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If there’s one thing every skincare enthusiast and expert can agree on, it’s the importance of slathering on some SPF before we head outside. Since our skin is likely exposed to blue light and pollution particles daily too, it’s equally important to protect our complexion when we’re cooped up indoors.

However, there are days when we forget to do so, especially when it comes to the skin on the rest of our bodies. Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays with the innovation of oral sunblock.

Available in the form of capsules, oral sunblock isn’t meant to be a complete substitute for topical sunscreen. Rather, it helps to bolster the effectiveness of our sunscreen’s protection and provides several other benefits, such as brighter, smoother skin.

While it’s been on the market for many years now, I can’t help but wonder… are they truly effective at protecting our skin from UV rays?

Why I decided to try an oral sunblock

As someone with a double whammy of sensitive and acne-prone skin, what I’ve learned is that my complexion thrives on simplicity. Gone were the days of tedious 10-step skincare routines – three steps were all my skin needed.

That being said, there is one drawback to having a pared-down skincare regimen. Hormonal breakouts are quick to heal, but the scars and spots they leave behind take ages to fade since I try to keep harsh actives out of my routine.

Now that we’ve returned to the office, I’ve been getting more sun exposure from my daily commute, lunchtime walks under the blistering heat, and media events held in the afternoon.

My skin would flush fast, even on days when I reapply SPF before heading out. Sporting a pixie cut also means a higher risk of sun damage on my scalp and the back of my neck. This was when I started considering other ways to amp up my sun protection.

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement review packaging

When I first heard about Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement, my interest was piqued. The sun-protective supplement was designed to provide a safe, convenient, and effective solution for the skin.

It’s 100% drug-free and formulated with natural ingredients to brighten the skin, reduce flare-ups, and shield the skin from UV damage – just what I was looking for.

After reading more positive reviews about the supplement, I decided to take a chance on it.

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement review: What I learned after 90 days

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement review blister pack

Incorporating the capsules into my routine was convenient

The brand kindly sent over three sleek boxes for my 90-day trial, which housed capsules in three blister packs each. I appreciated how hygienic and convenient it was as I didn’t have to carry around a bottle of supplements with me or spend ages fishing a capsule out.

According to the directions, I can take one capsule daily at any time, whether it’s day or night, before or after food, which made things easy breezy. I simply had to pop one in the morning, an hour before I headed out for work or to run errands.

It tastes pleasant and goes easy on the stomach

As someone who’s averse to bitter pills, I was worried about the taste of Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement and how it would affect the rest of my three-month experience. But after trying a capsule for the first time, I felt relieved. It tasted like ripe tomatoes, something the supplement actually contains.

Since I have a fairly poor digestive system, I was cautious of the gastrointestinal effects the supplement might produce. After 90 days, I can safely say that it goes easy on my stomach, and I didn’t experience any discomfort at any point.

It enhances my sun protection

In addition to my regular sunscreen application, Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement truly served as an added layer of defence against harsh UV rays.

My complexion doesn’t turn beet red like it used to and it didn’t feel sensitive to the touch as well. My skin actually feels stronger, firmer, and more resilient now.

It calms redness and evens out my skin tone

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement editor review before after

About a month into my trial, I started noticing a slight glow to my skin, but that was rudely interrupted by a pretty nasty hormonal breakout around my jawline a few days later.

From the “after” picture, you can still spot a few acne scars near my chin, but it’s a marked improvement from how slowly these imperfections would’ve healed in the past. They look much lighter now and could be covered up easily with a tinted moisturiser or sheer coverage foundation.

While I didn’t notice much of a change in my skin texture, Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement was definitely responsible for brightening and evening out my overall skin tone. Now, my skin looks calmer and more radiant, especially around my forehead.

As a sceptic, I wasn’t sure what difference Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement would make, but I was really surprised by the results I saw even before my 90 days were up.

What makes Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement different

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement review capsules

If you’re worried about the quality of Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement, rest assured, as each capsule contains only clinically-proven, pharmaceutical-grade, premium natural ingredients that lend your SPF a hand with UV protection and help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

In fact, there’s also clinical evidence that shows just how effective it is at improving the skin’s resistance to UV damage and hyperpigmentation, which explains why I saw a more even skin tone and a brighter complexion in a couple of months.

Those with damaged and blemished skin caused by an onslaught of environmental aggressors should also give Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement a try as it calms, soothes, and repairs irritated skin.

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement review capsule

So how exactly does it do all of that? Well, Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement is chock-full of antioxidants and colourless carotenoids, and it’s all thanks to its powerhouse trio of ingredients:

  • Non-GMO tomatoes: These tomatoes contain colourless carotenoids that help to provide excellent sun protection. Plus, it brightens and renews the skin for a younger-looking complexion.
  • Olive extract: A superior antioxidant found in olive extract, hydroxytyrosol captures and combats skin-damaging free radicals, which protects our skin cells from oxidative stress. Fun fact: it’s 10 times more powerful than vitamin C!
  • L-Cysteine: Like olive extract, L-Cysteine scavenges free radicals and floods the skin with antioxidants to slow down the ageing process, giving you a clearer, more radiant complexion.

These star ingredients are whisked into a unique formulation that’s supported by years of research and development, which is how you know you’re getting the absolute best.

You’ll have to try it out yourself to see the difference!

Miriqa Professional Skin Nutrition Supplement retails for S$138 (30 capsules, 1-month supply) on Miriqa’s website.

This article is brought to you by Miriqa.