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Having a busy work schedule often means we have to stay in office for lunch to finish up an urgent piece of work, and being able to make a nutritious dinner after work is a huge luxury. We’re sure you’ll be able to identify with these problems, and wish you could cut down on eating out – because these “tabao” food from the hawker centres are often laden with too much oil, salt, and MSG.

The DV team was introduced to the ORBIS Petit Shake last month.

The Petit Shake is made with vitamins, minerals, and fibre that can help supplement the essential nutrition (one third of a day’s intake in one serving, to be exact!) that you may have missed out in your regular meals, and is recommended to be consumed once a day.

You can use it to replace one meal – a particularly convenient option when you have no time to head out for lunch (or are really tired of eating out). You can also enjoy it as a healthier sweet treat when you’re craving for a dessert.

Having heard so many good things about it, we decided to give it a try and see if it’s really a sustainable meal option.

1. Having it as a replacement meal for lunch

It was a busy day and I really thought that staying in to finish up some work could help make sure I clear my work before the end of the work day. And so, I had the ORBIS Petit Shake for lunch.

The ORBIS Petit Shake was very easy to make. Here are the steps:

1. Shake it well, then open the sachet

2. Empty the sachet into a glass

3. Add chilled milk

4. Stir until the shake thickens

As a little treat, I also added in a few slices of fresh strawberries into my drink.

Our verdict: I’ve tried other forms of meal replacement supplements before and they usually taste funny, or makes me feel sick after consuming more than half of it. However, the Petit Shake is very delicious, which isn’t very surprising. After all, this unique product is made using Whole Fruit Processing Method to make sure no part of the fruit is wasted, and give it an authentic, natural taste.

It was also very easy to make – it took no more than one minute to prepare it. I was also surprised that it was more filling than I expected. I had the Petit Shake at 12.30pm, and continued to stay satisfied until 5.30pm, when I started feeling peckish. But it was close enough to knock off time, so I could do without snacking since I’ll be getting dinner soon enough.

2. Enjoying it as a sweet treat

The team decided to get ice-cream after lunch because of the sweltering weather and to quell their sweet tooth. I passed and told myself I’d go with the ORBIS Petit Shake instead.

This time, I made it with yogurt. This is how you make it:

1. Shake well before opening the sachet

2. Empty the sachet into a glass

3. Add yogurt (I went with Greek yogurt to make sure it’s low in calories)

4. Stir until everything is mixed

I added some baked almonds to give the dessert an extra crunch.

Our verdict: I was happy that I decided to go with the ORBIS Petit Shake instead. Typically ice-cream will leave me feeling thirsty after a while, but the Petit Shake-and-yogurt combo feels refreshing and satisfying.

3. Making it part of a diet plan

Upon seeing how easy it is to make the ORBIS Petit Shake and how much I enjoyed it, I decided to up the challenge and turn it into a diet plan. For four days in a week, I replaced one meal per day with the ORBIS Petit Shake.

Our verdict: It wasn’t difficult to carry out the plan because of the ease of making it and how delicious it tasted. ORBIS offers six flavours and that makes sure that I never get bored if I switch them around every day. The six flavours are:Fresh Strawberry, Pineapple & Mango, Grapefruit & Lemon, White Peach, Fruity Berry and Muscat & Aloe. My favourites are Fresh Strawberry and Pineapple & Mango.

I never once felt like I was “starving” and definitely didn’t feel lethargic or suffer from dull complexion like how other diet plans can lead to. I also didn’t have any midday snacking temptations, which was surprising.

After one week, I noticed that I lost about 1.5kg, which was quite a pleasant surprise considering it was rather effortless. Take note that I jog regularly even before this diet plan, and have continued to do so in the week of the trial. Sometimes the Petit Shake was the only thing I consume before my jog, and I never felt that my energy was compromised.

The ORBIS Petit Shake retails at SGD24 for a set of seven portions. You can also consider the trial set that contains three different flavours, and retails at SGD12 for a set of three portions. Petit Shake is available at all ORBIS stores, counters, and its online store.

This article is brought to you by ORBIS.