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Eyelash extensions, a beauty service that was once a novelty, has now become increasingly popular among beauty enthusiasts. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up with a full set of beautifully curled lashes ready to go?

However, for those who are new to this beauty service, or have only tried the more natural styles of extensions, volume lashes might still sound intimidating to you.

That’s exactly how Wan Kee from Daily Vanity felt when offered to try out the Volume Lash Extensions at Perky Lash, an established lash salon with two outlets in Serangoon and Bugis.

Perky Lash eyelash extensions review: First impressions

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Store

Perky Lash‘s swanky new outlet is located in the busy Bugis area, perfect for popping in for a quick session during your lunch time or after a day out shopping. Unlike the comfortable and cosy vibe of the original outlet in Serangoon, the new Perky Lash outlet is dimly lit save for the fun neon signs on the walls and the standing lamp positioned over each client’s head.

This “lash in the dark” concept gives a fun and intimate vibe to getting lash extensions, which is perfect if you are planning a girls’ day out or a hen’s party.

Perky Lash eyelash extensions review: Consultation

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Lash Samples

During the consultation, the lash artist thoroughly analysed Wan Kee’s eye shape and natural lashes. She also asked whether Wan Kee wore glasses or contact lenses daily and whether she would prefer a more natural or dramatic style of lashes.

The lash artist then provided samples of how the lashes looked to help Wan Kee visualise the final look and make her decision. Wan Kee said having a visual guide was very reassuring, as she had never done volume lash extensions before and was worried that they would look too dramatic on her.

In the end, the lash artist recommended the Party 3D with C curl and 9-11mm length for Wan Kee’s eye shape.

Perky Lash eyelash extensions review: What was the process like?

After every session, Perky Lash uses ultraviolet rays to sanitise the beds and equipment to remove odour and dust mites that might cause allergies.

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Bed

The first step was to cleanse the lashes with a foam cleanser to remove all oil and dirt from the eye lids before rinsing them thoroughly with eye drops. After that, the lash artist applied an eye mask to keep the under-eye area moisturised throughout the session.

The lash artist, then, applied lash primer on the roots of Wan Kee’s natural lashes to prep them before the application of lash extensions.

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Primer

After the primer had dried, the lash artist started meticulously putting each lash extension on with an overhead fan blow-drying the glue to hasten the process.

Lashes used at Perky Lash are the world’s first laser-processed lashes that offer anti-allergy protection, perfect for those with sensitive eyes. These lashes also feel featherlight on the eyes and do not cause any damage to the lashes.

During the procedure, the lash artist constantly checked in with Wan Kee to make sure she wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. Wan Kee said that the process was so comfortable that she even fell asleep.

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Scalp Massage

The session ended with a scalp massage to help with relaxation and blood circulation. The entire process took about an hour and a half, and you will even be offered a complimentary drink (choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to chill out with afterward!

Perky Lash Eye Lash Extensions Review Drink Menu

Perky Lash Eyelash Extensions Review Bar

According to Perky Lash, their eyelash extensions will last from four to six weeks, after which you are advised to go back for a touch-up.

Perky Lash eyelash extensions review: What was the verdict?

Perky Lash Eyelash Extentions Review Final 3

Perky Lash Eyelash Extensions Review After 2

Perky Lash Eyelash Extensions Review 1

Here’s what Wan Kee had to say about her experience:

“Initially I was afraid that it might look too dramatic as I had not tried volume lashes before. But I really like the result and received many compliments that the lashes looked natural. I find that they enhance my eyes and have definitely saved me a lot of time in the morning as I can skip my eyeliner and mascara.”

Wan Kee also said that she would definitely come back for future sessions and would recommend Perky Lash eyelash extensions to anyone looking to try out this beauty service.

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