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When you first step into the newest concept store by Porcelain – Porcelain Origins, you may easily be mistaken that you’ve walked into the hippest café in town. And nobody would blame you for that. After all, Porcelain Origins, which is the fourth outlet by Porcelain, is designed to combine café, retail, and spa in one space, to provide customers with a holistic wellness experience facilitated by the latest technology.

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The newly opened Porcelain Origins look more like the hippest café in town.

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As you walk into the store and explore the new space, you’d slowly realise that beyond the Instagram-worthy front, it is also a “smart spa”, and we believe they may be the first spa in Singapore to embrace so many new and engaging technology under one roof.

What are the digital features in Porcelain Origins?

The 3,450 sq-ft boutique is practically paperless. Unlike traditional spas that rely on brochures to help therapists explain their treatments and keeping customers’ records in thick ring files, Porcelain Origins has touchscreen table tops in all of their consultation rooms.

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Consultations are done using huge touchscreen table tops instead of brochures and ring files.

What this means is that the therapist can access information about you more easily and share more about your skin condition and suitable treatments in a more visually-appealing and interactive platform. It doesn’t just save time, it also makes each appointment more engaging.

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Could you believe it? These mirrors are actually smart screens!

We were also impressed by the “smart mirrors” that were installed at the rooms where you touch up your hair and makeup. These mirrors double up as digital menus for customers to order refreshment. You can also use these screens to read up on after-facial tips specific to the treatment you have gone through.

The brand has also relaunched their app to allow customers to access a personalised dashboard that carries customised information based on their profiles. This app lets customers book their appointments, make purchases and payments, and go through personalised skincare advice.

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These high-tech features are complemented with a decor that’s chic and gives off a futuristic vibe. But you’ll be happy to know that all 14 treatment rooms still maintain a restful ambience so you can really relax once you start your treatment.

Porcelain Origins review: How did we like our experience there?

To really get a feel of how Porcelain Origins is like, we book an appointment for the outlet’s new offerings: three ZapZap IPL treatments faturing the latest technology from Spain.

We went through a consultation with the therapist, and was prescribed the ZAPBRIGHT, a 45-minute treatment that is perfect for pigmentation, age spots, and freckles. This treatment uses yellow light to break down and disperse melanin so that it can be flushed out from the body as waste, lightening blemishes as a result.

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The treatment rooms give off a relaxing vibe.

I’ve been to all three other Porcelain outlets, and must say that I find Porcelain Origins the one with the most serene ambience, which makes me feel relaxed right away. In fact, I doze off in record time and couldn’t even feel any of the “warm sensation” that my therapist told me to expect.

After the session, I find that my skin tone looked more even, and most importantly, there was an obvious glow to my skin. I stepped out of the treatment room confidently without any makeup, and my friends who were waiting for my treatment to end commented that my skin looked even better than before the facial when I had foundation on. I had to agree!

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I will highly recommend the ZapZap IPL treatments to those who want facials that offer noticeable results within one session – in other words, if you need to prep your skin for a big day urgently. And honestly, you should also visit Porcelain Origins just so that you can go through all the very cool digital features in the spa because you really don’t get to see these anywhere else.

Porcelain Origins is located at #04-48 Paragon Shopping Centre. Call 6850 5161 or visit their website for more information.