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About PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review

PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment was developed with trichologists to revitalise dry and frizzy hair using a unique application method where oil and water are mixed together as a balm to maintain the efficacy of the brand’s proprietary Miracle Oil and enhance its absorption by the hair.

Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, this treatment promises to give your hair an intensive boost to instantly improve its softness, smoothness and shine.

What makes this treatment a cut above the rest is the fact that it is 100% natural and silicone-free. Unlike conventional silicone-loaded hair treatments which can strip hair of moisture loss over the long term, PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment contains a high concentration of botanical essences that rehydrate parched locks without weighing your hair down or using any harmful additives.

One 90-minute session of PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment costs SGD223 for medium-length hair and SGD234 for long hair. From now until 7 Feb, enjoy a first-time trial special of $68 only. Book your appointment for this treatment here: http://bit.ly/39vxj6V.

9 readers review PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment

PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment
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Most of our readers have done hair treatments at other places previously but were not all satisfied with the results that tended to last only for a short period of time.

However, they were all very impressed by how the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment not only transformed their hair immediately, but also gave them healthy hair that actually lasted for a period of time after the treatment. They pointed out that they saw a drastic improvement in terms of moisture, softness, and frizz, which made their hair look much healthier and more manageable than before. A few reviewers have even received compliments from their peers for their beautiful tresses, which is why they would definitely return for future treatments.

Another point highlighted by our reviewers is that the entire treatment process was very relaxing and comfortable, be it in terms of the environment, customer service, or the fact that the consultants did not push them to buy packages and services at all.

A few reviewers also mentioned that they loved the products used on their hair because they were free from silicones and smelled very good thanks to the botanical essences in the formula – this left them with hair that felt light and smelled lovely!

Winky Lui, 29

Hair concerns: dry and lacklustre hair

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Winky

I go for hair treatments once every few months as I find that although they tend to be very expensive, they are very effective on my dry hair. I usually opt to go for hair treatments that use natural and safe ingredients because I am afraid that treatments with too many chemicals will be bad for my hair and scalp health in the long term.

The entire Miracle Oil Treatment process was very relaxing, especially the part where my consultant used the mask and leave-in conditioner – these products smelled so good, just like honey lemon!

I appreciated that my consultant was very attentive and generous in making sure that I was comfortable and well-taken care of. Instead of constantly engaging in small talk, she gave me the space I needed to rest well and indulge in the treatment.

I could see that there was an immediate improvement in my hair after the treatment – it looked moisturised, less frizzy, shinier, and even softer! There was also no silicone residue on my hair, so it did not feel like something was weighing my hair down in order to keep it straight and frizz-free.

My hair continued to look good and feel healthy after the treatment, which I was satisfied with as well, although I personally feel that it would be better if the results lasted longer for me.

I would go for PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment again as it not only made my hair healthier, but also made me feel at ease – the staff provided very good service and were not pushy about selling treatments or packages at all, which I really liked. In addition, I would definitely consider getting their products as well because I love the natural smell of the botanical essences used on my hair!

Alicia, 31

Hair concerns: dry, frizzy, and lacklustre hair, rough hair texture

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Alicia

I never go for hair treatments as I am wary of those that use chemicals. I think our hair is damaged by many harmful UV rays everyday, so undergoing treatments that do not use natural ingredients will likely damage my hair further.

I found the entire Miracle Oil Treatment to be very relaxing, thanks to my professional consultant and the appropriate duration of the treatment – at 90 minutes, it was enough time to make me feel pampered without taking up too much of my busy day. My personal favourite step was the application of miracle oil itself – I could feel it nourishing my hair and saw how it immediately made my tresses very smooth and detangled.

I usually struggle with dry and dull hair that was rough and frizzy, but after just one session of PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment, it immediately became softer and shinier, sans the frizz. It looked so much healthier and continued to look that way after the treatment – I even received compliments on my hair long after the treatment!

The treatment made such a difference to my hair that I was definitely impressed – what was initially frizzy and tangled hair turned into light and tangle-free tresses in just one session, and I would love to undergo this again to keep my hair healthy and beautiful.

I also liked that my consultant was able to give me some hair care tips and advice, without pressuring me to buy more services.

