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Looking at the active lifestyle, youthful appearance, and can-do attitude of Patsy Ong-Hahl, most people wouldn’t have guessed that she’s in her early 50s. The co-founder and CEO of A Doctor Brand, which has brands like DrGL, DrSpa, and DrHair in its stable, Patsy is a power woman who finds time for her fitness and grooming routines, which explains why she looks so fabulous at her age.

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An angel investor with more than 30 years of experience under her belt, Patsy has spent most of her career growing businesses. As a career woman who holds huge portfolios, it goes without saying that work takes up a lot of her time.

She works hard and she cares for herself even harder

“As my days are filled with meetings, I’m guilty of bringing work home and tend to work late into the night; most of my creative ideas strike me in the wee hours!” Patsy says.

Despite her crazy work schedule, Patsy says she gives priority to her fitness and wellness routine.

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Patsy and her husband, Tom Hahl, love working out together.

“It helps reduce my stress levels and improves work-life balance. I find that regular exercise clears my mind, helps me focus, and sleep better.”

Patsy says that she goes for a 45-minute night run regularly, before working into the wee hours, often staying up till 3am in the morning.

Six-pack abs in her 50s?! How did she do it?

Here’s an interesting fact: the fitness junkie has six-pack abs – quite a feat for someone in her 50s, if you ask us!

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“It’s never easy to attain success in anything – you always have to work hard for it!” Patsy muses.

She works with a trainer who helps her map out a nutrition and workout plan towards her goals.

“I do resistance training three times a week and Pilates to strengthen my core and cardio training. My diet consists largely of vegetables and whole grains, proteins, as well as healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, and olive oil. I also believe in balance – so I allow myself one cheat day per week to indulge in my favourite food!”

Her body secret – what she calls the “Body Beauty Boost”

“Let’s get real! I see for myself how doing the anti-cellulite treatment and skin tightening at DrSpa helped me. I call it the Body Beauty Boost.

First and foremost, it is important to work out and eat well, there’s no substitute for these two. However, I do pamper myself with the additional boosting treatments during my (work out) off-days. Not only does it help, it’s relaxing and I feel pampered. It’s almost food for my (body) sanity after working out six days a week. I need to rest the tired muscles so that I will be all raring to go again. It worked for me!”

Revealed! Patsy Ong-Hahl’s skincare and hair care secrets

It’s probably not surprising that Patsy is often asked about her beauty secrets. “I get asked about my skin all the time. Even when I’m out buying makeup, I’ve been asked by sales assistants what my skincare secret is,” she shares.

“I travel to Europe very often and it pleases me immensely to receive compliments about my glowing and clear skin. They want to know what I use and have asked to buy the products. It proves my point that a solid grounding in dermatology and quality is essential in competing in the global arena.”

“I actually love that I’m able to share my life-changing skin secrets with others; this is what got me into the business in the first place. I’m a firm believer that with good efficacious products and consistent skincare habits, anyone can have good skin, look good, and feel good. My skin is definitely my calling card.”

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Patsy makes time for her daily skincare regime and monthly maintenance treatments amidst her busy schedule.

“We only have the same 24 hours in a day but I’ve learnt to prioritise what is important to me. Taking time out for self-care and fitness helps to balance out the daily stress I face at work.”

Patsy shares that she indulges in DrGL’s Express Facials, which can be done in the comfort of her home when she’s really busy. She also makes time to work out at home instead of going to a fitness studio when she’s pressed for time.

But her skin hasn’t always been in such tip-top condition. The skincare enthusiast shares that she has had a severe reaction for overuse of corticosteroids. At that time, she tried almost everything to save her skin but nothing seemed to work. After she was recommended products from DrGL, she did her research and was convinced that the proprietary formulations that were clinically tested and made with premium ingredients may just be the solution to her skin woes.

“I committed to the products and the results spoke for themselves,” she said.

Happy with how her skin looks now, Patsy shares the DrGL products she uses in her daily routine:

Drgl Products

  • DrGL Post-Cleanser Step 2: This skincare step is proprietary to DrGL. It gently removes impurities and dead skin cells to prevent build-up and primes skin to receive the full benefits of your subsequent skincare steps. I liken it to having a mild “chemical peel” – without the doctor!
  • DrGL Collagen Essence: This is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid that plumps my skin so it feels firmer, more supple, and definitely adds to that glow! When I travel to places with colder climates, I add Moisturiser Collagen Boost on top of this to keep skin sufficiently hydrated. The best part about the Collagen Essence is that it’s suitable for all skin types – yes, even those with sensitive skin.
  • DrGL Sun Protection Anti-Aging: I’ll never leave home without using this because I’m a firm believer in sun protection. This is a multi-functional sun protection lotion that’s packed with peptides to moisturise, repair, and protect against wrinkles.

Patsy also goes for monthly facial treatments at DrSpa.

“Those who know me know that my #1 treatment is the Needleless Threadlift. Everyone wants that V-shape face, right? This treatment gives me the effect of a face lift without actually going under the knife. It lifts, sharpens, and contours, and the effects are visible immediately after the treatment!”

Patsy says that DrSpa provides award-winning non-invasive aesthetic treatments that are based on medical science.

“The results-based treatments integrate DrGL’s range of professional medi-aesthetic products, enhancing the efficacy of treatments for optimal results.”

Her grooming regime also includes regular hair treatments.

“There was a time after a minor procedure, I started losing hair. During this period, I stepped up my treatment efforts at DrHair, going for treatments every two weeks. After five sessions, my hair growth was visibly restored.”

Now, she goes to DrHair for Anti-Hairloss treatments once a month to maintain the appearance of her crowning glory.

Here’s her #10YearChallenge for herself

Patsy Ong Hahl Drbrand 4

Patsy and her husband, Tom Hahl.

So how does the power woman hope she’ll look 10 years from now?

“As similar to my current self as possible – or even better!” she shares enthusiastically.

Patsy says that she believes in going for preventive measures to mitigate the effects of ageing.

“I’m religious about my skincare and maintenance treatments from top-to-toe. Coupled with regular exercise and a careful diet, I’m confident that 10 years down the road, I’ll still be looking like the best version of myself possible – all while ageing gracefully.”

Believing that focusing on good skincare and using makeup to enhance, rather than conceal, Patsy says that she believes in making time for her skin, body, and hair, no matter how busy she might be.

“Looking and feeling good requires effort. I will always ensure I make time for my skincare regime and monthly maintenance treatments at DrSpa and DrHair… I’m a walking testament to the brands I represent.”

Want to try the routines that Patsy indulges in? She invites you to give her favourite treats from A Doctor Brand a go.


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