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Mint and egg sounds more like an all-day-breakfast dish I can order from a chic cafe than a blowout service from a salon.

This is why when I heard that PREP Luxe has launched the Mint & Egg Blowout, I did what most beauty editors would do – try it for myself.

PREP Luxe apparently uses real eggs in the concoction that is applied on their clients’ hair. And we’re not talking about just any eggs, but high-quality Freedom Range Company Eggs that are laid by healthy barn hens. We were told that these hens live in spacious barns and are free to roam.

Prep Luxe Mint And Egg Blowout 1
Prep Luxe Mint And Egg Blowout 3
Prep Luxe Mint And Egg Blowout 4

The concoction is made of these high-quality eggs with an in-house customised mixture, as well as a blend of nourishing oils. The Mint & Egg Blowout is most ideal as a pre-colouring or pre-perm step.

Prep Luxe Mint And Egg Blowout 2

If you think that you could do an egg mask at home too, keep reading. Jacqueline Chang, founder of PREP Luxe said that the salon took months to perfect the concoction.

The challenge? Finding the right ratio of eggs to water and the custom-made hair oil so that clients get the best results and no smell of egg at any point of the one-hour blowout.

Prep Luxe Mint And Egg Blowout 5

Spoiler alert: She was absolutely right. I was surprised that I didn’t smell egg at all throughout my blowout session. In fact, I swear I forgot I was there for what I thought would be a “weird spa session”, until my stylist mentioned that he can’t use water that’s too hot when he washed my hair to avoid “cooking” the egg

The entire treatment was absolutely pampering. A hair wash coupled with a great head massage is always a treat, especially at the end of a long work day. I was told that the wash is mint-fragranced, but I didn’t actually smell anything distinctive. If there were any scent, it must have been very subtle.

At the end of the blowout, my hair felt a lot smoother, “lighter”, and easier to manage. My scalp felt cleaner and more invigorated. I didn’t go for any colour or perm service after the treatment, but I can see how it will help prep the hair for any chemical treatments after.

PREP Luxe is located at 15 Stamford Rd, #01-62 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906.