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There are so many different types of facials now on the market, which gives us consumers a plethora of choices when we want to solve certain skin problems. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t as fortunate as to have to deal with only one skincare issue at a time, and going for multiple facials just to solve different skincare problems sounds like a bit of a stretch.

The solution? New York Skin Solutions’ latest facial: HydroCollagen + Skin Treatment.

What is it?

The HydroCollagen + Skin Treatment is a 3-tier skin renewal technique that was uniquely innovated by New York Skin Solutions, and it is fully customisable to your skin needs in order to better address the root of your skin concerns.

Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Lightening dark eye circles
  • Fading pigmentation
  • Instant lifting effect
  • Lessening pimples
  • Dramatically enhancing skin radiance
  • Soothing sensitive skin

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This is a medical-grade treatment that is non-invasive, yet delivers a long-lasting boost of hydration into your skin, while stimulating new collagen production at the same time.

Best part? New York Skin Solutions promises that you can see visible results in 90 minutes!

How is it 3-tier?

Step 1: Exfoliation

Gentle exfoliation is first done on the skin, so that the deep cleaning process is able to remove impurities and accumulated oil that may be clogging up pores.

When the skin is cleaner, micro-molecules with active ingredients will be better able to penetrate into the deeper skin layers, promoting cellular repair and maximising efficacy of products used later

Your skin texture will be smoothed and refined, with returning plumpness and suppleness.

Step 2: Skin Boost

Because collagen is vital for skin health, the facial also includes a Skin Boost that will be able to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen levels.

The Skin Boost consists of marine collagen, which is infused to minimise the appearance of pores, rejuvenating skin and improving skin texture.

Higher collagen levels means better skin elasticity, so that your skin remains firmer and looking younger. It also encourages higher rates of skin cell renewal.

Step 3: Customisation

This is where your individual skin concerns will be highlighted and targeted specifically. New York Skin Solutions will use patented active ingredients to repair, renew and regenerate skin cells in order to maintain a smoother, clearer and younger-looking complexion.

new york skin solutions hydrocollagen skin treatment 1

A double layer mask is then used on the face: the first layer increases the amount of nutrients being absorbed into the skin while hydrating it at the same time, while the second layer seals the hydration that has been infused and reduces pore size.

The mask will also be imbued with active ingredients that are personalised to your particular skin concern(s). It is because this vital step of the facial treatment is tailored exclusively to your skin condition that visible results can be seen in 90 minutes.

Exclusively tailored to your skin type?

Your skin will be assessed by a professional facial therapist before your session, using an industry-grade skin scanner. After identifying your skin’s specific concerns, New York Skin Solutions will then go ahead and customise the facial steps and ingredients to meet your needs.

new york skin solutions hydrocollagen skin treatment 2

Having a wide variety of skin problems is no longer an issue you need to be worried about with this customisable regime!

For acne-prone skin, the treatment includes:

  • Salicylic acid: to unclog and purify pores
  • Tea tree leaf oil: to reduce inflammation and redness through disinfection

For dehydrated skin, the treatment includes:

  • Soluble collagen: to better moisturise the skin
  • Elastin: to improve skin elasticity

For dark eye circles, the treatment includes:

  • Hot compress: to improve microcirculation in the under-eye area
  • Ultrasound machine to apply collagen: for firmer skin underneath the eyes
  • Professional eye massage: to boost circulation under the eyes

How effective has it been with customers?

New York Skin Solutions pride themselves on the 3P approach to their treatments, which has so far yielded great customer satisfaction. As many as 98% of customers report visible difference in their skin after just a single 90-minute session.

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Our writer Tiara trying out the HydroCollagen + Skin Facial

  • Professional skin diagnosis: In-depth skin analysis to thoroughly understand your skin type and condition
  • Personalised treatment process: Active ingredients used in your facial treatment tailored exclusively to your needs, as well as lifestyle tips and recommendations from their experienced facial therapists to improve skin recovery and maintenance at home
  • Proven results: Only products made from botanical extracts and gentle to the skin are used in their facial treatments, and skin diagnosis is performed even after the treatment, so that you may compare your own skin condition before and after

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of New York Skin Solutions’ philosophy: they are the first beauty service provider to implement WeCare, a system that allows customers to give immediate feedback after their treatment.

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This will then be followed up by New York Skin Solutions’ customer service team, so that customers can enjoy their treatments with a peace of mind.

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