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It’s painful enough when angry acne spots make their dreaded appearance on the skin, so, to have them squeezed, poked at, and extracted during an acne facial… it’s just about unbearable to the average acne sufferer.

Acne facials typically include multiple extraction steps to decongest clogged pores and avoid steps that would irritate the skin, and, when done professionally, should leave you with clearer, soothed skin.

On the contrary, acne facials are often painful and leave your skin with swelling and redness that, sometimes, last for days – definitely not what we’re looking for when we’re trying our hardest to clear (not aggravate!) our breakouts.

This acne facial is gentler than others

Recently, however, we’ve stumbled upon a gentle acne facial that avoids the typical extraction tools and leaves you with no red marks: the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment.

Featuring cica, a wildly popular ingredient in Korea, this acne facial soothes redness on the skin and gently clears clogged pores without the typical extraction steps.

Since we’re used to the sayings “beauty is pain” and “more pain, more gain”, a pain-free acne facial sounded too good to be true, so we sent Daily Vanity team member Sheyenne down to find out for sure.

She shared her step-by-step review of the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment and gave her verdict on whether an acne facial can truly be pain-free!

Sheyenne’s skin concerns

acne facial review (10)

Sheyenne has acne-prone skin.

As someone with acne-prone, sensitive, and dry skin, I’m always particular about the types of skincare products I use and the treatments I go for.

I’ve gone for acne facials in the past and the extraction steps have always left my skin more sensitised and redder than usual, which has made me avoid going for acne facials even when I face breakouts and post-acne scarring.

However, when I found out that the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment calms acne-prone skin without the typical extraction steps, I was happy to try it out!

Why this acne facial stands out

1. It offers a thorough skin consultation

acne facial review (3)

When I arrived at the treatment centre, the consultant made me fill up a form detailing my skin type, skin concerns, and skincare products that I was currently using.

She proceeded to use a magnifying lens to review my face at my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, which was a more thorough inspection process than I’ve experienced before.

acne facial review (2)

She explained that my skin was dehydrated and lacking firmness, which contributed to my acne scars taking a longer time to heal and fade.

She even took the time to walk me through the acne facial steps and what to expect, including how the ingredients would help to unclog my pores, reduce the appearance of my large pores, and boost my dry skin’s hydration.

2. It doesn’t use painful extraction tools to clear pores

acne facial review (8)

The deep cleansing step that cleared my skin of its clogged pores.

Like other facial treatments, this acne facial started with a simple cleansing. The consultant used cleanser-soaked cotton pads to remove oil and dirt from the surface of my skin, ensuring that my skin was bare, clean, and ready for the next steps.

However, here’s where this acne facial differed from the others I’ve tried. Instead of using the usual comedone extractor tools to decongest my skin, New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment used a machine to thoroughly clean my clogged pores.

acne facial review

This device used HydraVortex technology and a pulsing technique to deeply cleanse my skin.

The consultant ran a device gently across my face, which she explained used HydraVortex technology and a pulsing technique to soften my skin’s blackheads and whiteheads. Instead of the usual harsh “poking” of the comedone extractors, I enjoyed a gentle suction and the solution’s cooling sensation when the device swept across my skin.

She worked on the left side of my face first and stopped to allow me to compare my left and right profiles (which hadn’t been treated yet). I saw a visible difference in my skin and my skin also felt refreshed and less clogged than before.

acne facial review (5)

Comparing the treated side and non-treated side of my face.

When the consultant started treating my inflamed areas and acne spots, I was so nervous because I was afraid that it would be painful. To my surprise, it didn’t hurt at all.

This cleansing step lasted for about 20 minutes, and the consultant took great care to ensure that she was gentle yet thorough in removing my skin’s dead cells, oils, dirt, and impurities.

In the final round of deep cleansing, my consultant used the device to apply a slightly thicker solution and I felt my skin being hydrated and soothed at once.

3. It taps on the Korean hero ingredient, cica

acne facial review (6)

The consultant applied a cica-infused serum to my skin.

When it comes to Korean acne-fighting formulas, cica stars as a hero ingredient, appearing in almost all acne skincare products.

New York Skin Solutions’ Cica Acne Treatment uses an in-house CICA Acne Booster, infused with cica, collagen-boosting niacinamide, and nourishing peptides, to calm and soothe the skin.

My skin, cleared of its clogs, was ready to receive this Korean hero ingredient, my consultant explained.

acne facial review (7)

The device helps the CICA Acne Booster penetrate deeper into my skin.

Instead of simply applying it to my skin using her hands, the consultant used a special treatment device to work the serum into my skin.

The device has two metal spheres and uses galvanic technology, or a low-level current, to infuse the skincare ingredients into the deeper layers of my skin.

She rolled the device over my face in upward motions to firm and lift my skin. Even though it wasn’t a dedicated massage step in the facial, the process eased the tension in my muscles and made my face feel much more relaxed after.

4. It wraps up with a soothing algae mask

acne facial review (9)

Algae is the key ingredient in this soft mask.

The final step in the acne facial was a soft algae mask. Much like the familiar hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid, algae is a powerful humectant that draws moisture to the skin, reduces moisture loss, and improves skin hydration.

I enjoyed the cool and thick sensation of the mask being applied to my skin, and felt so relaxed during the 20 minutes it was left on my face that I almost fell asleep.

The consultant ended my acne facial by applying moisturiser and sunscreen – and the facial was complete.

Sheyenne’s verdict

new york skin solutions cica acne treatment review (3)

Sheyenn’s skin before and after the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment.

After the entire Cica Acne Treatment, my skin felt smoother and looked much brighter. When comparing my before and after photos, I could also see that the inflamed areas on my skin had calmed down significantly and my pores were less visible.

The texture on my skin had been reduced and, when I was doing my skincare routine that night, I could feel that my complexion was much smoother and had fewer bumps. My skin’s glow even lasted for about three days after the acne facial!

At my previous acne facials, I would always leave the session with aggravated inflammation and redness on my skin, and sometimes even bleeding. However, with the Cica Acne Treatment, my skin was immediately calmer, clearer, and more radiant.

I could even carry on with the rest of my day’s activities bare-faced and without worry.

At no point during this acne facial did I feel pain or discomfort, unlike others I’ve tried before. It was a positive and, impressively, pain-free acne facial experience overall!

Try a first trial of the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment for just S$48 instead of S$580.

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