step 1 – Protect: Apply pre-serum on unwashed hair to protect it from damage. This treatment is enriched with Ceramide to smoothen and protect your hair. It also seals and defends your hair from damaging right at the beginning of your hair colouring sesh. This is an innovation that you can’t find in other box dyes!

Step 2 – Mix & Colour:

Loreal Ash Collection How To

After pouring the formula into the bottle, shake it well to mix it. Replace the tip with the comb that is provided and apply it evenly onto your hair. Let the colour develop on the hair for 30 minutes! For a more intense shade, leave it on for a longer time.

You’ll be happy to know that even the Color Creme is made to be gentle on your hair. It contains Pro-Keratine, an ingredient that can help to rebuild and strengthen hair.

Step 3 – Condition:

Loreal Ash Collection How To Condition

After rinsing off, apply Conditioning Balm on hair and leave it on for two minutes before rinsing off again. This Conditioning Balm is infused with Collagen to help deeply repair your hair. It keeps hair smooth, soft, and shiny, even after colouring – pretty much like a pampering hair treatment at a salon.

Dry off and voila! Beautiful ash hair in under 45 minutes!

3. Do it anytime you need a refresh

Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Cool Collection Review 7

Whether you’re looking for a hair colour change for a special occasion – like the upcoming Christmas or Chinese New Year next year – or simply to update your look to stay trendy, the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Cool Collection makes it easy. Its hi-shine complex ensures that colours remain vibrant and shiny for a long time – talk about value for money!

What’s more, thanks to the triple care formula where hair protection is integrated into the entire hair dyeing process – before, during, and after hair colouring – you can change your hair colour as often as you wish without worry.

Let’s see what reviewers who have tried it think

Maya Lee, 34, is using Midnight Ash

Ash Hair Review 2

Loreal Midnight Ash1

“I used to use box dyes and DIY at home when I was in my 20s, but these days I normally get my hair coloured in a salon. I was curious to see how these L’Oreal Paris box dyes turn out, considering how I sometimes can’t even get the colours I want at a salon.

The box dye comes with a pre-dye protection cream – something that I really appreciated, although I wish they gave me more because of how long my hair is!

As I’ve been going to the salon to colour my hair, I know that bleaching is required to achieve ash shades. Using this on my pre-lightened hair gives a noticeable result, even though my previous hair colour has already faded. The colour intensity of my new hair colour is vibrant and the ash reflect was obvious.

On my dark roots, I can see that the colour was muted and transitioned nicely into the rest of my hair, making this a product great even for root touch-up. I’m definitely impressed with the results, especially since it wasn’t done in a salon!”

Jasmine Oh, 21, is using #7.17 Matt Ash

Ash Hair Review 1

Loreal Matt Ash1

“I usually dye my hair in the salon because I can make sure that my hair colour turn out according to what I’ve asked for. However, salon visits can be quite costly. This is the first time I’ve used a box dye and I’m glad that it came with an instructional manual so it was simple to understand and follow.

The product came with a mini comb that helped me to easily get the dye onto every strand of hair. I only had to wait for a quick 30 minutes for the pigments to settle before rinsing it out. I also like that the conditioner given was more than enough to go onto all my hair and served as a great treatment after dyeing.

As my hair is very dark, I was surprised that the final colour turned out to be lighter than expected and I was able to achieve my desired results even though I didn’t go to a salon! I really like how the Matt Ash colour is able to shine through the highlights of my previous hair colour. People around me noticed a difference in my hair colour and commented that it suits me well. I’m pleased with the result!

The best part? My hair still looked healthy after dyeing it. While I had to do it myself, I really wouldn’t mind doing it again considering how much more affordable it is compared to going to a salon, and with satisfactory results nonetheless!”


Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Cool Collection Review 15

Can we achieve ash hair colour with box dye? Looks like the answer is yes!

Seeing how it’s been tested on both dark and pre-lightened hair of the reviewers who tried it, we can conclude that the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Ash Cool Collection gives us the tools and products that can help us achieve gorgeous ash-coloured hair without damaging our hair, all in the comforts of our own home.

If you ask us, it sounds like a perfect solution to get a trendy new hair colour to usher in the new year without breaking the bank!

If you want to try out the colours, L’Oreal Paris has a MODIFACE app on their website, where you can make use of virtual reality (VR) technology to see how these three shades look on your hair.

Try out Matt Ash, Midnight Ash, and Crystal Ash for yourself. Click on these links, click on the “Try On” button under the product image, and take a selfie or upload a photo, then watch the magic happen!

Each box dye from the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Parisian Ash Cool Collection retails at SGD19.90 each. In December, it will be available at a promotional price of 2 for SGD25.90, exclusively at Watsons, and then nationwide in Jan 2020 at all major retailers.

Click to find out how you can win one of these awesome colours to try out!

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