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While I don’t have significant skin concerns like wrinkles or enlarged pores, I am on a constant lookout for products that help brighten my skin. Long work hours and lack of sleep make my skin look tired and worn out, and it has lost the glow that I was proud to have when I was in my early 20s.

ORBIS =U White

ORBIS has recently launched its =U WHITE collection, which promises to activate the enzymes in our skin that are responsible for clarity. This means that our skin will be able to perform at its best, and look more radiant over time.

The first product that I picked up from the range to try was the ORBIS =U WHITE Night Moisture, an oil-free gel that’s formulated for serving brightening needs.

As an editor who specialises in beauty, I have known for a long time that my nightly regime is important because my skin repairs itself when I sleep. This is why I am very picky about the products that I use in the evening.


I am an advocate of having different moisturisers for day and night (instead of having just one for both timing of usage), because our skin’s needs vary in the day at night. Ideally, the day moisturiser should help seal in moisture and defend the skin from environmental aggressors in the day, while the night moisturiser should repair skin through the night, and reverse the effects of aggressors that are accumulated in the day.

This is why the =U WHITE Night Moisture sounds very promising. This product creates invisible parasols for each skin cell while you sleep, so that heightened UV ray protective functions in the skin are created. It also has excellent moisture retention properties; the gel is said to create a veil that keeps in moisture while storing hydration from the inside.

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Did I like it?

ORBIS =U White Night Moisture

The ORBIS =U WHITE Night Moisture feels extremely light on the skin. Unlike many night moisturisers that tend to be heavier and oilier, this has an oil-free formula, and I could indeed tell this from its texture that is not at all greasy. It absorbs extremely quickly, and leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.


But if you think that it’s not moisturising enough because it doesn’t have the creamy texture that many heavy-duty moisturisers have, you’re wrong. I have been sleeping in an air-conditioned room for the past few nights while I’m trying this product, and it has managed to keep my skin feeling hydrated and smooth the next morning. It also is a huge bonus that in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, especially recently, the product didn’t suffocate my skin. Its lightweight texture feels very comfortable in an unforgiving climate like ours.

More importantly after a week of usage, my skin seemed to look brighter than before. My complexion appears more even, and I can see a healthy glow. My makeup stays intact for longer because it doesn’t oil up as much nowadays.

The ORBIS =U WHITE Night Moisture retails at SGD56, and the=U WHITE collection also consists of a facial wash, facial lotion, and day moisturiser. The collection is available at all ORBIS stores and counters, located at Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Bishan Junction 8, Westgate, and Plaza Singapura. You can also retrieve samples of the product at these locations.

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