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About Olea Essence Olive Face Mask

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If you’ve been to Israel, you might have stepped into the store of this all-natural skincare brand. Formulated with natural, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and ingredients from the Sea of Galilee, Olea Essence accumulated fans from all around the world, especially those clean beauty addicts are sold by how the products are free from emulsifying agents, chemicals, and preservatives.

To get most out of the natural olive oil all the way from Israel, the Olea Essence Olive Face Mask would be the perfect choice to get deep cleanse with hydration from several types of oil. It comes in two variants: one for dry and normal skin, the other catered towards oily skin. While it does its job in exfoliating, the olive oil and natural plant oils leaves the skin hydrated.

You can find the Olea Essence Olive Face Mask and their other products in-store at their newest store in Robinsons JEM, or at Isetan Scotts and Isetan Katong.

Now that you can get the products in Singapore, we got eight Daily Vanity readers to try out the Olea Essence Olive Face Mask and share with us what they think about it.


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7 readers’ reviews on Olea Essence Olive Face Mask

Olea Essence Olive Face Mask
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Olea Essence is a Israeli skincare brand that uses all-natural ingredients, and all reviewers have the impression of the brand and products as earth-loving, organic and ‘green’. What most of them love is the citrus scent from the mask that left them refreshed.

Although many of them expressed that application of the mask was a little tricky, due to the watery formula, the oil in extracts in the mask left their skin moisturised and more radiant. Those who had concerns with black and white heads also saw noticeable improvements in these trouble areas and noticed a better complexion after usage.

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Ang Alicia, 30, Combination Skin

The mask felt comfortable when applied on and was refreshing to use. I have concerns with black and whiteheads, and I did see improvements on these areas.


Jolyn, 25, Oily Skin

It smells great and is easy to wash off despite containing oil. However, it’s quite difficult to get an even layer on the skin. Overall, it’s a good product as it helped minimise pores and refine bumps on my skin.


Cheong Nianting, 27, Combination Skin

There is some tingling sensation after application but it is not uncomfortable. There is also a pleasant scent that makes using the mask enjoyable. The olive pit exfoliates the skin well, although I think it might not be sufficient for stubborn blackheads. After using, there is some tightness in the skin which I didn’t expect in a mask targeted for dry and normal skin.


Deidre, 31, Oily and Sensitive Skin

I loved the lemongrass scent of the product! It was very aromatic and gave off a very calm and soothing feeling while using it. The mask also had exfoliating beads which could replace exfoliating washes/scrubs (a definite plus)! Two things I felt maybe could have been better – the texture of the mask is quite thin (a little watery) which made the application a tad difficult; also when applying, I wasn’t sure if enough of the mask was being applied. The other thing that will take some getting used to is the oily feeling (on my face) after washing off the mask – it gave the feeling that tan oily residue was left behind (am used to a squeaky clean feeling) and that the mask wasn’t washed off properly.

Wen Xin

Loh Wen Xin, 23, Dry Skin

My skin definitely felt smoother after using it. I enjoyed the process and while washing it off, I could feel the blend of oils emulsifying and washing off nicely. It left my skin feeling moisturised and not drying, it did not feel too oily too.


Rachael, 26, Combination and Sensitive Skin

This has a nice smell. Although the application is easy, it is quite difficult to wash off thoroughly; I had to use quite a bit of strength and lots of water to wash the product cleanly from my face. However, I am rather impressed with the results as my face looks brighter, smoother and slightly more radiant!


Angela Y, 30, Combination Skin

I am very keen on trying out this product because it is organic and natural and smells really relaxing. The application part may be a little messy, however with great fragrance and relaxing effects, I am sold! Will continue to use this mask and see the effect after the tub is used up. If you’re looking for an organic kind of mask, I will recommend it!

Olea Essence Olive Wash Exfoliant

These skincare products made from natural oils are suitable for both men and women. In particular,

Olea Essence’s best-selling Olive Wash and Exfoliate for Face, is very well-loved by men. A 3-in-1 wash, scrub and toner for the face, this product is packed with crushed olive and is a fuss-free product that delivers great results.

We asked two male readers to try out Olive Wash and Exfoliate for Face and tell us what they thought of it.

2 male readers’ reviews on Olea Essence Olive Wash and Exfoliate for Face

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Jeremy Oh, 31, Combination Skin 

It deeply exfoliates my skin but does not leave my skin dry. I can immediately apply my moisturiser since it is also a toner. I like the product, as I feel my skin smoother and suppler after using it.


Herman Jude Nalpon, 25, Oily and Sensitive Skin

I love the products for its price point and how gentle the exfoliants are. My skin did not feel tight after using it, but instead, feel supple. I have recommended it to my friends because it also double ups as a mask and it’s gentle on the skin yet produces results.

This article is brought to you by Olea Essence.