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You may have spent a fortune on expensive skincare products that everyone has been raving about but you still don’t see any improvement to your skin’s condition. Or worse, a product that has been working well for you suddenly feels like it’s no longer performing.

Here’s one reason why your products aren’t working: they’re probably not being absorbed sufficiently.

While weekly exfoliation is one way you can improve skincare absorption, the hack that we’re talking about is one that can improve skincare absorption by a whopping 432% compared to if you had merely applied the products by hand! Read on to find out more.

Enhance the absorption of your skincare products with this hack

medicube ats air shot product

We’re talking about the Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot Device. Made and produced in South Korea, this device has received safety certifications from authorities in Europe, USA, Japan, and South Korea.

For the uninitiated, Medicube is a well-loved Korean beauty brand that’s endorsed by top comedian Yoo Jae-suk.

South Korea’s top dermo-cosmetic brand, Medicube is known for its line of skincare products, as well as beauty devices designed to deliver premium aesthetic therapy at home.

These Medicube beauty devices are so popular, they have surpassed 160,000 units in sales within just five months in 2022 alone. It’s also selling well in Singapore; in fact, it’s the best-selling brand in the device category during the recent 10.10 sale on Shopee!

ATS Air Shot Device review

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The promise of improving skincare products by 432% sounds too good to be true – it practically sounds like you’re putting your products on steroids!

I have to admit that I have my doubts, but I also had a very good experience with the Medicube Age-R Derma EMS Shot, which made me decide to give this a chance.

The product also promises to help diminish the appearance of pores; something I was hoping to improve.

Can it really perform as well as what it says?

The technology behind the ATS Air Shot is similar to that of the MTS (microneedle therapy system).

I hopped on the bandwagon of MTS by getting my hands on a derma-roller a few years ago when it first became trendy, but quickly gave up because it was painful and I felt that it wasn’t hygienic doing it by myself at home, where I didn’t have a proper sanitation system.

This was why the first thing that surprised me about the ATS Air Shot was that you can apply it contact-free, and it was completely pain-free. What’s more, I liked that it was able to achieve absolute safety because the electrical stimulation from the device reaches only to the epidermal layer of the skin.

The device was easy to use, with just one button for switching on, as well as adjusting the intensity.

medicube ats air shot review 2

One of the recommended methods to use the ATS Air Shot was the sweeping method where you “sweep” the device across your skin without applying any direct contact to it.

With this method, I covered my entire face and neck in five minutes and because there’s no direct contact,  it made me feel like I was waving a magic wand over my skin; it was something fun to do, considering how this device was also performing its “magic” on the skin!

medicube ats air shot review 1

It left no redness or discomfort on my skin unlike my past experience with a derma-roller. Instead, my skin felt ready for the rest of my skincare routine.

I applied my products next, and once again there wasn’t any discomfort. I previously had the experience of a slight burning sensation during product application with the derma-roller; I had very likely broken my skin with it. This showed that the ATS Air Shot didn’t cause any damage.

I noticed that my skincare products, especially lighter-weight ones, like lotions and serums, were absorbed more quickly than before. It felt as though my skin was thirstily soaking up all the goodness of the products without wasting any ounce of it.

After using the ATS Air Shot for four times in two weeks, I could tell that it had indeed helped accelerate the effects of my skincare products, considering that I didn’t change any of them in my routine.

medicube age r ats air shot review before after

My skin looked more hydrated, healthier, and my skin tone a little more even than before.

But most significantly, I could see that the pores on my cheeks near the nose were a lot less visible than before. My skin also felt smoother to touch.

I’ve been using a vitamin C serum to help lighten my pigmentation for the last two months, and results have plateaued for a while now. Since using the ATS Air Shot, it looks like the serum is effective once again and further lightened the appearance of the dark spots.

I was extremely satisfied with what I saw because this impressive result was usually something I would have only been able to achieve if I had gone for a medi-facial or a laser treatment. In fact, a friend asked me if I had gone for any aesthetic treatment recently because she noticed the obvious glow in my complexion.

While the initial investment in the ATS Air Shot is higher, I think it’s still a more economical option than a derma-roller in the long run, since there’s no need for you to replace its head regularly. It’s also more convenient than a medi-facial, because you can do it whenever you want, in the comforts of your own home.

How it works

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The ATS Air Shot is similar to the MTS (microneedle therapy system) but is needle-free and non-damaging.

For the uninitiated, MTS uses actual needles to create tiny holes in the skin to improve its ability to absorb skincare products. While it is highly effective, this is slightly invasive and is usually administered by a professional to prevent damage to skin.

The ATS Air Shot, on other hand, is able to deliver the same results at home although it is needle-free. Instead, it uses electric micro-needles, which is safer and more hygienic.

The electric microneedles from the device is able create very fine passageways in the skin without damaging it. These thinner-than-hair holes allow skincare products to penetrate more effectively, while the tiny “wounds” also stimulate a natural healing process, allowing the skin to synthesise new collagen, which in turn offers skin-repair, as well as anti-ageing and pore-minimising effects.

This is a patented technology of Medicube and it’s the first-time a similar technology is introduced in the world, through this device.

How to use

Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot Device review 1

  1. After cleansing, dry your face and neck completely before using the device.
  2. Choose your preferred level of intensity from 1 to 5 by pressing the button.
  3. Apply the device on your desired areas starting from the inside and moving outwards. You can use it by either tapping, sweeping, or brushing the product on the area.
  4. You’re done after just five minutes of application! Now, apply your regular skincare products.

Watch this video to learn how to use the device properly:

You can use this one to two times a week, with three to four days in between each session. This is best used with Medicube’s ampoules and serums, especially the Deep Vita C Ampoule.

Note that there may be a slight burning smell when you use the product, but there’s nothing to worry about; it happens when the device removes the fuzz on your skin.

Besides the ATS Air Shot, Medicube has several other professional devices for home use you can explore, they include:

  • Age-R Derma EMS Shot: This uses mid-frequency energy to strengthen your facial muscles at a deeper layer so that skin becomes more elastic, lifted, and firm.
  • Age-R Ussera Deep Shot Device: This enhances collagen stimulation within your skin so that aged skin looks more youthful and plump.
  • Age-R Booster H (NEW!): This creates temporary passageways on the skin layer to rapidly pass active ingredients to the skin, so that skin radiance is restored.

Medicube Age-R ATS Air Shot retails for S$269 and is available on the Medicube website.

Receive a free Zero Pore One Day Serum and Relaxing Calming Ringer Mask worth S$53.48 when you purchase the ATS Air Shot. You'll also receive more freebies with more purchases.

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