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About ORBIS CLEAR Skincare series

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If you have been suffering from recurring acne that simply refuses to go away, then the CLEAR series from oil-free Japanese skincare pioneer ORBIS  promises a solution that finally works. Scientists at ORBIS have found that hormonal imbalances can cause a decrease in antimicrobial peptides, which are responsible for the skin’s protective functions. This in turn lowers our skin’s natural ability to protect itself, leading to repeated breakouts.

As such, ORBIS’ solution is to increase the antimicrobial peptides in our skin so that it can resist against acne naturally. It also calms breakouts with its anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties. The fuss-free CLEAR skincare routine consists of a face wash, a toning lotion, and a moisturiser.

To find out if the ORBIS CLEAR skincare series lives up to its promises, we asked 10 readers who have acne-prone skin to try them out.

Our 10 Readers’ Reviews on ORBIS CLEAR skincare series

  • Comfort of products on skin
  • Skin is less oily
  • Reduced breakouts
  • Overall improved skin condition
  • Overall satisfaction with range


The ORBIS CLEAR skincare series is a very targeted range of products that benefit those that have repeated breakouts. Those who suffer from oily skin and recurring acne appear to like the products, and give them good scores for improving their skin condition and for oil control. Most reviewers like the water-based, lightweight texture of the products and find them comfortable on skin. It should be noted that there are two types of products within the range: M, for normal/dry skin and L, for oily/combination skin which are formulated to cater for the specific needs of the respective skin types. Readers should ask any ORBIS Beauty Advisor if they are unsure about their skin type so that they can select the product that is most suitable for them.

However, there are also reviewers who did not observe improvements during the trial period or find the texture of the cleanser a little drying. The moisturiser, on the other hand, seems to be popular with most reviewers for its hydrating properties.

*The duration required for visible results varies according to user and their existing skin condition.
*Reviewer Lydia Cheong’s rating was removed from the overall rating of the product as she was allergic to one of the ingredients in the product.

See what reviewers say:


From left to right: Ng Soon Yun Valerie, Sng Yu Han, Chin Hui Lee. 

Ng Soon Yun Valerie: When I heard that the ORBIS CLEAR series prevents repeated breakouts and also enhances the skin’s protective barriers, I thought I found the ONE because I have oily, sensitive, and acne skin. The cleanser gets the job done, leaving skin clean and clear, while the toner and moisturiser works fantastically as well. I can see less breakouts and clearer skin after just 1 month usage!

Sng Yu Han: There is a slightly tight sensation on my skin after using the facial cleanser, but it helps to keep my skin clear. Paired with the toner and moisturiser (which I really love and would repurchase), the tightness was reduced. Only a small amount is needed to cleanse my face, neck, and even my back! I also love how the toner and moisturiser is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave my skin tacky. Plus, the moisturiser is gel-based, which is perfect for me. All in all, this range is pretty good and value for money.

Chin Hui Lee: The products are very easily absorbed. I will definitely recommend it to others because upon applying, it feels moisturising and more importantly, it does not have any artificial scent.

Ong Wee See Wilson: It didn’t really help my skin to become better, but definitely helps maintain the current skin condition. On a good note, the price is friendly!

Hubert Yeo Jing Jie: The ORBIS CLEAR Skincare range is extremely gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and squeaky clean after every use. The hydration factor of the moisturiser is very strong and helps to keep my skin moist and supple throughout the day. The lotion smelt a little strongly of alcohol, but it didn’t really matter because it did its job and left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. I would recommend this to my friends!

Brenda Chong: The facial wash leaves a cool feeling after application, and my skin feels clean after washing. It also feels smooth after application of lotion, however, it did feel a little sticky after applying the oil-cut moisture. Overall, the products are fine.

Lydia Kek: Sadly, the products didn’t work for my skin. The cleanser was too harsh for my skin, leaving my face feeling dry and tight after application, and while the lotion was moisturising, it did not actually hydrate. I do, however, find it cooling and great for layering on with other products.

Mindy Teo: The products feel refreshing and lightweight on my skin, and I like that it’s a simple regime. As I have oily and acne-prone skin, I find that the products really help with oil control. I also observed that I had less breakouts during my pre-menstrual period, when I normally tend to get zits.

Vivian Chung: The cleanser made my skin feel taut. The moisturiser is nice and light, which should be great for oily skin, but my U-zone is dehydrated and it wasn’t enough for me. It worked better on my T-zone, but still wasn’t hydrating enough. It should be good for those with very oily skin types.

The CLEAR series starts from SGD20 and is available at all ORBIS stores, counters, and its online store. From now until 20 September 2018, you can get the full 3-step series at SGD60 (U.P. SGD74).

This article is brought to you by ORBIS.