An An Ong, 31

Hair concerns: frizzy and lacklustre hair, rough hair texture

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review An An

I go for hair treatments once every few months. I try to only go for those that use natural and safe ingredients because I believe that these will not result in hair fall and it will show lasting results for my hair and scalp. However, I did not have a very good experience the last time I did it at a Japanese hair salon: it was effective initially, but the effects wore off too quickly.

The Miracle Oil Treatment at PHS HAIRSCIENCE was a very good experience – the duration was not overly lengthy, and there was no discomfort on my scalp or hair throughout the entire process at all.

I really enjoyed the hair wash part (which I added on for SGD88) – it made my entire head feel so clean and my hair so light! There was also a cooling sensation and lovely smell that really made for a good sensorial experience.

In just one session, my initially frizzy, rough, and dry hair became moisturised, softer, and frizz-free! I also want to point out that the effects of the Miracle Oil Treatment actually lasted much longer than the previous treatment that I’ve tried. I have received many compliments on how much healthier my hair looks!

Taking into consideration that the treatment itself was a good break and actually worked to smoothen out my frizzy hair, I would go for this treatment again and even recommend it to my family and friends!

Lili Goh, 32

Hair concerns: frizzy and lacklustre hair, split ends

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Lili

This was my first hair treatment, and it was a fantastic one!

It took only 25 minutes for the product to sink into my hair and I loved that there was no chemical smell or pain from the steam machine being used at all.

I found that my consultant was very professional and knowledgeable, and was able to give me some good hair care tips and advice. I also appreciated that the consultant did not try to push products or packages during the treatment; instead, I was given the time to unwind and enjoy the pampering done on my hair.

I can see that the Miracle Oil Treatment has worked very well for my hair. Immediately after it was completed, I saw that my hair definitely looked much better in terms of moisture, frizziness, and shine. There was also no silicone residue left on my hair – a good sign that only natural ingredients were used, and which explained why my hair feels light and not weighed down at all.

Another good point about this treatment at PHS HAIRSCIENCE is the fact that my hair continued to look healthy after the treatment – people have repeatedly commented onhow good my hair looks!

Personally, I think the retail price is a little too expensive for monthly maintenance but if there are promotional prices or packages I would definitely go for it! I would also highly recommend it to people I know because the effect is so good and immediate.

Kelicia Ang, 29

Hair concerns: dry, frizzy and lacklustre hair, dry scalp, rough hair texture, split ends

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Kelicia

I have a sensitive scalp, so I only choose to go for hair treatments using natural ingredients because it’s safer with fewer irritants.

I enjoyed the whole process from the moment I stepped in, starting from the friendly reception. My consultant gave an in-depth explanation of my scalp analysis and patiently clarified all my doubts and questions I had. He was also very meticulous as he remembered to inform my therapist that I had a small wound on my scalp and reminded her to be extra careful when washing my hair and doing the treatment for me.

My therapist also made the treatment session very comfortable and relaxing at the same time. She was very meticulous with my hair and gave a really good head massage, all while explaining every step of the treatment to me. She made sure that I was well-pampered throughout the entire process, paying attention to the little details like whether I would prefer to chit-chat or read a magazine during the treatment – very sweet of her!

My hair was visibly moisturised and shinier after the treatment was done, with less frizz than before. I liked that there was no silicone on my hair, which kept my hair feeling light and healthy.

For some time afterwards, my hair remained soft to the touch and felt less tangled, although I did wish that the effects would last longer. To be fair, my hair is really long and the ends were bleached, which made them quite dry and possibly damaged, which is why the results did not last very long for me.

That being said, I would still love to go back to PHS HAIRSCIENCE to try out their other treatments and services because I had such a good experience with the Miracle Oil Treatment, and would recommend others to give this treatment a try as the whole process is really worth every second of your time. There was an immediate and vast difference in my hair, and I have to say that my hair smelled and felt really amazing after the treatment.

Another thing I would like to point out is that my consultant was very professional and did not push me to buy any packages and services, which really made my experience at PHS HAIRSCIENCE comfortable from start to end!

Jessie Quek, 35

Hair concerns: dry, frizzy, and lacklustre hair

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Jessie

Whenever I do hair treatments once in a while, I make sure to look out for those that only use natural and safe ingredients – this is very important to me as products with harsh chemicals can cause damage to the hair roots.

