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About PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT)

Phs Hairscience Asrt

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Common hair problems such as dandruff, hair loss, and hair thinning can usually be attributed to one culprit: an unhealthy scalp.

A lack of good scalp maintenance can easily deteriorate the scalp – this not only causes scalp disorders such as an itchy scalp but also disrupts the hair growth cycle and lead to a series of unwanted hair problems. Hence, it is crucial to restore your scalp health first so that it can better absorb vital nutrients, strengthen hair follicles, and in turn support strong, healthy hair growth.

With this in mind, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has developed a treatment to treat scalp disorders so that your scalp can be in tip-top condition to maintain consistent, healthy hair growth. Developed together with Certified Trichologists, Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT) is formulated using high concentrations of botanical essences to heal and protect your scalp effectively in just 90 minutes

There are four different types of treatments that may be recommended to customers, based on their hair needs and concerns:

  1. Dandruff Clear Treatment
  2. Dry Scalp Treatment
  3. Sensitive Scalp Treatment
  4. Oily + Acne Treatment 

After the treatment, you can look forward to unclogged hair follicles, restored scalp pH, and a well-nourished scalp that can promote healthy and natural hair growth!

PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT) costs SGD267.

5 readers review PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT)

Rachel Low, 25

Hair concerns: dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss/thinning
Treatment: Dry Scalp Treatment

I have never gone for scalp treatments before, but I hoped that this one would be able to tackle my most crucial hair issues, including hair growth, dandruff, sensitive scalp, as well as maintain my scalp health.

My hair treatment started with a consultation, where my professional and knowledgeable consultant did a thorough analysis of my hair and scalp. She correctly identified my hair concerns and recommended a suitable hair treatment based on my concerns and current situation, which was the Dry Scalp Treatment.

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Consultation

Rachel going through consultation at PHS HAIRSCIENCE

After starting the treatment with a relaxing massage, the next step was to wash and condition my hair, followed by hydro-cleansing. This was quite similar to a facial routine, where the next step after a double cleanse was to exfoliate. I enjoyed this cleansing step as I was getting a relaxing head massage while having the powerful pulsating water jet deeply cleansing the surface of my scalp.

With my head thoroughly cleansed, my consultant applied a mask onto my scalp, gently massaged it in, and then used machines such as MI Infra Red machine and Micro Current.

I particularly enjoyed the tingling sensation from the micro-current technology used during the treatment – I felt that it really stimulates the scalp, similar to having a micro-current facial treatment. Hence, you know it is definitely doing something good for the scalp.

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Microcurrent

Microcurrent treatment

My consultant proceeded to apply a serum onto my scalp and carried out a stimulating Acupressure Scalp Massage to help encourage the absorption of nutrients into my scalp and hair follicles.

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Reviewserum


The treatment was wrapped up with a complimentary blow-dry, styling, and enhanced protection of my dry scalp so that I could leave the hair treatment centre with Insta-ready hair!

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Protection


The entire treatment was very relaxing, be it using the machines to stimulate my scalp or the head massages that helped me to stay comfortable throughout the treatment process. The duration of the treatment was also just right so I didn’t feel too tired or antsy from sitting too long.

I appreciated that the consultant was not only able to provide an amazing scalp treatment service but also gave me good hair care tips and advice. For example, I learnt from the consultant that there are two forms of dandruff, oily and dry, and off-the-shelf products may not address your scalp concerns and instead agitate the scalp further, which is why it’s always best to ask the experts in scalp care!

What was really impressive was the fact that I could see and feel instant results after the treatment! My scalp definitely felt less irritated and looked much more refreshed, which is the stepping stone towards sporting healthy and beautiful hair.

Phs Asrt Review Rachel Before After

Nice-smelling products, great service, and helpful consultants – these definitely make for a scalp treatment that I would recommend to anyone!

Samantha Chan, 29

Hair concerns: oily scalp, sensitive scalp
Treatment: Sensitive Scalp Treatment

Phs Hairscience Asrt

This was my first time going for a scalp treatment, and I was looking to keep my scalp healthy while also reducing and possibly even eliminating hair loss and redness of scalp.

The Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment (ASRT) was thoroughly enjoyable, and what I loved most were the scalp massages. They were very relaxing and really helped to relieve my tension. All the PHS HAIRSCIENCE products used also left a minty and cooling feeling on my scalp, which made the entire treatment feel super soothing.

This wonderful scalp treatment is made possible thanks to my consultant, who was clearly very skilled and well-trained. In fact, the consultant actually managed to identify some problems with my scalp which I had never even noticed myself! That really showed how thorough the consultant was, as well as the fact that you may have an underlying scalp or hair condition that the layman may not know be able to identify easily.

The treatment left my scalp feeling revitalised and healthy, and my consultant was able to show me visible results of a cleaner scalp after the treatment!

