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Weekly facial masks and DIY scrubs are definitely a good treat for the skin, but the results you can get from your at-home solutions may be limited. Facial treatments at specialist salons are a good way to keep your skin condition in check and to resolve any pressing problems that it may have.

The most recent facial specialist that we are trying out is New York Skin Solutions. Read on to see how we think it fared.

How was my experience at New York Skin Solutions like?

Before starting any type of treatment, my skin was analysed to find out which areas of my skin needed improvement. From the analysis, the consultant highlighted the key problem areas and recommended a treatment that would help improve my skin. I have relatively clogged pores around my cheeks and the skin in that area was sensitive as well.


I was recommended the HydroCollagen Plus facial treatment that aims to help the skin replenish lost collagen and boost hydration in skin, making it look plump, radiant, and healthy.

The whole process took about 90 minutes. My skin was cleansed and prepped properly before the treatment was done. As with other facials, the therapist did some extractions to remove the impurities from my skin. Because she detected that the skin around my cheeks was sensitive, she informed me she won’t be doing any major extractions at that area. To my surprise, the extraction didn’t hurt at all!

After the extraction, the therapist proceeded to apply a nourishing collagen gel with an ultrasound device to enhance the penetration of the collagen gel into the skin.


My skin looked more radiant and plump in the after photos. The standout result for me was how much smoother my skin looked and felt after the treatment. The slight redness was due to the extractions. I generally get red after extractions because my facial skin is a little thin, so it was nothing new for me.


I was treated to a mask too! Usually, they’ll cover the eye area with the mask as well, but I personally don’t like that so the therapist kindly left my eye area as such

After the treatment, my skin felt smoother and looked plumper. It gave my face a lifted look and I looked fresh as well!


With my consultant and therapist, Sheena.

Overall, it was a good, pampering session, and I like that the HydroCollagen Plus treatment provided visible results after just one session.

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