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When I was young, people always showered me with compliments over my hair. I was told that it was shiny, soft, thick and luscious – basically it used to be #hairgoals. Safe to say, it was my #1 source of confidence. But that’s the thing, it was. Until I started experiencing an increased hair fall at a young age.

 OGX Revitalize + Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner

I was introduced to OGX’s newest Black Soybean & Propolis shampoo and conditioner at their media launch, and I decided to give it a try after hearing how good they were. 

I thought that this might just be my last chance to getting back my crowning glory. After all, I’ve been on the lookout for products that could help me, but nothing had really worked.

Hair loss and hair thinning: What happened to my tresses?

Before I start on the review of the OGX products, I know what’s on your mind: how did my hair go from fab to flat?

Before Using The Ogx Revitalize Black Soybean Propolis Shampoo And Conditioner

Before trying out the OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis duo

I believe it started going south when I was still a student, and got too busy to have proper, healthy meals. I was also sleeping very little in order to catch up on school work. The stress I experienced during crunch periods further took a toll on my hair health.

I remember the first time I noticed that I had a hair problem was when I was combing my hair and my mother commented that I had lost a lot of hair and that it was thinning.

I looked into the mirror and that was when I realised my hair did look less luscious than it used to be. It was also then that I recalled the moments when I’d randomly run my fingers through my hair, only to have a worrying amount fall out.

I immediately felt what resembled a punch in the heart. My confidence was greatly affected, so I stopped ignoring my tresses’ cries of help, and I did what I could the minute I was free – cut my hair short to hopefully decrease the chance of hair breakage and fall.

It was an easy and quick solution, but it obviously wasn’t a long-term solution.

Now that I’m older, I try to adjust my diet and sleep patterns so I lead a healthier lifestyle. However, I still wasn’t seeing a lot of improvements.

OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis haircare collection

What does it do?

When I had the chance to try out OGX’s newest shampoo and conditioner that helps to nourish and strengthen hair, I grabbed at it. I had seen the brand’s products several times on the store shelves and had also heard good things about it before, so I was very excited to give their products a try.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner

You may have seen OGX’s products in drugstores too – they are hard to miss – especially the ones from their iconic Argan Oil of Morocco range.

 OGX Revitalize + Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner

The new OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis haircare collection stands out from all their products as the first collection by the brand to be formulated in Asia. Inspired by traditional Asian rituals and ingredients, the range was also formulated especially for our Asian hair needs.

OGX identified that one of the biggest hair problems faced by Asians was hair loss and hair thinning, and came up with a unique solution that seeks to bring back the thick, shiny, healthy-looking tresses that we all desire.

What’s in the formula?

OGX Revitalize + Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo

You’ll probably have guessed it, the key ingredients in the collection are black soybean and propolis.

Black soybean is an ingredient commonly found in Asian natural hair remedies and is rich in protein, vitamins B and C, zinc, and other minerals.

For the uninitiated, black soybean is traditionally used to prevent and improve hair loss problems, and can also help give hair a healthy and luminous look. Black soybean also contains nutrients that improves the scalp’s blood circulation.

Propolis, on the other hand, is a compound produced by honeybees to protect the hives. It is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and natural healing properties. Aiding in cell renewal, it helps improve the condition of your scalp, which in turn helps to stimulate hair growth.

Thanks to these active ingredients, the hair care products encourage hair growth and improve scalp health so that you can achieve healthier, stronger, and more voluminous hair.

OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis haircare collection review: How does it work for me?

OGX Revitalize + Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo

My first impression with the OGX Black Soybean & Propolis shampoo and conditioner was a good one. The first time I used the products, I noticed how smooth and luscious my hair felt. In fact, it resembled the post-salon hair that we wish we had every day. I was surprised I was able to achieve the same effect on my hair with products that I can use at home.

What was interesting was also the unique scent of the products.

