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“Scalp health” is the beauty buzzword of the moment for a good reason. After all, the length, lustre, and health of your hair largely depend on the skin that covers your head.

Think of your scalp as the flower bed from which your hair grows. When it’s well taken care of, your strands will flourish and thrive.

But with stress and pollution levels consistently on the rise, it’s hardly surprising we’ve got scalp issues such as sensitivity, dryness, flakiness, and oiliness to tackle. Given the global emphasis on wellness over the last few years, it makes sense that the next wave of haircare will be all about natural herbs.

Although we’ve heard much about herbal haircare, we’re still not quite sure if they’re actually effective. This is why I invited two other members from the Daily Vanity team to join me in trying out Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo series for a month to see how they compare to our usual shampoo formulas.

Before we get to the reviews, let’s first learn a bit about the causes of an unhealthy scalp to understand the importance of scalp care.

What causes an unhealthy scalp

Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo scalp care

Credit: xFrame.io

If you’re noticing excess hair breakage, an increase in dryness, itchiness, greasiness, and flaking, or a slower hair regrowth rate, chances are, your scalp isn’t doing so great.

While our hair technically isn’t alive, the bulb in the follicle is still very much alive and can be negatively influenced by everything – from a poor diet and high levels of stress to pollution and sun exposure.

Unfortunately, much of our everyday routine can contribute to an unhealthy scalp. The hairstyling products we reach for can lead to a buildup that clogs the hair follicle, which can stifle healthy hair growth and even cause breakage.

If you reach for the dry shampoo frequently without washing your hair, it allows product and oils to build up, leaving your scalp and hair greasy.

On the other hand, shampooing our hair too often can also be detrimental to our scalp health. It can strip our scalp of natural oils and bump up the scalp’s pH, drying it out and paving the way for irritation and dandruff. It’s all about finding your own balance.

Harsh ingredients like sulphates can also dry and aggravate the scalp further. This is why you need a gentle shampoo from Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo series, which can be used daily without causing any irritation.

A herbal haircare range that treats your most pressing scalp concerns

Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo series

Available in three different variants that cater to different scalp types and concerns, Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo harnesses the strengthening power of the amino acid Arginine and the gentle yet potent cleansing ability of Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate – this isn’t to be confused with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which can be really harsh on sensitive skin.

Together, they help preserve your scalp’s natural pH levels and natural oils as the shampoo cleanses, allowing your scalp to be at its healthiest state.

Each shampoo in the series is also formulated with Bee Choo Essence, the brand’s proprietary herbal concentrate that’s concocted to stimulate hair growth, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease scalp issues.

Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo herbal haircare range

Credit: lilartsy/Pexels

Founder Madam Cheah perfected the Bee Choo Essence after a decade of fine-tuning a blend of effective ingredients from Bee Choo’s award-winning herbal treatment, featuring herbs such as Ginseng, Dang Gui, Ling Zhi, and He Shou Wu.

They extracted only the best nutrients from premium Chinese herbal ingredients that are backed by years of research and have shown visible results.

On top of that, the shampoo formulas also contain Piroctone Olamine, which treats moderate to severe dandruff as well as fungal infections, so it clears and balances the scalp.

For sensitive scalps: Bee Choo Origin Recover Amino Shampoo

Bee Choo Origin Recover Amino Shampoo

Great for sensitive, itchy, and irritated scalps, Bee Choo Origin Recover Amino Shampoo infuses your hair with moisture-boosting amino acids as it cleanses gently, creating the perfect foundation for healthy, moisturised hair.

It enlists the help of Millet Seed Extract, which saturates hair follicles in nutrients and helps to stimulate hair growth. This anti-inflammatory extract also aids in wound healing.

The formula contains Allantoin as well, a natural anti-irritant that heals and promotes the growth of new tissue to keep your scalp in tip-top shape.

It also boasts amino acid-rich Buddleja Davidii Extract to moisturise the hair cuticles. The ingredient contains phytosterol to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles too.

And since the shampoo doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances, it’s suitable for those with scalp eczema and psoriasis too.

For dry, itchy scalps: Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo

Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo

If you have dull, dry hair and a parched, itchy scalp, reach for the Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo.

It replenishes moisture with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, which attracts and locks in hydration to repair damaged strands as well as impart volume and shine.

Scutellaria Alpina Extract in the formula also helps to protect the scalp against stress damage and preserves hydration, while Licorice Root Extract is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that strengthens and soothes a dry, irritated scalp, thereby encouraging healthier hair growth.

The shampoo nourishes your tresses, so they can better withstand daily blow-drys, harsh chemical treatments, and environmental pollution.

For oily scalps: Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo

Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo

For greasy scalps, scalp acne, as well as limp hair, there’s the Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo. It gently cleanses the scalp without stripping away essential moisture, so your scalp won’t be prompted to overproduce oils.

It’s formulated with antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients such as Barosma Betulina Leaf Extract (Buchu) Extract and Marrubium Vulgare Extract (Horehound) Extract, which ward off pollutants, toxins, and bacteria that cause pimples on the scalp.

