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Topical skincare products sometimes get a bad rep for only working on the surface. For instance, some moisturisers may make your skin feel smooth after application, but are actually just covering the surface of your skin with silicone as a short-term solution. In other words, in the long run, they may not make your skin any better than it was before you started using the product.

This is because damage to our skin actually takes place on a cellular level by aggressors such as UV rays, air pollution, and everyday stress. Over time, these forms of damage cause our skin cells to lose moisture and get dehydrated, and that’s when we start seeing  signs of ageing.

Knowing that dehydration of cells is the reason why skin cannot function optimally and look healthy, scientists in ORBIS’ laboratories in Japan looked into technology that can hydrate skin on a cellular level so that our skin cells can take in moisture properly again.

ORBIS U Lotion: How does it work?

Orbis U Lotion Review Product

The ORBIS U series is the result of their intensive study. Already a bestseller in Japan, it has already clinched 36 beauty awards in Japan, given out by beauty and fashion magazines, as well as review websites. 

The key ingredient in its formula is the Key Porin Booster, which is made up of a blend of Eelgrass Extract, Peach Leaf Extract, and Cornflower Extract. This unique blend of active ingredients works by increasing the aquaporins (also known as water channels) in skin cells, allowing moisture to flow into them and circulate in and out of cells, hydrating them throughout the different skin layers for deep hydration.  

ORBIS U Lotion review: Does it really improve skin?

The ORBIS U Lotion is best used together with the facial wash and moisturiser from the same series, if you want to see more enhanced results.

Orbis U Series Products Review

These products may not look like the usual ones from ORBIS you may be familiar with. This is because the brand is giving all their products a face lift! I absolutely love the new minimalist packaging. The teardrop-shaped caps of the products don’t just look aesthetically pleasing but also make it easier to open the jar and bottle. The design also lets you store the products on their side if there is no space on your dressing table.

Orbis U Lotion Review Pouring Out

My first impression of the ORBIS U Lotion is good. I like that it absorbed effortlessly into my skin and gave me an instant sensation of hydration. It dispensed a rich texture at first, but quickly melted into a watery liquid on contact with my skin. My skin felt comforted and soothed upon application.

Orbis U Lotion Review Texture Absorbed

The ORBIS U Lotion has a rich, watery texture that absorbs quickly into skin.

The first morning when I woke up after using the ORBIS U series products at night, I found that my skin felt less dry. It also looked bouncier and there’s a look of freshness to it.

After using it for about two weeks, I was beginning to see even more noticeable differences to my skin. Here are some of my observations.

Moisture level improved

My skin typically starts to feel dry by mid-day, especially when I’m in the office where I’m exposed to air-conditioning most of the time. To measure how my hydration level has improved since I started using the ORBIS U series, I took my skin’s moisture level at noon for both measurements, for a fairer comparison.

Orbis U Lotion Review Hydrated Skin

Moisture level went up by 14.1%.

Skin texture became smoother

I have dehydrated skin that tends to get oily, especially at the T-zone. While the ORBIS U series is known for its hydrating properties, I was surprised to find that my skin became less oily. The lines that typically appear because of dryness also became less obvious. Here’s a magnified view of my skin before and after I used the series of products:

Orbis U Lotion Review Skin Texture Closeup2

You can see that my skin’s texture looks smoother. Pores also look more refined.

Complexion appeared brighter

What I’m probably most pleased with is that my complexion looked visibly more radiant.

Orbis U Lotion Review Radiant Skin

The difference is subtle, but I find that my current complexion could reflect light better and has a healthy-looking radiance to it. The redness I experienced also looks calmer.

ORBIS U Lotion review: My verdict

I was very pleased to see that there are quantifiable results within just two weeks of trying the ORBIS U Lotion and the facial wash and moisturiser that complement it. Considering that I didn’t even have any huge beauty concerns prior to using the products, I’m glad that I was still able to see a difference.

With longer use, better results can be expected as skin cells are revitalised and able to function at an optimal state. The ORBIS U Wash is formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay, which removes grime for improved penetration of the lotion, while the ORBIS U Moisture has a dense yet airy souffle jelly texture that seals in moisture with a lightweight veil.

Besides yielding measurable results such as better hydration level, texture, and visible radiance, I also enjoy my skincare regime more than before. The comforting textures of all the products in the ORBIS U series offer a sensorial experience, which makes me look forward to caring for my skin.

Orbis U Series Review Product Group Shot

From L-R: ORBIS U Wash (SGD45), ORBIS U Lotion (SGD45), and ORBIS U Moisture (SGD49).

The ORBIS U series is available at ORBIS Takashimaya S.C., the ORBIS Online Store, Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Centrepoint (M Beauty), Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty) and selected Sasa stores.

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