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Balayage hair colours have long dominated every season of the year and for good reason. It’s classic, versatile, and most importantly, it’s perfect for working women who are looking for something natural to spruce up their look.

Another plus point? Balayage hair colours don’t require a lot of touch-ups at the salon which is great news for those who seek low-maintenance hair looks.

But not all hair colouring procedures at professional hair salons are created equal, which is why we tasked five Daily Vanity readers to try the Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour to see how it fared. Keep on reading to see what they have to say about the hair colouring service.

What to know about Olson Studio and its Balayage Hair Colour service

olson studio balayage hair colour review salon interior

At this family-owned business located right in the heart of Orchard Road, you can expect to meet a team of respectable yet friendly hair professionals to deliver your dream hairstyle that complements your natural beauty.

With Olson Studio, you can rest assured that your hair is being taken care of inside and out as they only use organic products from Viege, a popular Japanese brand that develops hair care products with vegetable extracts to target various scalp and hair conditions.

This cosy establishment is also known for its hair colouring techniques, in which organic non-damaging hair dyes are used to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking effect while keeping hair protected.

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Additionally, Olson Studio is known for using organic non-damaging hair dyes to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking balayage effect while keeping hair protected.

The salon is especially well-versed in the balayage hair colouring method, which allows the skilled hairdresser to mix and create a hair colour from Balmain’s luxurious range of quality products that flatters your skin tone and blends naturally without the unsightly two-toned contrast. 

Thanks to argan oil infused in the colour pigment, there’s no need to worry about your hair colour turning brassy as the prized oil can help feed your hair all the moisture it needs. For a more intense moisture boost, you can even treat your mane to an ultra-hydrating Olaplex treatment after colouring!

For maintenance, it’s recommended that you schedule a colour touch-up session once every three to four months if you want to upkeep your dye job. Do note that Olson Studio doesn’t recommend this hair colouring technique to those with super dry or damaged hair as a degree of bleaching is involved in balayage.

Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour review: 5 readers share their honest opinion

Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour


Most reviewers reported satisfactory results following a session of Balayage Hair Colour at Olson Studio.

Based on the reviews, Olson Studio’s Balayage Hair Colour seemed to effectively produce natural-looking results that suit each individual’s skin tone without resulting in a contrasting two-toned finish. Most reviewers agreed that their hair not only sported shiny, healthy-looking tresses, but their hair also felt soft and hydrated post-colouring.

All of them particularly appreciated the friendly and professional hairdressing team at Olson Studio who went the extra mile to ensure that the reviewers were comfortable throughout the session. The knowledgeable hairstylists were also said to be very patient and thorough in explaining the hair colouring process in detail.

Overall, all reviewers liked that the Balayage Hair Colour at Olson Studio is versatile enough to work on all hair types. Many of them also liked that the Balayage Hair Colour by Olson Studio comes with a more wallet-friendly price tag.

In fact, all of them would not hesitate to recommend the hair colouring service to their friends and family because of the result it delivered as well as the exceptional service they received in the salon.

Kimberly, 36

Current hair type and condition: Thick, coloured hair that’s damaged and dry
Frequency of colouring hair: Whenever hair roots are showing

olson studio balayage hair colour review before after kimberly

As I colour my hair very often, I rely on both professional in-salon hair colouring services as well as DIY hair colour boxes to keep my hair colour in tip-top shape.

With the former, I get hair experts that know how to mix quality hair dyes to achieve the colour I desire while the latter option is a fast, easy, and convenient alternative. However, DIY home dyes hardly ever last long for me as they fade after two to three weeks, so I was looking forward to getting a colour refresh by Olson Studio.

Throughout my session, my hairstylist never failed to reassure me and put my comfort level first while striving to do a great job and recommending a hair colour that flatters my skin tone.

Not only did my new hair colour look vibrant and glossy, but my locks also felt soft, hydrated, and healthy even though there were bleaching and colouring involved. Additionally, I was given good post-colouring haircare tips from the hairstylist after the session, which I really appreciated.

Best of all, I like that I only need to go for touch-ups every three to four months. I’m definitely recommending the Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour to my social circle because of its ability to enhance your hair without much damage. Oh, and the friendly team at Olson Studio is certainly a huge pull factor too.