The shampoo also contains the popular skincare ingredient niacinamide to regulate sebum production and bump up moisture levels. This ingredient is also a building block for keratin synthesis, so it’s essential for healthier, stronger regrowth.

Jade tries Bee Choo Origin Recover Amino Shampoo

“I have sensitive skin, which naturally extends to the skin on the top of my head. My scalp can get pretty itchy during the day, and no matter how gentle my shampoo is, the irritation never seems to quell.

When I was shown images of my scalp, I wasn’t surprised to see red patches at various areas and dry flakes clinging to my strands – it was exactly how I imagined it to look.

So when Bee Choo Origin’s Recover Amino Shampoo landed on my desk, I was thrilled to see if it could alleviate some of the redness and irritation.”

First impressions

Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo texture

I like how sleek and minimalist the packaging of the shampoo is. I had no trouble dispensing a good amount of shampoo as well – one pump was sufficient for my pixie cut.

As I lathered the formula in my palms, its relaxing herbal scent soothed my senses right away. In fact, the scent vaguely reminded me of the Chinese herbal remedy, pei pa koa, which I adore.

It rinsed off easily and didn’t leave any residue on my hair and scalp, so it didn’t weigh my hair down at all. In fact, it left a cooling sensation on my scalp that felt oh-so-refreshing, which helped to curb itchiness.

After 1 month

Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo jade before after

After four weeks of daily use, my scalp was back to normal, which is the best result for someone with a sensitive, aggravated scalp. It felt soothed and balanced, and the scalp scan proves it too!

The texture of my hair felt softer and smoother, and I don’t even have to reach for a conditioner after shampooing, which cuts down my evening routine even more.

When I have some time to spare during weekends, I would let the shampoo sit for about a minute before rinsing it off. This allows the formula to do a better job at purifying my scalp and it would feel extra cooling after a minute too.

I doubted the efficacy of natural herbs at first, but I’m a total convert now that I’ve seen and felt the difference first-hand. It’s a shampoo I’d gladly recommend to those who struggle to appease an irritated, sensitive scalp.

Shirlyn tries Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo

“My scalp gets really itchy, but when I scratch my head, dandruff starts snowing onto my dark clothes and they can show in between strands as well, which can be very embarrassing.

When we did the initial scalp scan, I was shocked that almost every area of my scalp had dandruff at the roots and along the strands, so I wanted to see if Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo could help address that.”

First impressions

“The herbal scent of the shampoo is pleasing to me, and it has a slight cooling sensation on my scalp. I have long hair so I needed to use about two pumps. Otherwise, I’ll use three to four pumps on days when I sweat a lot more.

Right after the first use, my scalp felt cleansed and there was less tension. It felt like it could breathe again,and my scalp felt balanced but not greasy.”

After 1 month

Bee Choo Origin Rehydrate Amino Shampoo shirlyn before after

“I was delighted to know that the shampoo worked and that my scalp no longer feel that itchy. With less itchiness and scratching, I don’t have to worry about dandruff falling or collecting my clothes. My hair definitely feels stronger and healthier now, too.

This shampoo has worked very well for my hair and scalp type. I am very happy to have found a shampoo that I can use daily and addresses my biggest hair concern!”

Melissa tries Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo

“My scalp gets oily very easily if I don’t wash my hair for one day and I would always have to use a hair straightener as my hair looks dry and damaged. I could use more hair oil to help with it but it’ll only make my scalp oilier.

When we took images of my scalp, I was surprised that I had super clogged pores even though those areas didn’t feel painful.

I thought I had a generally oily scalp that didn’t have that many clogged pores or sensitive areas, but now that I know what my scalp’s issues actually are, I was curious to see how Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo could help.”

First impressions

“I liked the packaging as it was really easy to pump the product out. The bottle is also sleek, which made it super convenient for me to take it along when I went overseas.

The shampoo has a herbal scent that smelled really nice – not overpowering at all, which really surprised me. I usually shampoo my hair twice and this lathered well the second time.

After rinsing it off, it left a minty, cooling feeling on my scalp that I loved! It felt so refreshing, especially after a workout session. My hair and scalp felt balanced and not greasy at all, and it didn’t feel itchy too.”

After 1 month

Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo mel before after

“Now, my hair feels softer and smoother – not as dry or frizzy as before. In fact, there were days that I could do without using my hair straightener!

My scalp feels cleaner and less clogged, and most definitely not as oily as before. Prior to this review, my scalp would usually feel oily by midday. But after around a month of using this, my scalp only gets oily by night.

Thanks to this shampoo, my scalp feels much less itchy now, and my hair is easier to style and manage. It is effective at addressing my scalp concerns, and with a healthier scalp, it would help my hair grow out healthier and eventually stronger too.

For the price it is retailing at, I feel that it is worth it since it really works. Plus, it has a refreshing scent that sets it apart from other floral-scented shampoos.”

All three of us were wowed by how effective this herbal haircare range is, and we’d highly recommend it to others!

Bee Choo Origin Amino Shampoo retails for S$35 each at Bee Choo Origin’s website

This article is brought to you by Bee Choo Origin.