This is the season to be… shelling out our money for the most beautiful holiday collections that catch our eyes.

Korean brand Peripera is launching the Pearly Night collection this Christmas and it is inspired by our festive favourite – snow globes.

The star of the collection, for us, was the cushion foundation (₩14,000), which features moving glitter right on the cover of the case. This must be the most gorgeous cushion case we’ve seen. The only problem is that the cushion only comes in two shades: Pink Ivory and Pink Beige, so chances are many of us are not going to be able to find them a match.

Another highlight in the collection is the Velvet Ink liquid lipstick (₩11,000). In four different shades, the liquid lipsticks in this collection feature a snow globe right at where the wand is. Three figurines are each placed on the product at random, so there’s going to be a surprise element as you unbox your product.

And more than just a eye candy, its colour payoff is amazing.

And if you want to take your love for snow globes one step further, turn your lips into one! It’s possible with the lip glitter (₩9,000) from the Peripera Pearly Night collection. Apply it alone or over your favourite lipstick to create a whimsical look.

The collection also consists of a range of liquid glitter eyeshadow, perfumed hand cream, and highlighter.

The Peripera Pearly Night collection will be officially launched on 1 November. Unfortunately, the brand isn’t available in Singapore and we have no idea if online stores that specialises in Korean beauty products like Althea will be stocking it. Otherwise, you can consider checking out Lazada, which often stocks new Peripera products, to see if anything is put up on sale.

All information is taken from Korean bloggers Perkylee and Dlcmalsis. Head over to their blogs to see more swatches.

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