I initially thought that the products’ scent was too overpowering when I smelt it right from the bottle, but as I massaged the shampoo onto my scalp, I found that it developed into a light, refreshing, fruity-floral scent, which I had grown to look forward to every day.

As my hair dried, the luxurious scent developed into a more musky-woody accord that I loved. I was told that the fragrance would last the whole day but I didn’t believe it until I tried it for myself – now you’ll hear it from me: it did last the whole day.

 Before & after using The OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner for 2 weeks

Before and after using OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner

As I continued using the products for the next two weeks, I fell more and more in love with it.

I have a sensitive scalp and the post-wash sensation that this shampoo left was something I deeply appreciated. It made my scalp feel clean yet soothed. My hair also looked smooth and shiny, and I must say that it’s truly been nothing but beautiful hair for me since I started using the products.

The conditioner gave my hair an extra punch of moisture, which was important for when I had events and dates.

Together, the shampoo and conditioner helped make my hair look healthier, hydrated, and feel clean and fresh.

You know the iconic scene in movies where the woman turns around, swishes her hair just as the love of her life sees her for the first time and falls in love? Yes, that hair. That is how my hair has been since I started using the OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis products.

First time using the OGX Revitalize + Black Soybean & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner, which helps hair to look thick, healthy, and shiny.

How my hair looked the first time I tried the products during the OGX media event.

My hair also felt thicker than it used to be and I noticed less hair strands on my hairbrush. The amount of hair stuck in the drain stopper after every shower had also decreased.

Most importantly, my hair felt and looked healthy, plus the scent was an absolute treat for my senses.

So is there anything not to like about the products? Well, the only thing I could foresee anyone complain about is how it doesn’t feel as “slippery” as your regular shampoos.

But hold up! That’s only because there isn’t any silicone in the formula. And that isn’t a bad thing for your hair, because without silicones, the hair-loving ingredients from the products will be able to penetrate your hair shafts better.

If you still prefer more lather, try what I did: I always made sure that my hair was extremely damp before I use the product. I also add a little water to the shampoo I had dispensed, lather it up, and then add more water as I continued to lather for a smoother wash.

Where to buy

I’ve had a hard time finding hair care products that I love, and I’m so glad that the OGX Revitalize+ Black Soybean & Propolis shampoo and conditioner worked for me. What’s more, they are affordable at only SGD16.90 each and easily available. You can find them and other OGX products at their official Lazada e-store, Watsons and Guardian outlets.

Other OGX hair products you’d want to try

If you have hair concerns that are different from mine, you may want to check out other OGX hair products.

For everyday softness and strength: Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

These crowd-favourites are loved by those with frizzy tresses for a reason: they deliver silky, smooth hair that doesn’t lose its body. The unique and precious blend of Argan Oil of Morocco helps moisturise, revive, soften, and restore your tresses so you’ll be able to achieve hair that isn’t just smoother but also stronger.

This range is great for all hair types but those with damaged, brittle, and coarse hair are going to love it most.

For a detox: Charcoal & Kaolin Clay Shampoo and Conditioner

OGX Charcoal & Kaolin Clay Shampoo and Conditioner

All city-dwellers are going to appreciate haircare products that can beat urban pollution. These OGX products are formulated with a powerful blend of coconut, charcoal and kaolin clay to give your scalp the deep cleanse it needs to remove dirt, impurities, as well as any product build-up you may have accumulated over time.

The results? Beautiful hair that feels light and pure. This is great for all hair types, especially those who are looking for a clean, shiny glow.

For colour-treated hair: Orchid Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

OGX Orchid Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

We love how our new hair colour looks when we first step out of the salon. But what don’t we love as much? When it starts turning into a hue that we didn’t ask for.

This power duo helps to prevent fading and lock in your colour, thanks to the blend of orchid extract and grape-seed oil in the formula. On top of colour protection, these products also shield your tresses from UVA and UVB damage, all while hydrating and nourishing your colour-treated hair.

OGX products are available at their official Lazada e-store, Watsons and Guardian outlets.

This article is brought to you by OGX.