What I liked most about the Miracle Oil Treatment was the head massage, as it helped to ease my stress and made me feel much fresher afterwards. I also thought that the treatment duration was just not too long that it made me restless, and that the other steps of the treatment were very comfortable as well.

I struggle with dry, frizzy, and hair that lacks lustre, so I was pleasantly surprised by how great my hair looked immediately after just one treatment. The frizz was gone and in place was moisture, shine, and softness. Compared to other treatments that use silicone and leave residue on the hair, this one at PHS HAIRSCIENCE only left my hair feeling light and healthy, even long after the treatment was completed.

Some of my colleagues saw the difference and even asked where I had gone for a hair treatment, so the results left me very happy and satisfied.

I love PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s Miracle Oil Treatment for making my hair feel manageable and shinier – I am so impressed by the long-lasting results! My only wish is that the shoulder massage could be longer, because it was a step that I really enjoyed!

Pua Sock Ping, 37

Hair concerns: frizzy hair, rough hair texture, split ends

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Pua Sok Ping

Although I try to do hair treatments once every few months, I find that they are very troublesome because my previous treatments kept repeating the washing and application of products too many times. I also did not like that there was no explanation of what was being done, coupled with the fact that the results did not last long.

Due to the fact that my hair is already very damaged from chemical treatments such as bleaching and rebonding, I personally prefer hair treatments that use natural ingredients to prevent further damage.

I was very impressed by the excellent service the moment I stepped into PHS HAIRSCIENCE. All the staff were very welcoming and clear with their explanations, be it during the consultation or the treatment itself where they really clarified all the steps and products used. I could feel that I was in good hands because I was aware of what the staff was doing throughout the entire treatment.

I also liked that the whole process was very relaxing and stress-free, with the staff constantly checking in to see if I was comfortable, if the water for washing was too hot or cold, or if I needed a blanket.

Most importantly, I saw visible results immediately after the hair treatment was completed – my hair looked less frizzy than before, and much more moisturised with a nice shine. It was also very soft and smooth, with no signs of silicone residue weighing my hair down. In fact, my hair continued to look really healthy and beautiful even for some time after the treatment, which was really good!

I felt very relaxed throughout the Miracle Oil Treatment because I was reassured by the professionalism and skills of the staff working on my hair. It really impressed me a lot, so I would definitely come back again to do this treatment at PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

That being said, the price of the treatment is a little on the higher side, but I think that spending a little more to pamper yourself once every two months is reasonable – after all, your hair deserves care too!

Ruth Thia, 31

Hair concerns: frizzy hair, rough hair texture, split ends

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Ruth

Although I go for monthly hair treatments, I feel that they do not work for my oily scalp and do not help to curb hair loss at all. I think that too many chemicals will harm the hair, so I also usually go for hair treatments that use natural and safe ingredients.

The Miracle Oil Treatment was a very enjoyable process, but the best part was when the consultant was applying the mask on my hair – it smelled good and didn’t feel like it was weighing my hair down at all.

I was very satisfied to see that there was a drastic improvement in my hair right after the Miracle Oil Treatment. My hair concerns include frizzy and rough hair with split ends, but the treatment left me with hair that looked shiny and soft instead. It looked much healthier than before, and I was really glad that the effects actually continued for a period of time afterwards so that I could continue sporting beautiful tresses.

My hair texture now feels different and much better, which I am really happy with. I would definitely come back to do this treatment again, as well as recommend this to other people because I believe in sharing good things with other people!

Khairunnisa Sarmidi Putri, 25

Hair concerns: frizzy and lacklustre hair, rough hair texture, split ends

Phs Hairscience Miracle Oil Treatment Review Khairunnisa

The hair treatment process helped to alleviate my stress, as it was done in a very cosy environment. There was also no discomfort felt at any point in time – everything felt very relaxing and soothing on my head. I particularly liked the part where my consultant steamed my hair because it felt very pleasant and enjoyable.

My previous hair treatments were only effective on the day of the treatment itself and tended to go back to its original state after just one wash – this was something that I did not particularly like. Hence, I was quite happy that PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment proved otherwise, with my hair feeling softer not only immediately after the treatment, but also for a while afterwards.

While I was happy with the soft hair that lasted, I personally think that it did not really help much with my frizz.


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