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Our favourite Korean brands have been spoiling us with cute collaborations we can’t resist. Some of the recently launched ones include: the Holika Holika x Gudetama collection, Peripera x Powerpuff Girls collection, Tony Moly x Pokemon collection, and It’s Skin x Sesame Street collection.

Late last year, an under-the-radar launch happened between Missha and Minions, our favourite characters from the Despicable Me franchise. Now those of us who have spotted it has calmed down, it’s time to look at it level-headedly and decide if it’s worth collecting.

To help you make a decision, we refer to the reviews of a few YouTubers who have paid for the Missha x Minions products and gave genuine reviews about them.

What’s in the Missha x Minions collection?

The Missha x Minions collection consists of four products: BB cushion (in two variants, Magic Cushion Moisture and Magic Cushion Cover), the Eye Colour Studio Mini palettes (two quads to choose from), Cushion Lip Crayons (in five colours), and the Flower Bouquet Cleansing Foam (in three scents: iris, cherry blossom, and maylily).

Missha x Minions makeup

Are the products in Missha x Minions collection good?

1. Magic Cushion Moisture and Magic Cushion Cover

Magic Cushion Moisture is designed for those who don’t need a lot of coverage and prefer a more hydrating formula, and Magic Cushion Cover is great for those who prefer something of a higher coverage.

According to Taiwanese vlogger Catie who tried the Magic Cushion Moisture, this BB cushion helps with correcting uneven skin tone but has very little coverage. While it may help to slightly conceal redness and dullness, don’t expect it to do anything for visible pores. It also is slightly sticky, and will not be liked by people with oily complexion. However, she really likes the natural-looking glow that this cushion provides. The finish looks natural and dewy.

Indonesian vlogger Molita tried the Magic Cushion Cover and commented that it really helps to conceal blemishes. She said that it is advisable not to use too much of the product because it can look thick and becomes cakey very quickly.

2. Eye Colour Studio Mini palettes

These palettes are probably the cutest items in the collection. There are two palettes in the Missha x Minions line; both carry four different shades. One consists of mainly brown tones, and the other has more peachy tones.

From the swatches that the vloggers we saw have done, the eyeshadows seem very powdery and some of them even look patchy on the eyelids. Vlogger Molita commented that it accentuates wrinkles on the eyelids.

The shades aren’t very saturated and looked washed out against the pale skin of Japanese vlogger 会社員J. Vlogger Catie also doesn’t like the quality of the eyeshadow, suggesting that you only buy it if you’re a Minions fan.

3. Cushion Lip Crayons

This comes with a crayon on one end and a cushion on the other end. What it means is that you can use the crayon on your entire lips to create a bold lip look, or apply with the crayon only at the inner side of your lips and then use the cushion end to blend out the colour to create a gradient lip look.

Vloggers have differing opinions on this product. Some really love how the cushion tip helps to beautifully blend out the lip colour to create a perfect gradient look, while others complained that the product accentuate lines on the lips.

Should you get the Missha x Minions collection?

While the eyeshadow palettes may look the more adorable in the entire collection, they also seem like the one that most vloggers who have tried the products disliked.

So if you’re a Minions fan, go for the cushion – the Magic Cushion Moisture seems to have a nicer-looking finish, unless you have oily skin or need high coverage. As for the lip crayon, we recommend going for one of them if you are a Minions fan, and use it for creating gradient lips, which seem to work better than applying it onto the entire lips.

The collection wasn’t available in Singapore and can currently be found on Lazada SingaporeeBay and Amazon.

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