Phs Asrt Review Samantha Before After

Many of us may overlook our scalps due to our busy schedules, and it is also not easy to check our scalp conditions on our own at home. Hence, I would go back to PHS HAIRSCIENCE again to restore and maintain my scalp condition. as well as recommend this to other busy individuals who need a professional to help monitor their hair and scalps.

In addition to the effective treatment, I would also like to give PHS HAIRSCIENCE a thumbs up for the comfortable facility and great hospitality that they have extended to me – great job!

Leona, 27

Hair concerns: dry scalp, hair loss/thinning
Treatment: Dry Scalp Treatment

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Leona

I go for scalp treatments monthly because I am looking to reduce hair loss, promote the growth of hair, as well as make sure that my scalp is in good condition.

I am especially concerned about my scalp’s health as it tends to suffer from problems such as clogged pores and peeling skin – I have found that these are not easy to resolve, but could potentially result in other hair issues that I wanted to avoid.

My consultants, Shirley and Yuki, were very thorough in their explanations of the treatment, and also answered all the questions I had about the treatment and other services offered by PHS HAIRSCIENCE. They also gave good advice and help me to understand how to take care of my hair and scalp properly, which I thought was very good customer service.

I enjoyed all parts of the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment, although if I had to pick a favourite part of the treatment, I would say that it is the first step of washing. My hair was washed twice with a nutrition shampoo and a moisturising shampoo, which left a cooling sensation that was nice and relaxing. Yuki was not only very gentle with my tresses but also helped to massage my scalp – that made for a very relaxing and therapeutic experience!

What also impressed me was that at the end of the treatment, I had my hair blow-dried to natural curls and I really liked the way my hair looked after that – I walked out of PHS HAIRSCIENCE looking like I had just had a hair makeover!

Overall, the whole treatment experience was very professional and the staff were very kind and understanding, always making sure that I felt comfortable e.g. bringing me blankets, refilling my tea and biscuits.

Based on my good experience this time, I would definitely be keen to try this scalp treatment from PHS HAIRSCIENCE again! I liked that it was a thorough cleaning of my scalp. The consultant Shirley also showed me a scan of my scalp before and after the treatment and I could see that some hair follicles have become cleaner. As such, I was able to be sure that the treatment was effective, even in just one session.

Of course, there are still some clogged pores and peeling on my scalp so it would probably take a few more sessions to get my scalp to a healthy state, but I did notice that my hair became much more manageable and there was less hair loss – in fact, I have even received compliments on my hair after the treatment!

I think many people may also not know that their scalp is clogged or unhealthy so this Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment is a good way to find out through the first time consultation, as well as the treatment process itself to give you a healthier scalp.

Cheryl Tan, 26

Hair concerns: dry scalp, dry hair, sensitive scalp
Treatment: Dry Scalp Treatment

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Cheryl

I go for scalp treatments monthly in order to reduce hair fall & dandruff, calm my sensitive scalp, as well as keep my scalp in the pink of health.

I liked that the treatment was targeted to the needs of my scalp, which was made possible by my knowledgeable consultant. She did a very detailed analysis of my scalp and hair in order to recommend a suitable hair treatment, and even shared good tips with me, e.g. that it was important to put hair scalp tonic regularly to nourish the scalp.

I could see and feel the effects almost immediately after the treatment – my scalp felt refreshed and revitalised, and my hair looked healthier and better after the treatment as well. I also noticed that I now have an easier time managing my hair after undergoing this treatment!

Considering that the effects of the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment are immediate, I would undergo this treatment again. My only concern is that it can be rather pricey, so I would recommend that you try it out at the trial price first when the offer is available.

Tina, 27

Hair concerns: oily scalp
Treatment: Oily + Acne Treatment

Phs Hairscience Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Asrt Review Tina Shen

I don’t have many hair issues but I know that maintaining my scalp’s health is very crucial, hence I am looking to improve this aspect through a scalp treatment at PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

After a meticulous consultation with the experienced consultant, I was recommended to undergo the Oily + Acne Treatment for my oily scalp. This was a good recommendation which I really enjoyed, especially the cleansing at the start as it made my oily scalp feel more rejuvenated and less oily after!

Besides getting a much cleaner and more invigorated scalp, which was what I had hoped to achieve through the Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment, I was happy to see that my hair looked healthier and better after the treatment as well.

As I thoroughly enjoyed the scalp treatment and strongly believe in maintaining good scalp health, you can be sure that I will visit PHS HAIRSCIENCE to do this treatment again so that I can continue to enjoy the benefits of a clean and healthy scalp.

In addition, I also found out that PHS HAIRSCIENCE has a wide range of services that cater to scalps with different needs, so no matter what your hair concern is or what your current condition is like, you will definitely be able to find a treatment that works for you!


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