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Every beauty junkie knows what a makeup sponge is. But have you heard of a makeup sponge holder?

Makeup sponge holders do precisely what you think they are – storage for your makeup sponges. They vary in colours and designs, but their main job is to protect your makeup sponges from getting dirty and contaminated. After all, who wants to use a dirty makeup sponge on their face?

Why makeup sponge holders are essential

Makeup Sponge Holder

Makeup sponges are best used damp to achieve that airbrushed and streak-free makeup finish. But throwing your makeup sponge back into a stuffy bag or makeup drawer is a surefire way to attract and breed bacteria.

Makeup sponge holders ensure that your sponges and beauty blenders last as long as possible and stay mould-free. After finishing a makeup sesh, simply place your makeup sponge on the makeup sponge holder to let it ventilate and dry until you use it the next time!

Here at Daily Vanity, we’ve rounded up the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing makeup sponge holders on the market. They don’t just spice up your vanity, they also ensure that your makeup sponges are properly stored and bacteria-free!

1. styledegree Makeup Sponge Holder

Styledegree Sponge Holder

Picking up a minimalist vibe, this elegant white makeup sponge holder is designed to keep both damp and dry sponges at bay. The detachable strain at the bottom is convenient in draining water and reduce bacterial growth.

You can already put your sponge in the box while being washed by water as it is sturdy and not prone to deformation. Breathable and durable, this will certainly make a cute display in your vanity or bathroom!

Store your beauty blender in this hygienic and uniquely shaped holder for only S$6.50. Add this to your Christmas wishlist at styledegree.

2. YT-Makeup Sponge Holder

Yt Makeup Sponge Holder

This has a spiral design that is pleasing to the eyes while it provides excellent ventilation to let our little sponges dry out. As the material is flexible, it can fit into any makeup pouch easily and is safe for travel.

The design makes sure you’ll avoid getting your sponge getting moldy or damp as it also looks good on your vanity. You can even get them in a few colours!

Get the Rose, Silver, and Gold colors for S$1.29 each at Shopee.

3. Cute Cat Makeup Sponge Holder

Cute Cat Makeup Blender Protective Holder

Look at this adorable beauty blender casing! It consists of a pill-shaped latex casing, with little holes on the bottom and side to resemble a delightful cat expression with small paws. There is a cleaning pad at the bottom, so you can use it to remove the foundation and colours anywhere.

Worry no more about getting grime and muck on your sponge with its capsule design. You can choose from six bright colours: blue, pink, orange, red, dark blue, and black.

Order yours now for S$5.17 exclusively on Lazada.

4. Lemonadeus Beauty Blender Holder

Lemonadeus Beauty Blender Holder

Do you feel like a queen while doing your makeup routine? Then this Lemonadeus Beauty Blender Holder definitely suits you. The Crown Glassware Storage Display stand is an absolute delight to look at and for you to get in touch with your inner royalty.

It is a durable glass holder that can double up as jewelry storage. With some gold tips on the end of the crown, it also serves as a fabulous decor for your nightstand.

Avail the two colors of gold and clear only on Amazon for S$13.71.

5. Y-1Pc Powder Puff Rack Makeup Sponge Stand

Powder Puff Rack Makeup Sponge Stand Blender Holder

This makeup sponge holder set from BIOAQUA screams quality as much as quantity with its diverse shapes and colours, proven to be resistant to corrosion and rust.

This carbon steel holder can dry your beauty sponge without soiling it quickly and easily. It is protected with plating material, guaranteeing you a long term use.

Included designs are diamond, star, heart, crate box, and variations of round holders. Get it in a gold and rose-coloured set.

Check out what design you prefer at Shopee for only S$2.99 each.

6. BolehDeals Quick Dry Stand Holder Rack – Cute Baby Car Design

Bolehdeals Makeup Blender Foundation Bb Cream Puff Sponge + Quick Dry Stand Holder

An adorable makeup sponge holder from BolehDeals is a must-have item to add to your vanity table. This cute container shaped like a baby’s stroller comes in baby blue and powder pink colours. It consists of several holes making the whole process of drying your beauty blender fast and easy.

It comes with a gourd sponge as a set with the same colour that gives a perfect foundation application every single time.

Add this as the next gift for your Lazada cart for S$4.00.

7. Cabilock Beauty Blender Holder Makeup Sponge

Cabilock 6pcs Beauty Blender Holder

The six-piece beauty container from Cabilock is designed to look like a personal space case for your regular blenders. It is made from durable ABS plastic material, dotted with holes at the bottom to provide good ventilation when the sponge is damp.

No need to worry if you think your sponge is too big because it has a large space inside along with an extended plastic cover. Practical and beautiful, get this to keep the bacteria and germs away from your makeup sponge!

Available colours include white, black, pastel yellow, cherry red, salmon pink, and baby blue.

Get the whole set for S$26.89 at Amazon.

8. Double-Deck Shopping Cart Makeup Sponge Holder

Double Deck Shopping Cart Makeup Sponge Holder

Cheque out this cute shopping cart that acts as a makeup sponge display stand and holder. The Double-Deck Shopping Cart makeup sponge holder is great for all cosmetic applications.

It is made from high-quality iron and coated with a gold plating finish. Sturdy and durable, its colour will not fade away or rust easily.

You can add up to two beauty blenders with its mini basket on top. This little utility cart even has wheels that can roll! It’s definitely a cute black & pink addition to your makeup set.

Get it for S$5.43, available on Lazada.

9. BIU Powder Puff Dustproof Portable Breathable Makeup Tool

Biu Powder Puff Dustproof Portable Breathable Makeup Tool

This makeup sponge holder not only fits a makeup sponge. It can be a container for your powder puffs as well!

It offers four matching colours, ranging from white & grey, pink & deep powder, blue & dark blue, dark blue & yellow. I tell you, this is an aesthetic piece to find.

Plus, it is easier to carry around compared to metal holders. The inner hollow design is breathable, dry, and soft enough that it won’t scratch your sponge when mushed up on the pouch bag.

Get this egg storage box for beauty for a sale of S$1.95 at Shopee.

10. Bicycle Frame Makeup Sponge Stand

Stand Drying Holder Makeup Beauty Stencil Egg Powder Puff Bicycle Frame

Give yourself a nostalgic moment from your childhood using a bicycle-themed makeup sponge holder. Its sleek and simple design takes you back to the simpler times where Tamagotchi and scrunchies are popular.

A dazzling method to showcase your favourite blender, this has excellent quality because of its stainless steel gold plating and has good ventilation for your beauty blenders to dry.

With its exquisite and cute geometric shapes nestled in a contoured foam base, they are the ideal gifts for someone who truly loves makeup.

Available in three colours of blue, pink, and white at Shopee for S$3.50 each.