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When it comes to buying the best hair dryers, we’re no longer settling for ones that just work to dry our tresses. Instead, we’re also keeping our eyes peeled for those that keep our tresses protected, frizz-free, and lend extra shine – not to mention, have an elegant design that’s deserving of a spot on our dressing tables.

With so many criteria to assess, finding the perfect hair dryer is almost akin to finding the one. The thing is, local influencers like @hxyisabelle, @charrlloyd, @ellenayoungxy, and @supnxt have put a new candidate on our radar, and it’s the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer.

Praised for its 20 million anions technology, Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer promises to dramatically cut down damage, reduce frizz, boost shine – and even protect a sensitive scalp.

Since we’re not ones to let a good beauty product, much less a highly-praised hair dryer, pass us by, we’ve gone ahead and tried Lovrei’s hair dryer out for ourselves.

Here, we share our review of the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer, including everything from how fast it dries the hair to whether it really works to minimise frizz! Heads-up, we’re bumping this one up our “best hair dryers” list.

First impressions

lovrei hair dryer review

My favourite part about receiving any new product is getting to unbox it for the first time.

Opening the heavy box and quickly unwrapping the plastic sheet, I beheld the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer in its full glory: velvety matte grey coat, smooth purple rim, and stunningly sleek silhouette.

It was as classy a design as a hair dryer with this price tag could boast.


lovrei hair dryer review

The more speed and temperature settings on a hair dryer, the more versatile it is to meet your hair concerns, as well as drying, and styling needs.

Since the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer comes equipped with four temperature modes and two wind speed settings, it quickly met my expectations as a versatile hair dryer.

Temperature modes

lovrei hair dryer review

The hair dryer’s four modes are Cold Wind, Scalp (60 degrees), Regular (80 degrees), and Quick-Drying (100 degrees), with each mode indicated using elegant blue, green, purple, and red LED light.

The Regular mode was useful for bringing my towel-dried hair from wet to damp fast, and the Scalp mode provided comfortable heat for blow-drying my hair whilst protecting my hair and scalp. I could also use the Cold Wind mode to “seal” my style in place.

The Quick-Drying setting, for me, was too high a temperature – one that I don’t use a lot of based on my hair needs. But for those who are in a rush to dry their tresses, this mode would come in handy.

Wind speed settings

When it came to wind speed, the high setting gave a powerful blast of air that made drying my roots much easier when I was fresh out of the shower.

At the same time, the low setting gave me more control when I wanted a gentler blow-dry and when I was styling my tresses.

Button placements

lovrei hair dryer review

Both the temperature and wind speed buttons are aligned at the front of the hair dryer‘s handle.

When I held the hair dryer, I only had to move my thumb slightly to slide the wind speed control up or down, or press the second button to switch between (temperature) modes.

Even though the buttons were in a position near my thumb, I didn’t encounter any accidental switch-presses as I was blow-drying my hair. Plus points; nobody likes their hair dryer fluctuating between hot and cold temperatures because of controls that are in the way.

Drying speed

lovrei hair dryer review

On a typical evening, my hair drying ritual goes like this: gently towel-dry, apply heat protectant cream, and whip out a hair dryer for a thorough blow dry.

When putting Lovrei’s Performance Hair Dryer to the speed test, I did the same: I coated heat protectant cream over my towel-dried strands, and then, turned on my new hair dryer.

lovrei hair dryer review

The air turned from cool to warm as I switched from the Cold Wind mode to Scalp mode – indicated by a pleasant green LED glow. I used this setting, paired with high wind speed, for the first five minutes, successfully getting my hair from wet to about 70% dry.

Then, I snapped on the concentrator nozzle, adjusted the wind speed to low, and continued to style my hair, blowing the strands downwards and straight.

It took just 10 minutes of blow drying time to completely dry my tresses. It was a mean feat, considering I used a strand- and scalp-protecting low-temperature setting.

Anions for frizz-free drying

lovrei hair dryer review

Photo source: Pexels

We’re living in an age where hair dryers don’t just boast various temperature and fan speed settings but also ionic features for a frizz-proof blow-drying regimen.

A simple explanation for how ionic hair dryers work? Ionic hair dryers release negative charges over the hair, in contrast to the positive charges that water molecules carry.

The negative charges (also known as anions) disperse the water molecules quickly, allowing you to blow-dry your hair faster – and at lower temperatures.

lovrei hair dryer review

Photo source: Pexels

Besides the water molecules, our hair also naturally carries positive charges. The positive charges on the hair shaft open up the hair cuticles, resulting in moisture loss and hair that’s drier, frizzier, and more prone to breakage.

