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You already know that a good night’s rest is key to a productive day, the health of your vital organs, and even a glowing complexion. You’ve made a new year’s resolution to sleep before 11pm but in the last three months, all you did was to start tossing and turning in bed at 11pm before deciding to scroll through your social media feeds until you’re drowsy at 1am.

Sound familiar? Here are other common pitfalls of getting a good night’s sleep that you may have succumbed to.

3 reasons why you aren’t getting a restful sleep

You work in your bedroom

working in bed affects sleep

Spending 30 minutes in bed on your phone before bedtime to reply a few emails may seem innocuous but it makes it tougher for your body to relax and get ready for sleep.

In order for our body to wind down for sleep, it’s best to associate your bedroom only for that purpose and not productive activities such as work.

In fact, having a relaxing bedtime routine helps. If you plan to sleep at 11pm, consider starting the routine at 10pm.

You could start with a bath, followed by light stretches and breathing exercises, along with soothing music in the background. After you’ve established a habitual routine, your body will be better primed for sleep every time you begin it.

You have a very heavy dinner before bedtime

heavy meals affect sleep

Those greasy Korean fried chicken wings or mala noodles may be comfort food to help you de-stress at the end of your busy day, but they can also be overly taxing on your digestive system, making it difficult for it to rest.

Avoid heavy or oily food, especially if your dinner is close to your bedtime. Go with lighter options such as unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins, and a good amount of fruits and vegetables to give your digestive system a little break.

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea after dinner can also help relax your body and prep it for sleep.

You keep your electronic devices on

having electronic devices in bed affects sleep

Do you have a TV in the room or keep your mobile devices near you when you sleep?

Besides emitting light that distract you from your sleep, blue light that comes from the screens of electronic devices is known to suppress melatonin – a hormone that makes us feel drowsy – which means it prevents you from falling asleep easily or staying asleep for a long time.

Keep electronic devices outside of your bedroom or as far from your bed as possible so that your sleep rhythm won’t be disrupted.

1 way you can have a deeper sleep

So you’ve already established a bedtime routine and kept your electronic devices and daytime activities out of your bedroom. Now it’s time to give your sleep a further nudge in the right direction.

Nutraceutical brand Miriqa® has recently launched a new product: Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement. The brand is probably best known for their award-winning hair and skin supplements, and this is the latest innovation by them.

Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement features a proprietary blend of nutraceuticals.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement review 5

They include:

  • GABA: This lets your body and mind relax, helping you to sleep more soundly through the night, uninterrupted
  • Chamomile: You’re probably familiar with chamomile tea and its effects on restfulness. This ingredients delivers a calming effect, thanks to an antioxidant called apigenin, which promotes drowsiness
  • Ling Zhi: This herb encourages the mind to relax, so that you can have better sleep quality
  • Jujube Seeds: This antioxidant improves sleep quality
  • Turmeric: This rhizome has calming properties, which can help with better sleep management

To understand the science behind these ingredients, you can check out Miriqa®’s website for more details.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement review

Besides running the operations of Daily Vanity, I also have two children under five to take care of. What this means is that I could only get my downtime after both of them are in bed and soundly asleep and then I’m up again at 6am to prepare them for preschool and myself for work.

Probably because age is catching up with me, so the lack of rest is taking a toll on my body.

While I used to be able to “survive” on just four or five hours of sleep, now, I struggle with six. If I don’t fall asleep by midnight, I can be sure that I’ll go through the next day feeling fatigued, moody, and lethargic – which are definitely traits I don’t want to have while coping with a demanding job and active children that require a lot of energy.

unable to sleep

I made a resolution to fall asleep by 11pm for a start but it had been really challenging.

My mind remained active even as I kept my eyes shut, thinking about the different errands I needed to run and whether I’d prepared all that I needed for the next day.

Tossing around in bed with no sense of drowsiness was a grueling experience. And I also could not help but feel demoralised when I looked at the time to notice that it was past midnight again and I still wasn’t able to fall asleep.

I’ve tried a few old tricks in the book: drink a glass of warm milk before bed, do light stretches, play soothing music, install blackout curtains to keep the room dark; I even resorted to using a calming room fragrance, hoping it’ll miraculously lull me to slumber!

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement review 2

Miriqa® is a brand I trust especially because it has won several awards from Daily Vanity in 2022 so I was really excited to know that they have launched new supplements that could help with my sleeping problem.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement review 3

To make sure that it’s really the supplement working, I first consumed it for three days and then stopped for three. The results were really impressive; I can’t really explain it but the supplement really helped my mind to relax more quickly. On days that I had the supplement, I managed to fall asleep quickly.

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement review 4

I even managed to fall asleep more deeply. I am usually a light-sleeper who wakes at every little movement or sound. Usually, if my husband goes into the room after I’ve fallen asleep, I would certainly be awoken, no matter how silent he tries to be. But that didn’t happen when I took the Miriqa® supplements – I didn’t even stir when he came in!

miriqa bright days review

After I managed to achieve restful sleep with the Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement, I also took things further by trying out the new Miriqa® Bright Days Nutrition Supplement, an energy-boosting supplement that complements the former.

bright days review 2

This is formulated with botanical-based ingredients such as Maca, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Ginkgo Biloba and Panax Ginseng – all of them work together to help enhance energy levels, reduce fatigue, stimulate physical and mental strength, and even boost memory and cognitive alertness and focus.

Similarly, you can check out the Miriqa® website to learn about the science behind the supplement.

After I started consuming both supplements together, I wake up feeling more refreshed and rested, and am less inclined to “food coma” at 2pm. I also feel more productive and sharper at work and was even able to play “catching” with my elder boy after work!

Miriqa® Deep Sleep Nutrition Supplement and Miriqa® Bright Days Nutrition Supplement are available in a bundle at S$156 on the Miriqa® website. They are also available separately.

This article is brought to you by Miriqa®. All product photos by Daily Vanity.