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Stress, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle habits, and humid weather can all do a number on your hair and before long, you’ll start noticing more hair in the shower drain, on your pillow, and around the house.

While all of us experience hair shedding (human hair normally sheds about 50 to 100 strands daily), what happens when you start shedding more strands than normal? Keep reading to find out my own personal experience with excessive hair shedding, and the product I started using to deal with this newfound issue.

Hair shedding: when does it become an issue?

hair shedding scalp issue source darya ogurtsova unsplash

Photo source: Darya Ogurtsova/Unsplash

Reality check: we simply just shed hair – it’s a natural process to ensure new healthy hair growth. In my case, hair shedding has been a part of my life for as long as I could remember and so, it wasn’t unusual for me to have a few loose strands whenever I brush, wash, or run my fingers through my hair.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed more hair fall especially when I wash my hair – this was also around the same time when I felt that my hair was looking and feeling less voluminous than before, no thanks to poor food habits, insufficient sleep, and high stress levels. This problem of mine took a backseat though, mainly due to my hectic schedule – and also the lack of a sense of urgency to resolve this issue because anti-hair loss products are typically costly, and that made me think twice about investing in one, not knowing if the product actually works or not. I’m sure my dilemma is something that most urbanites would deal with as well.

Not long after, I was offered the opportunity to try the Japan-made Michiru Hair Growth Tonic after I briefly mentioned my plight to my editor. Keep reading to find out if it managed to save my stressed-out hair after a two-week trial.

Daily Vanity reviews: Michiru Hair Growth Tonic

michiru hair growth tonic photo by daily vanity

Photo by Daily Vanity

Before we dive deeper into my thoughts about Michiru’s Hair Growth Tonic, let’s learn a little more about the product. Unlike conventional hair tonics in spray or liquid forms, this made-in-Japan hair tonic features a lightweight foam consistency that offers better and faster absorption when you use it on either damp or fully dry hair, according to the brand.

In addition to better absorption of active ingredients into the scalp, the formula is also free of parabens, silicones, and colourants, so even those with fragile and damaged hair can use it with peace of mind. As the name suggests, the formula itself is developed not just for treating hair loss but also to promote hair growth and reduce hair breakage.

It’s powered by a synergistic blend of dipotassium glycyrrhizate, niacinamide, menthol, and vitamin E acetate, which provides anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits that are said to be beneficial to new mothers as well in dealing with postpartum hair loss. What’s more, the formula is also made with high-quality Japanese botanical essences like silk powder and brown rice.

That’s not all there is to Michiru’s Hair Growth Tonic: the product’s foam-dispensing head also works as a scalp massager that you can easily use to give yourself a relaxing scalp massage as you apply the tonic. There’s also the option of dispensing the foam out on your palm first before applying it to the targeted area of your scalp.

michiru hair growth tonic texture photo by daily vanity

Photo by Daily Vanity

That said, I’d recommend you brace yourself for the small shots of icy cold feeling that the tonic leaves on your scalp. Once I’ve gotten acquainted with the icy cold sensation, the Hair Growth Tonic was just such a joy to use not just because of the reinvigorating and soothing after-feel that I felt on my scalp, but also because of how relaxing it made me feel using the product on after a long day at work.

To ease yourself into it, try using the product in just one small area at a time for no more than three seconds and do not apply it onto areas of the scalp that have an open wound or are irritated and inflamed.

The hair tonic’s minty apple scent is a nice bonus too, and it left my hair smelling clean and fresh after I massaged the formula into my scalp. Personally, I like to alternate between the applicator head and my fingers to massage in the hair tonic as the combination makes me feel like I’m getting a scalp massage done by a pro at a salon.

michiru before after hair shedding

Treating any problems related to hair loss is a long journey and every scalp condition reacts differently to a single product, so I wasn’t expecting to see drastic changes after using the Michiru Hair Growth Tonic for just two weeks.

That said, I’m happy to report that I’ve started seeing noticeably lesser hair fall in the shower. My scalp also has fewer episodes of itching now despite the erratic weather and perspiration. Check out the image above to see just how much lesser my hair drops during washing now.

Even though I’ve only tried Michiru Hair Growth Tonic for two weeks, I’ve already seen a visible, promising improvement in terms of my hair shedding. While it may be still too early to tell, I’m excited to see the significant improvements the hair tonic can deliver with long-term usage as I definitely plan on using the hair tonic in my haircare routine.

With time, diligence, and consistency, I believe my hair and scalp will be revitalised soon enough and feel as healthy as they did before.

Meet the other anti-hair loss heroes in the Michiru collection

Apart from the Hair Growth Tonic, Michiru also has a line-up of haircare products to complement the hair tonic in your routine.

Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner

michiru anti-hair loss shampoo conditioner

Powered by a blend of fibre-repairing actives, Michiru’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner reconstructs and takes care of fragile, broken hair fibres so that hair becomes stronger, fuller, and healthier with lesser breakage by up to 98%.*

Apart from the normal to dry scalp variant, Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner also comes in another variant that targets oily scalp.

Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment Serum

michiru anti hair loss intensive treatment serum open

Formulated with Dynagen™ and Zinc, this intensive treatment serum is powered by advanced hair science to help protect and boost hair follicles throughout the hair growth cycle by strengthening the hair roots and prolonging the active hair growth (anagen) phase.

Like the Hair Growth Tonic, the Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment Serum is free of parabens, silicones, and colourants.

About Michiru

Michiru is a modern haircare brand that’s backed with 50 years of research and offers a comprehensive range of clinically proven anti-hair loss solutions that are powered by reliable Japanese technology and carefully selected botanical essences.

Rooted in the Japanese scalp care ritual, Michiru treats hair and scalp holistically to restore the health and lustre of your crowning glory once again, thanks to its proven ability to reduce hair loss in one month.#

Despite being a new brand in the market, Michiru has been gaining buzz among consumers, earning itself an impressive rating of 4.2 stars out of five from over 300 reviewers. Read about the positive experiences here and check out the real-life transformation experienced by some of Michiru’s users below (open in a new tab to view a larger image).

michiru before after customer

michiru before after customer comparison

*Based on a lab test. #Based on a clinical test conducted on 74 females who used Michiru’s range of products for 30 days. Individual results may vary.

Where to find Michiru Hair Growth Tonic + prices

michiru collection photo by daily vanity

Photo by Daily Vanity

See below for the price list of the complete Michiru collection:

  • Michiru Hair Growth Tonic: S$48.90
  • Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Normal to Dry Scalp/Oily Scalp): S$29.90
  • Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner (Normal to Dry Scalp/Oily Scalp): S$29.90
  • Michiru Anti-Hair Loss Intensive Treatment Serum: S$89.90 (5 x 9ml)

michiru bundle packs

Keen to try Michiru yourself? Look out for Michiru’s limited-edition bundle packs, which are available in two variants: Normal to Dry Scalp and Oily Scalp.

Priced at S$69 (with a value of over S$108), the bundle pack is an affordable starter kit you can pick up to try Michiru for the first time. Each bundle includes a shampoo, conditioner, and tonic, and it also comes with a S$5 return voucher for your second purchase.

Michiru products are sold exclusively at all Guardian stores islandwide and online.

This article is brought to you by Michiru.