That‘s right, the released anions from the hair dryer double up as a cuticle-sealer; they neutralise the positive charges on dry strands, hence closing the cuticle and making your hair look significantly less frizzy after a blowout.

Testing for frizz-free results: low heat setting

lovrei hair dryer review

When I found out that Lovrei’s Performance Hair Dryer brags a 20 million anion count, I had to test it out in the hair’s frizz department.

For this test, I turned the hair dryer to the lowest heat setting (Scalp mode) as well as used a combination of high and low wind speeds to blow dry my tresses.

lovrei hair dryer review (16)

My hair was much less frizzy and had a shine too.

Just 10 minutes of blow-drying reaped these results: less frizz, a salon-worthy sheen, and cascading locks that lay flat and straight against my back – it was totally out of the norm for my naturally wavy and frizzy strands.

To the touch, my hair was also a lot more hydrated than it usually is after a blow-dry. And, when I woke up the next morning, my locks remained just as glossy and frizz-free.

lovrei hair dryer review (17)

My hair, 24 hours after blow drying.

I even checked back in on my hair’s status at night and, still, it felt extra smooth to the touch as well as much less unruly than it typically is by the time evening rolls around. I was impressed.

Testing for frizz-free results: high heat & speed settings

lovrei hair dryer review (3)

But, it was only fair that I reviewed Lovrei’s Performance Hair Dryer at the highest heat and wind speed settings too.

So, the next day, I towel-dried my tresses and applied heat protectant cream in preparation for a more intensive blowout.

This time, I pressed the button (four times) until it showed a soft red glow, which indicated that it was using the hottest temperature setting: Quick-Drying mode. I also turned the wind speed to “high”, and I began drying my tresses starting at their roots.

Four minutes of blow-drying later, I found that the temperature was much too high for my comfort. I turned the hair dryer off and switched to Regular mode, which is the second-highest temperature setting, whilst keeping the fan on high speed.

lovrei hair dryer review (3)

The highest heat setting did make my hair drier.

Using a high fan speed even after my hair was about 70% dry proved to be a bad idea. The ends of my strands kept getting tangled in the process, and once my hair was completely dry, I noticed that they were also much drier to the touch.

Still, I was surprised the next morning to find that, even after surviving the highest heat and wind speed settings, my hair was still less frizzy than it normally would be.

Realistically, however, the Quick-Drying mode isn’t one that I would employ in my daily battle with damp hair. The Scalp mode already lets me enjoy a comfortable blow-dry in a record time of 10 minutes and gives me the ideal frizz-free glow I want for my tresses.

Does the hair dryer heat up?

lovrei hair dryer review (11)

The Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer uses a heat protection layer to direct heat away from the fingers, which is why, at lower heat settings, I didn’t notice the hair dryer heating up. I could give myself a salon-worthy blowout with total ease.

However, at the highest speed setting, the hair dryer started to get quite hot at the barrel. Since the hair dryer’s design made gripping its handle a breeze, it wasn’t much of a problem for me; my hand didn’t slip and come into contact with the hair dryer’s head.

lovrei hair dryer review (12)

Just be careful when you’re removing the concentrator nozzle attachment, as the material remains hot after a blow-dry at the highest heat.


lovrei hair dryer review (5)

When it comes to hair dryer attachments, the more the merrier, right? Well, not always. Especially not for someone like me, who would choose to snuggle up under the sheets for a good night’s rest over a long blow-drying session, any day.

While the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer comes with just one attachment, it’s the one that’s most useful for creating a range of blowout styles. Enter: the concentrator nozzle.

This nozzle helps to concentrate heat and airflow on smaller sections of hair, which makes it the perfect tool for creating various styles or just taming your locks as you blow-dry.

lovrei hair dryer review (9)

Photo source: Pexels

If you enjoy switching up your blowout style, you’ll be able to use this one attachment to create everything from elegant straight locks, beachy Bohemian waves, to glamorous curls.

The major bonus for me is that Lovrei’s hair dryer attachment is magnetic and snaps onto the nozzle with a satisfying click. I didn’t have to fumble around with the accessory or even turn off the hair dryer when I switched from drying to styling my hair.


lovrei hair dryer review (13)

Photo source: Pexels

The Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer is hailed to be a silent hair dryer, and, close enough: it’s quieter than other hair dryers that I’ve used before.

Its smooth airflow also creates a less jarring sound, so, even though it’s not totally silent, it’s not an annoying roar.

My verdict is that I’m more than delighted to own a hair dryer that helps me reduce frizz and dial up the shine – all whilst giving me a comfy and relatively quiet blow-drying experience.

Influencer-approved? We buy it, and we’ll give our stamps of confidence too.

Flaunt shinier, frizz-free hair with the Lovrei Performance Hair Dryer!

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