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Everyone loves a good massage to relax our body and relieve our tensions and aches . We have probably tried Swedish, Thai, and Javanese massage countless of times. These massages are great muscle relaxants, however, if you really want to feel relieved and energised, this TCM-influenced massage may just be the answer.

How Does It Work?

The Meridians Tissue Manipulation (MTM) massage is a form of remedy massage that is centred around the use of the buffalo horn. The horn will allow the therapist to penetrate deeper to unlock the knots in our muscle to provide an effective relief to our chronic pain and stiff muscles.


Just like what we have seen in Chinese period dramas, in order to have more energy and be healthier, we will need to clear our meridian network that will allow our “qi” (or “energy”) to flow smoothly throughout our body.

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Stiff neck and shoulders are common fixtures in a modern working adult due to poor sitting and computer-usage posture. It’s almost impossible to avoid.

While the MTM therapy can fix an array of bodily needs like reducing dark circles, eye bags, saggy skin, wrinkles, headaches, migraines, cellulite, varicose veins, etc, I chose to fix my stiff neck and shoulders.


Every single time I go for a massage, the therapist will always tell me that my back is very stiff. There was no difference this time round. The therapist applied the Medtrina Ageless herbal cream on my neck and used the buffalo horn to massage me.

If I tell you there was no pain, I would be lying through my gritted teeth. The therapist told me there are three unlocking stages: first you will feel pain, followed by tickles, and finally relieved.

The MTM massage was so effective that my body pores opened and expelled the toxins.


After the massage, I felt an instant relief that I don’t usually feel from other massages. My back was very red after the massage because there was a lot of “wind” in my body. The therapist warned me that I will feel the aches for the next few days. She was right. The aches lasted for four days but I still feel relieved.

Machine To Measure Your Body’s Constitutions


By combining TCM with science, I was able to measure my body’s constitutions via the specially-imported machine.

I can find out how healthy my lungs, heart, intestines, etc are. From the report, I can take actions to change my lifestyle and eating habits accordingly to improve my overall wellness. Based on the readings and after understanding my lifestyle more, the consultant advised me to sleep earlier and avoid showering at night with cold water – both I’m guilty of. I was also told that if I take the body test before and after the MTM massage, I could see an improvement too. It’s a pity I only managed to take it after the massage.


Where Can I Experience Meridians Tissue Manipulation Therapy Massage?

The MTM therapy is a product of Hap Global, a company that is devoted to natural healing of the body. There are many spas in around Singapore that are trained and certified to administer Hap Global’s MTM therapy massage.


I went to Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa that is opened by Mrs Singapore Universe Beauty 2013, Icemichelle Chen, at 513 Bishan Street 13 #01-510.

The one hour MTM back massage costs SGD238, however, if you quote “DV MTM 10%” you will enjoy a special discount 10% off the trial price of SGD98. This means that you only need to pay SGD88.20. This discount is valid only for first-time Supreme QX customers.

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