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Anyone who has tackled a bout of acne will know that the remnants of dark spots and scars can be as distressing as battling acne itself. And when long hours of mask-wearing, heat, and humidity meet acne-prone skin, “maskne” can occur and further cause inflammation and irritation to the skin.

Other than current and post-acne blemishes, years of UV exposure and fatigue can also worsen skin discolouration, causing hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone that can leave you looking aged and tired.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The good news is there’s one ingredient that can help to address these pressing skin concerns: vitamin C.

What vitamin C can do for your skin

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence Vitamin C

Let’s delve into some science for a bit. Skin pigmentation is the result of melanocytes (the colour-making cells in your skin) going into overdrive. Your body produces melanin to protect you from the sun, however, an overproduction can show up as brown spots and hyperpigmentation. The melanocytes then dump the dark pigment known as melanin into the deeper layers of skin.

Here’s where vitamin C comes into the picture.

For the uninitiated, vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that brightens your complexion by blocking the creation of excess melanin. On top of that, it delays visible signs of ageing by stimulating collagen and protects your skin by neutralising free radicals from environmental aggressors. The result? Radiant, glowing skin that’s smooth and flawless.

The new Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence 1

Those who have experimented with vitamin C skincare products would undoubtedly have heard of the Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence, one of the most sought-after brightening products in Japan. Beauty enthusiasts have taken to social media to rave about the essence, praising its effectiveness and affordable price.

Well, if you’re a fan of the Intensive Anti-Spot Essence, we’ve got some great news to share. Melano CC just launched their new Concentrated Brightening Essence, a more concentrated version of their iconic bestseller.

If the Intensive Anti-Spot Essence is your holy grail product, don’t worry – the Concentrated Brightening Essence won’t take its place. In fact, you’ll probably fall in love with the Concentrated Brightening Essence too.

Ready to get acquainted with your skin’s new brightening BFF? Keep reading to find out why we’re thrilled about this formula.

What’s great about the Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence

1. It contains double vitamins

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence 4

What makes Melano CC’s Concentrated Brightening Essence stand out from the crowd is that it contains two vitamins: vitamin C and vitamin B6. Vitamin C does a lot of the heavy lifting – it brightens the skin, fends off free radicals, and speeds up your skin’s collagen production for smoother, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Vitamin B6, on the other hand, is a water-soluble vitamin that can reduce sebum production and control oilier areas of your face, such as the T-zone. Since it’s able to lower the production of excess oil, it also reduces clogged pores, congestion, and blemishes. This is why the new Concentrated Brightening Essence is perfect for those with oily, combination, and acne-prone skin.

2. It has 3 types of vitamin C derivatives

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence 2

Most vitamin C products on the market only contain a single vitamin C derivative, but Melano CC’s Concentrated Brightening Essence has three different types, namely 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, and ascorbyl glucoside.

Each drop of essence is packed with stabilised forms of vitamin C, which are freshly delivered to your skin to brighten and lighten dark spots. It’s also packed with moisturising ingredients to hydrate your skin while the vitamin C derivatives get to work.

3. It contains antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence Texture

Besides being able to brighten the skin and control sebum production, the Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence is also formulated with antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. These combat anti-causing bacteria, so you’ll see clearer skin in no time.

One of the star ingredients is allantoin, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that hydrates the skin, making it a gentle ingredient for sensitive skin. It also acts as a skin protectant, and you can often find it in anti-acne, sun care, and lip products for this reason, as it shields the skin and improves minor wounds.

4. Its unique packaging keeps things fresh

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence 5

Now, vitamin C does come with a caveat. It is notoriously unstable, especially when it’s exposed to air and light, which causes it to turn orange. You may associate vitamin C with a bright orange colour, but that doesn’t apply to vitamin C serums and essences. Active vitamin C solutions should be almost colourless or bear a champagne tint.

This is why the Concentrated Brightening Essence’s unique packaging and airtight nozzle is something we have to shout out. Its design keeps the essence fresh and effective for much longer. Plus, it’s easier for us to dispense the product for minimal wastage. To extend its shelf life, you should also store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

5. It smells pleasant

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence 3

If you’ve ever tried a few popular vitamin C serums on the market, you’ll know that they can often smell metallic, or for lack of a better term, hot dog-ish.

With Melano CC’s Concentrated Brightening Essence, however, you won’t get any of that meat-like scent. In fact, it has a pleasant, floral fragrance that elevates the whole experience. After all, not everyone wants to slather on a skincare product that smells like ham.

Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence: Does it actually contain fresh vitamin C?

To see if the Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence contains an ideal amount of pure vitamin C, we decided to use iodine solution, which turns clear when it reacts with pure vitamin C.

If the Concentrated Brightening Essence has pure, stable vitamin C in its formula, a drop or two of it on a cotton pad with iodine on it should turn the iodine from brown to clear fast.

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence Iodine Test

Drops of iodine on a cotton pad

To kick off the experiment, we placed a few drops of iodine on a cotton pad.

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence Iodine Test Drop

Then, we proceeded to add a drop of the Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence onto the cotton pad. The effect was instantaneous – a single drop immediately turned the brown iodine clear.

Melano Cc Concentrated Brightening Essence Iodine Test Result

After adding a few more drops to cover the whole patch of iodine, the entire cotton pad turned clear. It was as though the iodine never touched the cotton pad! Without a doubt, the Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence contains an ideal concentration of vitamin C, which is wonderful news for those who are either starting a brightening regimen or looking to add to their skincare routine.

Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence retails for S$24.90 at Guardian stores, Watsons stores, as well as Guardian online, Watsons online, and Shopee . The product will be available in stores from 29 April 2021.

Pssst! From 15 to 23 April 2021, Melano CC Concentrated Brightening Essence will be available on Guardian Online with an exclusive promotion.

This article is brought to you by Melano CC.