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There are a lot of things to feel envious about when it comes to our favourite Korean celebrities: from their flawless skin, to their impeccable style, to their shiny, glorious locks.

The last one, in particular, sticks out to many of us especially considering Singapore’s climate. Is it even remotely possible to get K-celeb worthy locks when our curls fall limp in the heat, or gets frizzy and straw-like the second we step out into the humidity?



Newsflash: apparently, it is! After some thorough research on the latest hair treatments, we think we may have found the one that is the answer to all of our problems. And one that can give you K-celeb worthy hair, to boot!

What is this secret hair treatment?

Mucota K Celeb Hair Treatment Apgujeong Hair Studio Exterior Front

Known as the Mucota Scena+, this new exquisite treatment was created and developed by Mucota— a premium Japanese haircare brand— that restores hair internally using naturally existing ingredients in hair itself. In fact, Mucota Scena+ is specially formulated for Asian hair types and can be received at Apgujeong Hair Studio! It even claims to give you smooth, glossy locks akin of a K-pop starlet’s.

Uh, consider us intrigued!

How does Mucota Scena+ work?

Mucota K Celeb Hair Treatment Hair Treatment Application

Mucota Scena+ actually comes with a chockful of benefits for your tresses. Mind you, we’re talking close to everything you could possibly need from a hair treatment: from intensively repairing damaged locks, to moisturising and conditioning them, and even protecting and sealing off your hair from further damage.

And, get this: the treatment does it all with ingredients that are already naturally existing in our hair. Say what?!

Here’s a breakdown of what the treatment does, and how it works, step-by-step:

1. Preparing and restoring your hair to prime condition

General Hair 4 1

The first step? Getting your hair and scalp back to peak condition. With countless styling routines now involving some sort of bleach, dye, and or heat styling tools, it’s no wonder so many of us have dry, straw-like tresses!

To restore your former crowning glory, a formula containing concentrated Hyaluronic acid (yes, the hyaluronic acid that is most commonly found in skincare products and known for its intense moisturising properties) as well as three kinds of collagen is applied to both your scalp and hair.

This winning combination provides superior hydration to both your hair and scalp, restoring it to impossibly close to baby-soft condition of your dreams. Nice!

2. Moisturising and conditioning your tresses

General Hair 8 1

Now, on to moisturising and conditioning your locks! This is an essential step, because it is where the advance nano-sized CMC elements come to play.

CMC (or Cell Membrane Complex) is actually what binds the proteins, lipids, amino acids, and polysaccharides of your hair together, giving you the shiny, healthy locks that all good hair days are made of. However, years of heat treatments, chemical procedures, and age diminishes your CMC count, leading to dry, brittle locks. Yikes!

Mucota Scena+ is able to give back and replenish the current low CMC count in your hair. Advanced nano-size CMC elements found in the formula will penetrate deeply into your locks, repairing and moisturising it effectively and efficiently.

3. Intensively repairing and trapping moisture within your hair

Diy Hair Dye 1

With all that moisture infused into your locks, the next logical step is to ensure that it stays there, right? Well, that’s precisely what the Mucota Scena+ Treatment does, with a reactive ceramide substance forming a literal web-like structure over your locks to prevent anymore moisture and CMC from flowing out of your hair.

If that isn’t a great preventive measure, we don’t know what is.

4. Protecting and sealing your locks

Drying Hair 2 1

The final step to this treatment? Sealing all those amazing effects in, of course. A seven-layered lamellar liquid crystal structure does just the job, trapping all that moisture and benefits and sending it straight into your hair follicles.

Alright, you convinced me. Where can I go try out the Mucota Scena+ Treatment?

Mucota K Celeb Hair Treatment Products

Simply head to any Apgujeong Hair Studio and request to try it out for yourself!

Here is a full list of their outlets.

Contact: Mucota Facebook | Apgujeong Facebook

DV Tip: Psst! Flash this article when you’re heading down to try out the Mucota Scena+ Treatment, and redeem a free travel-size Mucota product, while stocks last!

The Mucota Scena Treatment retails costs from SGD185 and above depending on hair length.