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2021 was pretty much the year that ushered in my dark eye circles. Although I entered the new decade bright-eyed, those sallow shadows still crept across my complexion. And while it’s true that genetics can play a role in this, my everyday lifestyle habits definitely worsened the look of my tired eyes.

Considering the relentless combination of anxious days, sleepless nights, Netflix marathons, and weekend drinks, waking up with panda eyes was hardly surprising. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that I changed my profile picture on WhatsApp to an image of young Goob from Meet the Robinsons.

And before you ask, yes – I’ve tried a myriad of methods in the hopes of banishing them for good. I have since eased up on the alcohol, stopped scrolling through social media feeds right before bedtime, and tried to turn in earlier too. I’ve also splurged on a few eye creams and dabbed them on religiously day and night, but they weren’t able to deliver their brightening promises.

When I was just about to lose hope, Porcelain, one of my favourite local beauty brands, sent over their new RevitalEyes Concentrate for me to try. Needless to say, I was over the moon. Keep reading to find out what makes this eye gel so special and my thoughts about the product after testing it out for five days.

Porcelain RevitalEyes Concentrate review: What’s unique about it

It produces high-frequency micro-vibrations

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Packaging

Immediately upon receiving the Porcelain RevitalEyes Concentrate, I unboxed the eye gel and squeezed the product on the back of my hand. Apart from its refreshing texture, what surprised me were the vibrations produced at the tip of the device. There is no button or switch to activate it – all I did was hold the metal sensor and place the tip of the applicator on my skin. It was magic.

I later found out that it’s a built-in smart massaging device that produces over 3,000 high-frequency micro-vibrations per minute. This not only enhances product absorption, but also enhances cellular metabolism while you sleep, which protects your delicate skin against UV stress. It also promotes circulation to lighten dark eye circles.

It’s infused with six potent ingredients

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Product

That’s not all that’s unique about the RevitalEyes Concentrate, though. The lightweight eye gel is infused with six powerhouse ingredients to soothe and refresh the eye area. Biophytex™ reactivates microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels to lighten dark eye circles, while Beautifeye™ combats glycation, a process where collagen and elastin are broken down.

Matrixyl™, which consists of five peptides, works to reduce the depth and length of wrinkles with consistent use. The RevitalEyes Concentrate also contains Revitalin® to stimulate the eye meridians in accordance with the body’s natural clock, also known as the circadian rhythm.

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Texture

On top of that, there’s niacinamide, one of the buzziest skincare ingredients around, which strengthens the resilience of the skin. It not only helps to reduce sensitivity in delicate areas, but it also helps to lighten any dark pigmentation around the eyes.

Finally, caffeine depuffs the eye area and reduces water retention to leave the eyes looking fresh and revitalised. I was told that the niacinamide and caffeine in the formula are both at 5% concentration, which is the dosage that is deemed to be clinically proven to work.

Together, these ingredients work to lift the eyelids, lighten dark eye circles, and bring down puffiness – results I couldn’t wait to witness. Not to mention, this formula is free of oils, silicones, parabens, fragrance, and drying alcohols, so it’s extra gentle on delicate skin.

How to use the Porcelain RevitalEyes Concentrate

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Dispensing

When I tried it out for the first time, I squeezed a pea-sized amount of eye gel and dotted it around my eye area, from my under eyes up to my brow bone. Then, I gripped the metal sensor to activate the micro-vibrations, and gently glided the tip of the applicator around my eye contours.

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate How To Use

Combined with the refreshing eye gel, the cool metal applicator felt incredibly soothing, and it was the perfect way to end my day. The eye gel even has a touch of lavender oil, which instantly lulled my senses and transported me to one of Porcelain’s spas.

After a minute or two, the gel disappeared into my skin with zero greasy residue, so I could follow up with my moisturiser and call it a night.

Porcelain RevitalEyes Concentrate review: The results after 5 days

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Review Before 1

Porcelain Revitaleyes Concentrate Review After

After five days, my under-eye area appeared a little brighter, which is surprising since I’ve only tried it for a short while. It’s probably thanks to the tag team of peptide technology and multi-action botanical extracts in the concentrated formula, which were able to lighten my dark eye circles fast.

I even decided to store eye gel in the fridge, which was a great decision. It kept the metal applicator chill and the cool tip would wake up my tired, puffy eyes instantly. Coupled with the micro-vibrations, it helped to depuff my eyes, so I looked more alert and ready to take on the day.

The RevitalEyes Concentrate plays nicely with other products in my routine too. During the trial, I layered my beloved Porcelain HA+ Hydrating Serum, moisturiser, sunscreen, and some concealer over the eye cream, and I didn’t experience any creasing throughout the day. In fact, it kept my under-eye area smooth, as if I applied a layer of powder over it.

With lighter dark eye circles now, however, I’m able to skip my concealer step and still look alive. I don’t have to feel as self-conscious about my sallow, puffy under-eyes. The eye gel is also said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but since I don’t have those concerns to worry about (yet), I wasn’t able to put it to the test.

It’s safe to say that this eye gel is now a must-have in my skincare routine, and I can’t wait to check back in and see the results after a few months.

Porcelain RevitalEyes Concentrate retails for S$135 for a single RevitalEyes Concentrate and S$275 for the RevitalEyes Concentrate 3-month Kit. Available at all Porcelain Spas and at porcelainskin.com.

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This article is brought to you by Porcelain.