Charmaine, 33

Current hair type and condition: Pin-straight, coloured hair that’s bleached, damaged, and dry 
Frequency of colouring hair: Every six to 12 months

olson studio balayage hair colour review before after charmaine

I’ve tried professional hair colouring at salons, DIY hair colour boxes, and henna to dye my hair. The first option obviously gives the best colour payoff but can be quite costly, so I usually maintain my hair colour with the latter options that are more affordable. 

However, DIY hair colours are quite messy and troublesome, and it goes without saying that the colour payoff can be rather erratic with box dyes – sometimes, the results just aren’t obvious. Meanwhile, henna doesn’t harm the scalp as much but often comes with a herbal smell and offers only a few shade choices.

Having tried the balayage hair colouring technique before, I signed up for this trial with a certain expectation on Olson Studio – and I’m happy to report that the team here certainly did not disappoint! I’m very impressed with the results on my hair. Not only did the recommended colour suit my skin tone very well, but I also liked the fact that there wasn’t any stinging sensation during the colouring process.

Apart from that, I also like that my hairstylist weaved in an Olaplex treatment for me so that my hair won’t feel dry after bleaching. What’s more, I genuinely enjoyed my time spent at Olson Studio as the professional and knowledgeable team patiently explained every step of the balayage process as well as the aftercare needed to me.

Melanis, 25

Current hair type and condition: Thick, unruly, and frizzy hair that’s bleached, damaged, and dry 
Frequency of colouring hair: Every six to 12 months

olson studio balayage hair colour review before after melanis

I am typically contented with using at-home box colours to colour my hair, but I always end up doing a bad job when I want to mix in different colours to achieve a new look. Getting my mane coloured by professionals at a hair salon is, of course, the best option but it’s not always the most time-efficient or wallet-friendly.

The Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour, however, was a much faster process for me than other hair colouring services I’ve tried – on top of that, the quality hair dyes used didn’t hurt my scalp or have a strong ammonia scent!

I also like that my hairstylist took the time to refresh my hair colour perfectly and brief me thoroughly on the post-treatment care routine, and I walked out with shinier, healthier-looking hair instead of a drastic two-toned finish that looks too contrasting.

Overall, I am glad that I now know where I could go for a natural-looking hair colour that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. I’m definitely recommending this hair colouring service at Olson Studio to my friends and loved ones who are looking for a hair makeover that doesn’t break the bank!

CiPei, 33

Current hair type and condition: Thick, pin-straight, coloured hair that’s slightly unruly and frizzy
Frequency of colouring hair: Every six to 12 months

olson studio balayage hair colour review before after cipei

After trying the Balayage Hair Colour for the first time at Olson Studio, I’m pleasantly surprised that it didn’t damage my hair much even though bleaching was involved. In fact, my new mane felt soft and hydrated while looking healthy and glossy which I was quite amazed by.

I also appreciate that my hairstylist continuously reassured me about the hair colouring process throughout the session and put my comfort level first – I even walked away with amazing post-treatment care tips straight from the expert’s mouth after completing the hair colouring service.

In addition to sending me out of the salon with freshly coloured tresses that don’t sport any contrasting two-toned finish, I also like that Olson Studio’s Balayage Hair Colour is comparably more cost-effective than other in-salon hair colouring services.

Pei Ying, 24

Current hair type and condition: Curly, unruly, and frizzy hair that’s damaged, dry, permed, and coloured
Frequency of colouring hair: Every six to 12 months

olson studio balayage hair colour review before after pei ying

What I like most about the Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour is that it can work for almost all hair types, including my unruly hair that’s dry and damaged. I especially want to give credit to my Olson Studio hairstylist as well, who consciously made an effort to inform me what to expect during and after the process, making the entire hair colouring process a very comfortable one.

Not only did I notice my hair looking shiny and healthy post-dye, but I also feel that my locks felt smoother, softer, and more moisturised thanks to the presence of argan oil in the colour pigments.

Apart from giving me a new hair colour that faded very subtly and beautifully from an ash lavender shade to a greyish tone, I also find that its price tag is reasonable for the results that it delivered. It’s a two thumbs up for me!

Olson Studio Balayage Hair Colour: Prices and where to find Olson Studio

olson studio balayage hair colour prices where to find

The Balayage Hair Colour is priced from S$188 onwards and takes about three hours or so, depending on your hair length.

Other hair colouring services such as full colour, ombré, and retouching are available at Olson Studio as well. Prices vary according to the service and hair length.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-09, Singapore 238896
Contact: 6634 4522, 8181 3822 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message)
Operating hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7.30pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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